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Inaugural Meeting held on Wednesday, 15th April, 1885, at the Criterion, Piccadilly, The Right Honourable Sir Henry Austen Layard, G.C.B., &c., &c., in the Chair.

The Chairman expressed his gratification that so many representatives and descendants of Huguenot families in this country were present to inaugurate the "Huguenot Society of London." Huguenot and Walloon Societies had lately been formed in America and in Holland, and the want of an English association for promoting the objects set forth in the programme of the Society had long been felt among those interested. It was a matter of surprise and regret to him that the work for which they had now met together had not been taken in hand long ago. Even during the present generation many official documents of the highest interest relating to the French Churches had disappeared, family records had been destroyed or lost, and it was daily becoming increasingly difficult for descendants of the Huguenot Refugees into this country to trace back their pedigrees, or to acquire an accurate knowledge of the lives and pursuits of their ancestors.

The Chairman reminded the meeting of the magnificent return made by the Huguenot Refugees for the hospitality which, in their time of trouble, was so generously extended to them by the English people. He spoke of the services they had rendered to Church and State-to science, literature, and art, and of the improvements they had introduced in many of the manufactures of this country; and, lastly, he spoke of the general influence for good which had been exerted on this nation by the settlement among us of men who had endured persecution, poverty, and exile for the Truth's sake, and who lived up to the faith they professed.

The following Resolutions were then proposed, seconded, and carried :—


1. Proposed by A. Giraud Browning, Esq., Hon. Secretary of the French Protestant Hospital, and seconded by Thomas Archer, Esq. :

"That a Society be now formed, to be called "The Huguenot Society of London,' having for its objects :

(1). The interchange and publication of knowledge relating


(A). The History of the Huguenots in France.

(B). The Huguenot Emigrations from France and the adjoining countries.

(c). The Refugee Settlements throughout the world, particularly those in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands; and the resulting effects of those Settlements upon the Professions, Manufactures, Commerce, and Social Life of the several places in which they were made.

(D). Huguenot Genealogy and Heraldry, and Huguenot Church and other Registers.

(2). To form a bond of fellowship among some of those who inherit or admire the characteristic Huguenot virtues, and who desire to perpetuate the memory of their Huguenot ancestors;

And that the following be the first Fellows or founders of the Society."

(Vide List of first Fellows.)

2. Proposed by Richard du Cane, Esq., seconded by Charles A. Govett, Esq.;

"That the Right Honourable Sir Henry Austen Layard, G.C.B., &c., &c., be elected the first President of the Society.

3. Proposed by Charles John Shoppee, Esq., seconded by Colonel Davis, F.S.A.:

"That the following list of Council and Officers be adopted


J. F. La Trobe Bateman, F.R.S.

William Morris Beaufort.

Arthur Giraud Browning.
Major Charles J. Burgess.
S. Wayland Kershaw, F.S.A.

Lieut.-General Frederic P. Layard.
Francis P. Labilliere.

W. J. C. Moens.

Professor Henry Morley, L.L.D.

The Very Rev. The Dean of Peterborough.

Reginald Lane Poole, M.A., Ph.D.

Edward Ernest Stride.

Hon. Treasurer.

Reginald St. Aubyn Roumieu, 10, Lancaster Place,
Strand, W.C.

Hon. Secretary.

The Rev. John de Soyres, M.A., 51, Victoria Park Road, E.

4. Proposed by Edward Ernest Stride, Esq., seconded by J. Grugeon, Esq.;

"That the entrance fee to the Society be one guinea, and the annual subscription one guinea.'

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5. Proposed by William Minet, Esq., seconded by Francis P. Labilliere, Esq. :

"That the Council be requested to draw up a set of byelaws for submission to the next meeting."

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6. Proposed by Lieut.-General Frederic P. Layard, seconded by Reginald St. Aubyn Roumieu, Esq. :

"That this meeting stands adjourned to Wednesday, 13th May, at 8 p.m., and that future meetings of the Society be held on the second (not the third) Wednesday in the months of January, March, April, May, June, and November."

7. Proposed by W. J. C. Moens, Esq., seconded by Dr. Phené!

"That the best thanks of the meeting be offered to the Right Honourable Sir Henry Austen Layard for so ably presiding."

A vote of congratulation was also passed to Mr. A. Giraud Browning on the result of his efforts to form a Huguenot Society in London.




