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BYE-LAWS, 1885.



1. The interchange and publication of knowledge relating

(A) The History of the Huguenots in France and adjoining


(B) The Huguenot Emigrations from France:
(c) The Refugee Settlements throughout the world,
particularly those in Great Britain, Ireland, and the
Channel Islands, and the resulting effects of those
Settlements upon the Professions, Manufactures,
Commerce, and Social Life of the several places in
which they were made:

(D) Huguenot Genealogy and Heraldry, and Huguenot
Church and other Registers.

2. To form a bond of fellowship among some of those who inherit or admire the characteristic Huguenot virtues, and who desire to perpetuate the memory of their Huguenot ancestors.


The Huguenot Society of London consists of an unlimited number of Fellows, ladies as well as gentlemen, elected as hereinafter provided.


Every Candidate for admission to the fellowship of the Society must be proposed in Form A by two Fellows, one of whom at least must sign the certificate from personal knowledge.


name of the Candidate, with the names of his proposers, must be read out at the next Ordinary Meeting, after which the certificate will remain suspended in the office until the ensuing Ordinary Meeting, when a ballot shall be taken, one black ball in ten excluding.

Notice of Election shall be sent by the Secretary to every newly-elected Fellow, with a copy of the Rules of the Society, and a list of the Fellows.

Every Fellow upon election shall pay an entrance donation of one guinea and one year's subscription. He must also sign the fellowship-book in token of his subscribing to the Rules and Bye-laws of the Society, Until his compliance with this rule, the new Fellow will remain incapable of eujoying any of the privileges of fellowship.


The Annual Subscription shall be one guinea.

Annual Subscriptions shall be due in advance on the 1st January in each year, but Fellows elected at the November meeting will not be called upon for a subscription in the following January.

Should the subscription not have been paid by the 31st March, the Treasurer will write to remind the Fellow of the fact. If still unpaid by the 30th June, the Treasurer shall notify to the Fellow his suspension from all the privileges of fellowship. At the Meeting in November the President shall report the names of all Fellows whose subscriptions are in arrear, and announce that if still unpaid by the 31st December they will ipso facto cease to be Fellows of the Society.

In the case of a Fellow wishing to withdraw from the Society, he will be liable for the subscription for the year in which he notifies to the Secretary his wish to withdraw.

Fellows may compound for their annual subscriptions at any time by a payment of ten guineas.


The Council may at any time recommend the election as Honorary Fellows of duly proposed members of Huguenot families resident abroad, of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Members of Council, or Honorary Officers of any foreign Huguenot or Walloon Society, or other persons whose association with this Society may be considered advantageous.

The number of Honorary Fellows shall not exceed twenty

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