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The Numerals fhew the Book, the Figures the Verfe.

A. Ambrofe Philips, i. 105. iii. 326. Attila, iii. 92. Alaric, iii. 91.
Alma Mater, ii. 338. Annius, an antiquary, iv. 347. Arnall, Wil-
liam, ii. 315. B. Blackmore, Sir Richard, i. 104. ii. 268. Bezaleel
Morris, 1. 126. iii. 168. Banks, i. 146. Broome, i. 146. Bond, ii.
126. Brown, iii. 28. Bladen, iv. 560 Budgel, Efq. ii. 397. Bentley,
Richard, iv. 201. Bentley, Thomas, ii. 205. Boyer, Abel, ii. 413.
Bland, a gazetteer, i. 231. Breval, J. Durant, ii. 126, 238. Benlowes,
ii. 21. Bavius, iii. 21. Burmannus, iv. 237. Benfon, William, Efq.
ii. 325, 410. Burgerfdyck, iv. 198. Boeotians, iii. 50. Bruin and
Bears, i. 101. Bear and Fiddle, i. 224. C. Cibber, Colley, Hero of
the Poem, paffim. Cibber, jun. iii. 139, 326. Caxton, William, i. 149.
Curl, Edm. i. 40. ii. 3, 58, 167, &c. Cooke, Thomas, ii. 138. Con-
canen, Matthew, ii. 299. Centlivre, Sufannah, ii. 411. Cæfar in
Egypt, i. 251. Crouzaz, iv. 198. Codrus, ii. 144. D. De Foe, Da-
niel, i. 103. ii. 147. De Foe, Norton, ii. 415. De Lyra, or Harpsfield,
i. 153. Dennis, John, i. 106. ii. 239. iii. 173. Dunton, John, fi. 144.
D'Urfey, iii. 146. Dutchmen, ii. 405. ii. 51. Doctors, at White's,
i. 203. Douglas, iv. 394. E. Eufden, Laurence, Poet-Laureate, i. 104.
Eliza Haywood, ii. 157, &c. F. Fleckno, Richard, ii. 2. Fauftus, Dr.
iii. 233. Fleetwood, iv. 326. Free-mafons, iv. 576. French cooks, iv.
553. G. Gildon, Charles, i 296. Goode, Barn. iii. 153. Goths, iii.
၄၁. Gazetteers, i. 215. ii. 314. Gregorians and Gormogons, iv. 575.
H. Holland, Philemon, i. 154. Hearne, Thomas, iii. 185. Horneck,
Philip, iii. 152. Haywood, Eliza, ii. 157, &c. Howard, Edward, i.
207. Henley, John, the Orator, ii. 2, 425. iii. 199, &c. Huns, iii.
90. Heywood, John, i. 98. Harpsfield, i. 153. Hays, iv. 560. F. John,
King, i. 252. James, 1. iv. 176. Jacob, Giles, iii. 149. Janfen, a
gamefter, iv. 326. K. Knight, Robert, iv. 561. Kufter, iv. 237.
1. Lintot, Bernard, i. 40. ii. 53. Law, William, ii. 413. Log, King,
i. line ult. M. Moore, James, ii. 50, &c. Morris, Bezaleel, ii. 126.
iii. 168. Mitt, Nathaniel, i. 208. Milbourn, Luke, ii. 349. Mahomet,
iii. 97. Mears, William, ii. 125. iii. 28. Motteux, Peter, ii. 412.
Monks, iii. 52. Mandeville, ii. 414. Morgan, ii. 414. Montalto, iv.
105. Mummius, an antiquary, iv. 371. N. Newcastle, Dutchefs of,
1. 141. Nonjuror, i. 253. 0. Ogilvy, John, i. 141, 328. Oldmixon,
John, ii. 283. Ozell, John, i. 285. Oftrogoths, iii. 93. Owls, i. 271,
290. ii. 54. Owls, Athenian, ív. 362. Olborne, bookfeller, ii. 167.
Ofborne, Mother, ii. 312. P. Prynn, William, i. 103. Philips, Am-
brofe, i. 105. iii. 326. Paridell, iv. 341. 2. Quarles, Francis, i. 140.
Querno, Camillo, ii. 15. R. Ralph, James, i. 216. iii. 165. Roome,
Edward, iii. 152. Ripley, Tho. iii. 327. Ridpath, George, i. 208. ii.
149. Roper, Abel, ii. 149. Rich, iii. 261. S. Settle, Elkanah, i. 9o.
146. iii. 37. Smedley, Jonathan, ii. 291, &c. Shadwell, Thomas, i.
240. iii. 22. Scholiafs, iv. 232. Silenus, iv. 492. Sooterkins, i. 126.
T. Tate, i. 105, 238. Theobald, or Tibbald, i. 133, 286. Tutchin,
John, ii. 148. Toland, John, ii. 399. iii. 212. Tindal, Dr. ii. 399. iii.
212. iv. 492. Taylor, John, the Water-poet, iii. 19. V. Vandals, iii,
86. Visigoths, iii. 94. W. Walpole [late Sir Robert] praifed by our
Author, ii. 314. Withers, George, i. 296. Wynkyn de Worde, ì.149.
Ward, Edward, i. 233. iii. 34. Webster, ii. 258. Whitefield, ii. 258.
Warner, Thomas, ii. 125. Wilkins, ii. 125. Welated, Leonard, ii.
207. iii. 170. Woolton, Thomas, iii. 212. Wormius, iii. 188. Waffe,
iv. 237. Walker, hat-bearer to Bentley, iv. 2c6, 273.



