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Thofe, yet uncertain on whofe fails to blow,

These, where the wealth of nations ought to flow.
Then with the duke your highness rul'd the day :
While all the brave did his command obey,
The fair and pious under you did pray.

How powerful are chafte vows! the wind and tide
You brib'd to combat on the English fide.
Thus to your much-lov'd lord you did convey
An unknown fuccour, fent the nearest way.
New vigour to his wearied arms you brought,
(So Mofes was upheld while Ifrael fought)
While, from afar, we heard the cannon play,
Like diftant thunder on a fhiny day.

For abfent friends we were afham'd to fear,
When we confider'd what you ventur'd there.
Ships, men, and arms, our country might restore
But fuch a leader could fupply no more.
With generous thoughts of conqueft he did burn,
Yet fought not more to vanquish than return.
Fortune and victory he did pursue,

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To bring them as his flaves to wait on you.
Thus beauty ravish'd the rewards of fame,
And the fair triumph'd when the brave o'ercame.
Then, as you meant to spread another way
By land your conquefts, far as his by fea,
Leaving our fouthern clime, you march'd along
The stubborn North, ten thoufand Cupids ftrong.
Like commons the nobility refort,

In crowding heaps, to fill your moving court:


To welcome your approach the vulgar run,
Like fome new envoy from the distant fun,
And country beauties by their lovers go,
Bleffing themselves, and wondering at the show.
So when the new-born Phoenix first is seen,
Her feather'd fubjects all adore their queen,
And while fhe makes her progrefs through the East,
From every grove her numerous train's increas'd:
Each Poet of the air her glory fings,

And round him the pleas'd audience clap their wings.







To the METROPOLIS of GREAT-BRITAIN, the moft renowned and late flourishing CITY of LONDON, in its REPRESENTATIVES, the LORD-MAYOR and Court of ALDERMEN, the SHERIFFS, and COMMON-COUNCIL of it.


S perhaps I am the first who ever presented a work of this nature to the metropolis of any nation; fo it is likewife confonant to juftice, that he who was to give the first example of fuch a dedication fhould begin it with that city, which has fet a pattern to all others of true loyalty, invincible courage, and unfhaken conftancy. Other cities have been praised for the fame virtues, but I am much deceived if any have fo dearly purchased their reputation; their fame has been won them by cheaper trials than an expensive, though neceffary war, a confuming pestilence, and a more confuming fire. To fubmit yourselves with that humility to the judgments of heaven, and at the fame time to raise yourselves with that vigour above all human enemies; to be combated at once from above and from below, to be ftruck down and to triumph: I know not whether fuch trials have been ever paralleled in any nation the refolution and fucceffes of them never can be. Never had prince or people more mutual reafon to love each other, if suffering for each other can endear affection. You have come together a pair of matchless lovers, through many difficulties; he, through a long exile, various traverfes of fortune, and the interpofition



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