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ous Order, by the fubtle Influences of Attraction: -I would only, like the Herald before that illuAtrious Hebrew *, proclaim at every Turn, Bow the Knee, and adore the Almighty Maker; magnify his eternal Name, and make his Praife, like all his Works, to be glorious.



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A Delightful Evening Walk; the unmolested Enjoyment of fuch Pleafures owing to our late Victory over the Rebels, 1,&c. to 6,-The fetting Sun,6-Twilight; its Usefulness; ferious Confideration, 8 The dewy Coolness; its beneficial Influence on Nature; Returns of Solitude equally useful ta Man, 10-Angels our Spectators ; GOD ever préfent, comfortable Improvement of this Truth, 13The Day ended; the Swiftnefs, the Shortness of Time; the Work to be done while it lafts; to Squander it away, the most deftructive Extravagance, 16-The profound Silence, 23-Universal Ceffation of Bufinefs, 25—The Variations of Nature, pleafing and advantagious, 28-Darkness; the obliging Manner of its taking Place; wild Beasts of the Defert, and Savages in human Shape, make use. of this Opportunity, 31-Darkness renders the leaft Spark vifible, and at the fame time fnatches from our Sight all the lovely Diftinétions of Things, 35— Sleep; its chearing Nature; the Gift of Heaven ; the fine Preparatives for its Approach; the Kindnefs of Providence in guarding our Slumbers, 39


receive their All from their Saviour,86-Moon al-
ways varying; the Things of this World liable to
perpetual Viciffitudes; our own Righteousness une-
qual and imperfect, our Redeemer's complete and
always the fame, 88-Moon under an Eclipfe ; ga-
zed at by Multitudes; the Faults of eminent Per-
fons feldom efcape Obfervation, 94-Moon reflected
by the Ocean; the Virtues of Perfons, in diftin-
guished Stations, influential on others, 96-Moon
actuates the Sea; the everlasting Joys of Heaven
`attract and refine the Affections, 97—Prayer a
reafonable Service, Praise a delightful Duty;
with devout Recollections proper for the Night.





HE Bufinefs of the Day dispatched, and the fultry Heats abated, invited me to the Recreation of a Walk: A Walk, in one of the fineft Receffes of the Country; and in one of the most pleasant Evenings, which the Summer-Seafon produced.


THE Limes and Elms, uniting their Branches over my Head, formed a verdant Canopy, and caft a most refreshing Shade. Under my Feet lay a Carpet of Nature's Velvet; Grafs intermingled with Mofs, and embroidered with Flowers. Jeffamines, in Conjunction with Woodbines, twined around the Trees, difplaying their artless Beauties to the Eye, and difVOL. II, B fufing

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