Song by a Perfon of Quality, 1733,

On a certain Lady at Court,

On his Grotto at Twickenham, composed of Marbles, Spars, Gems,
Ores, and Minerals,

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On receiving from the Rt. Hon. Lady Frances Shirley, a Standish
and two Pens,

1. On Charles Earl of Dorfet, in the Church of Withyam in Suffex, 173

II. On Sir William Trumball, one of the principal Secretaries of
State to King William III. who died 1716,

III. On the Hon. Simon Harcourt, only Son of the Lord Chancellor
Harcourt, at the Church of Stanton-Harcourt in Oxfordshire,



IV. On James Craggs, Efq. in We@minter-Abbey,


V. Intended for Mr. Rowe, in Westminster-Abbey,


VI. On Mrs. Corbet, who died of a Cancer in her Breaft,


VII. On the Monument of the Hon. Robert Digby, and of his fifter
Mary, in the Church of Sherborne, in Dorfethire, 1727,
VIII. On Sir Godfrey Kneller, in Westminter-Abbey, 1723,
IX. On General Henry Withers, in Westminster-Abbey, 1729,
X. On Mr. Elijah Fenton, at Easthamfted, in Berks, 1730,
XI. On Mr. Gay in Westminster-Abbey, 1732,



XII. Intended for Sir Ifaac Newton. in Westminster-Abbey,

XIII. On Dr. Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, who died in
exile at Paris, 1732,


XIV. On Edmund Duke of Buckingham, who died in the Nineteenth
Year of his Age, 1735,

XV. For one who would not be buried in Weftminster-Abbey,

XVI. Another on the fame,

A Letter to the Publifher, occafioned by the first correct Edition of
the Dunciad,

Martinus Scriblerus his Prolegomena and. Illuftrations to the
Dunciad; with the Hypercritics of Ariftarchus,

Testimonies of Authors concerning the Poet and his Works,

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[blocks in formation]

Index of Perfons and Matters.




Uniform, Cheap, and Elegant
The Particulars of which are as follow:


The Size of the Volumes that compofe this POCKET LIBRARY, is Octo-decimo, or Eighteens, which is a small Degree larger than this Catalogue. It therefore forms a happy Medium between the Extremes of diminutive Inconvenience and ponderous Inutility; and is thereby rendered as commodious for the Pocket, as it is ornamental to the Book Cafe. Each Volume, from its convenient Size, forms an agreeable Tra velling Companion, adapted for Amusement at the Fire-fide, and equally commodious for paffing leisure Hours, when Nature and the Seafon invite us abroad.


