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No.309. Ye Realms yet unreveal'd to human Sight, Ye Gods who rule the Regions of the Night, Ye gliding Ghofts, permit me to relate, The myftick Wonders of your filent State! 310. In lafting Wedlock I will join them. 311. The Darts of Venus and her Torch he fcorns : The Fortune charms him, 'tis for that he burns. 312. What Preferment, what Praife, what Honour will be fufficient for him to obtain with bodily Pain, who imagines Pain to be the greatest Evil? and even who would not endure Ignominy and Difgrace to avoid Pain, if we judge Pain to be the greatest of all Evils! 313. So form the tender Manners of the Boy, And work him like a waxen Babe with Art. 314. Then leave your Mother's cold Embrace, Since you are grown mature for Man's. 315. Nor God be nam'd unless for weighty Caufe. 316. Freedom which came at length tho' flow to come. Long flighted by me.

Born to eat and drink.
318. Every Man cannot do every thing.
319. What Chain can hold this varying Proteus faft ?
320. Unhappy Feaft unblefs'd with Juno's Care;
Nor were the Graces, nor was Hymen there,
The Furies fpread the fatal Bed at Night.
321. Nor is it enough that Poems please the Ear,

They fhould please true Tafte.

The End of the Mottoes to the Fourth Volume.

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