NOTE.--The Names printed in Capitals are those of Members of Council.

Archer, Thomas, 68, Kenninghall Road, Upper Clapton, E.

Backhouse, James, West Bank, York.

BATEMAN, J. F. LATROBE, F.R.S., 16, Great George Street, S.W.

Bayley, Francis, F.S.A., 66, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, W. BEAUFORT, WILLIAM MORRIS, 18, Piccadilly, W. Belleroche, Edward, 9 London Street, E.C.

Berthon, Peter Henry, 20, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, W. Binstead, C. H., 60, Shooter's Hill Road, Blackheath.

Boileau, Lieut.-Colonel T. T., 32, Talgarth Road, West Kensington, W.

Bravender, T. B., The Firs, Cirencester,

BROWNING, ARTHUR GIRAUD, 3, Victoria Street, Westminster Abbey, S.W.

(Hon. Secretary, French Protestant Hospital.) BURGESS, MAJOR CHARLES J., Mill Hill Cottage, Sevenoaks.

Cassell, James, R., 11, Billiter Square, E.C.

Cavalier, The Rev. Anthony Ramsden, Westcott, Dorking. Cazalet, Grenville William, care of Mrs. Bond, 1, Beaufort Buildings, The Spa, Gloucester.

Chamier, A. C., 9, Southwick Street, Hyde Park, W.

Charpentier, Ambrose E. Lea, M.B., Uxbridge House, George Street, Uxbridge.

Cormouls,-care of T. A. Bear, Esq., 6, Cambridge Park, Guernsey.

Costobadie, Major H. H., R.A., care of Messrs. Cox & Co., Craig's Court, S.W.

Cussans, John E., 4, Wyndham Crescent, Junction Road, N. Cust, Miss, 20, Thurloe Place, South Kensington, S. W.

Davis, Lieut.-Colonel John, F.S.A., 2, Edinburgh Mansions,
Victoria Street, S.W.

De Caux, William, 30, St. Mary's Road, Canonbury, N.
De Crespigny, Mrs. Philip, Round Hill, Lyndhurst.

De Guérin, W. C. Lukis, 98, Sandgate Road, Folkestone.
De la Cherois, Daniel, D.L., J.P., The Manor House,
Donaghadee, co. Down, Ireland.

De la Motte, Peter, W., M.R.C.S., Staines, Middlesex.

De Saubergue Arthur, 12, Delahay Street, Westminster, S.W. D'Esterre, Henry Vassal, J.P., Rossmanaghee, Six Mile Bridge, co. Clare, Ireland.

De Teissier, The Rev. Baron, Bourne House, East Woodhay, Newbury.

De Teissier, The Rev. George Frederick, Hill House, near

De Vaynes, Miss, 15, Dalby Square, Cliftonville, Margate.
De Villiers, C., Cape Town, South Africa.

Dobrée, Edward H., Udney Hall, Lower Teddington.

D'Olier, James Rutherfoord, Dublin.

D'Ombrain, The Rev. H. Honeywood, Westwell Vicarage, Ashford.

D'Ombrain, Rev. James, Sotby Rectory, Wragby, Lincolnshire.
Drewett, Samuel, Sutton, Surrey.

Du Buisson, Thomas, 18, Lawrence Pountney Lane, E.C.
VICE-PRESIDENT, 40, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W.

Du Cane, Richard, 25, Park Crescent, W.

Dumas, H. J. P., 7, The Cedars, Clapham Common.
Duthoit, Jonathan, 20, Gresham Street, E.C.

Eckett, Sidney Barton, Shelton House, Chellaston, near Derby

Faber, Reginald S., M.A., 10, Oppidans Road, N.W.

Fitzgerald, G. Beresford, 88 Cornwall Gardens, Queen's Gate, S. W. Fountain, W. F., 49, Kirkgate, Bradford.

Frith, Mrs. John Griffith, 13, Wimpole Street, W.

Galland, Robert, 50, Larkhall Rise, Clapham.

Gilliatt, The Rev. Edward, Witham House, Harrow.

Gilligan, G., Turret House, Reading.

Ginsburg, The Rev. C., D.D., British Museum, W.C.
Giraud, Richard Hervé, 7, Furnival's Inn, E.C.

(Deputy Govenor, French Protestant Hospital.)

Godfray, H. Marett, Exeter College, Oxford.

Govett, Charles A., 10, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C.

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