The SUPERIOR EDITIONS are printed on a purpofely manufactured wove Vellum-paper, fo well manufactured, and from fuch excellent Materials, that it never varies, but always preferves an uniform, beautiful Appearance of Colour and Texture, and, when printed on, has the additional Luftre of being highly glazed and hot-preffed. The cheap Editions are printed on better Paper than Works which are fold at double the Price.


The Library is accurately printed, verbatim & literatim, from the moft correct Editions, in a Style of ELEGANCE that may challenge Competition, on a new Burgeois Type, of peculiar Clearnefs and Beauty, caft on purpose for the refpective Works, which is two Sizes larger than the Type of this Catalogue, and fo conftructed as to comprife a great quantity of Letter Prefs in a fmall Compafs; yet the Letter is the fame Size as moft of the Editions printed in Octavo, fo that to Por tability are added Perfpicuity and Eafe in Reading. The Arguments, Gloffaries, Notes, &c. are printed in Minion and Paarl, and the Fages are decorated with a Variety of orna❤ m.mal and appropriate Devices, engraved inWood by BE WICK, whole Excellence in that Art ftands unrivalled. The Works there.ore poffefs every Advantage that can recommend them to the Admirers of beautiful Printing and decorative Elegance. EMBELLISHMENTS.

The Embellishments which accompany this Pocket Library Foffers an uncommon Degree of high Finishing and beautiful



Effect, and are, without Exception, more chaste and elegant Productions than ever accompanied any Editions of fimilar Works. They are taken from the Paintings and Drawings of Kirk, Graham, Corbould, Burney and Singleton; and engraved by Heath, Neugle, Anker Smith, Warren, &c. whofe Abili-. ties are too well known to need any Eulogium.

From the combined Efforts of fuch eminent Artists, the Proprietor flatters himfelf that his Editions will gain Admiffion into the Cabinets of the Curious, the Libraries of the Literati, and the most fashionable of the prefent age. The more effectually to accommodate Perfons of this Diftinction, Superior Editions are printed, of all the Works comprifed in this. Pocket Library; and to meet the Inclination of those who lefs regard fuperior Decorations, Cheap Editions are printed, at Half the Price of the former. The Peculiarities of each are as follow:


Thefe Editions, from the distinguished Magnificence of their Embellishments, are adapted to accommodate the Polite_and Fafoionable Circles, the Virtuofo in Embellishments, and the Admirers of decorative Elegance; as they contain highly finithed Scene Reprefentations, Vignette Frontifpieces, Portraits of the refpective Authors, and other additional Engravings, as alfo the First Impreffions of the Plates, worked off in the Manner of Proofs. Thefe Editions are also printed with the utmost Neatnefs, on fine quove Vellum Paper, of the moft delicate Colour and Texture, highly glazed and botpreffed, and exhibit an unrivalled Specimen of the Typographic Art, fo that from the united Efforts of the Prefs and Pencil, they appear in the richest Drefs of Paper, Print, and Embellifements. The Price of thefe Editions is only One Shilling, each Number.


Thefe Editions are neatly printed, on a good Paper, and contain an elegant Engraving in every Number; but, from their Cheapnes, cannot poffefs the great Advantages peculiar to the other Editions, as, Portraits of the refpective Authors, Vignette Frontifpieces to each Volume, Subject Prints, befides additional Engravings, Proof Impreffions of the Plates, and finely manufactured wove Vellum Paper. Notwithstanding they do not poflefs thofe fuperior Advantages, they equal in Elegance the best of any other Editions, and are infinitely cheaper than the most common and unadorned. The Price of thefe Editions is only Six pence each Number.


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