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AIL; lovely Anna! thou whofe potent charms
Have bound my heart in Friendship's facred bonds,
Join'd with the pureft Love by Reason fix'd;
Not fuch as oft the youthful changeling feels,

Who builds ideal hopes of future bliss

On the frail basis of a beauteous form,
Without a mind to raife it from the duft:

Thee, dearest fair-one, fhall my Mufe addrefs,
While, in her nobleft ftrains, she humbly fings-
(Or ftrives to fing)-THE JOYS OF WEDDED LOVE!

-Delightful ftate! when the enraptur'd youth
Beholds the fair for whom he long has figh'd,
And often fear'd to lofe, by rivals prefs'd,
Now ready to receive his plighted vows,
And feal his future blifs! With joy elate,
He views his glorious prize; and only fears
Too foon to wake, and find it all a dream,


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