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74. On the 23rd September, 1748, letters of admon. concerning the goods of Mary Nibblet, otherwise Papineau, late of the parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Co. Surrey, Widow, were granted to Jacob Papineau, the father of the deceased. They were revoked in December, 1749, and another grant issued on the 23rd Dec. to George Niblett, the lawful husband of the deceased, -the former grant having been obtained under false suggestion.

75. The will of Jacob Papineau, of the parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Leather Dresser, dated 12th March, 1754, was proved 20th June, 1760.-Lynch, 256.

76. On the 28th June, 1721, letters of admon. concerning the goods of Margta. Franchomme, alias Morin, late of W., co. Surrey, were granted to Charles Franchomine, her lawful husband.

77. The will of Benjamin Stables, of W., Gardener, dated 26 Oct., 1718, was proved on the 17th Aug., 1719, by Thomas Stables. Testator gave his son Thomas Stables, for life, the house where he then lived, and the lands held therewith called Swanden, in W., held by copy of Court Roll of the manor of Allfarthing Finches alias Barking fee, and also half an acre lying in Bridgefield, in W., holden of the manor of Dunsford, and then in the occupation of Peter Paggen, Esq.; remainder to Benjamin, son of Thomas, in tail; remainder to other sons of Thomas, thereafter to be born; in default of such issue, then to grandson, Thomas Phillips, in tail. Son-in-law William Phillips, to be guardian to grandson Benjamin, if son Thomas died during his minority. To dau. Ann Phillips, wife of Wm. Phillips, the "Red Lyon, at W., held of the manor of Dunsford, for life, then to her son Thomas Phillips. Legacies to Thomas, William, Edward, Anne, John, Benjamin, and Samuel, children of dau., Anne Phillips. Residue to son Thomas, he providing for Susan Cox, Spinster, during her life. Thomas Stables and Wm. Phillips, joint exors. Will attested by Peter Paggen, Robert Horlock, and Thomas Vaughan. Browning, 153.

78. The will of John Marshall, of Fore Street, parish of Saint Giles Without, Cripplegate, London, Cheesemonger, dated the 30th Aug., 1748, was proved 13th Oct., 1763. By it he gave his brother Wm. Marshall, of W., Gentleman, all his property, "and all those two numbers or shares in the Amicable Society for the Insurance of Lives, to him and his heirs for ever." "It may be a little surprising, I having a dutiful granddaughter, that I should invest my brother with this power"; am certain that he will act the part of a parent by her, my said granddaughter, Elizabeth Potter, the same as if I were living. Brother sole exor.-Casar, 478.


79. The will of James Edwards, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, a freeman of the City of London, dated 10th January, 1739, was proved 11th July, 1749. Bequeathed one third of his estate to wife Mary Edwards; one third to child Mary Edwards, by his then wife, having thoroughly advanced his son Peter, whom he had by a former wife; remaining third to his wife whom he appointed executrix.-Lisle, 213.

80. The will of Andrew Mayer, of London, Merchant, dated 1 Feb., 1691-2, was proved on the 11th March, 1691, (English Style). By it he bequeathed to sister Ann Schmidt, all that was owing to him from herself and her husband, John Schmidt, money gained on the English Marc. To three sisters, Ann Schmidt, Mary Morrant, and Lewes Ferned alias Mayer, all lands and houses in France,-to each, one third for life, with remainder to others in tail. sister Mary Morrant, a legacy. Acquits brother-in-law, Gabriel Morrant, of money owing; gives him a pecuniary legacy, and all his wearing apparel, pistols, and printed books. Legacies to sister Lewis, and to cousins John Morrant, Gabriel Morrant, and Mary Morrant, the sons and dau. of sister Mary.


Remits friend Stephen Lauze all that he owes him, and gives him his best wearing sword that is carved and gilt, and his wife, Rachel, a ring. A legacy to his friend David Bareau, and his striking watch. To loving cousin Stephen Mayer, all that he owes him. To the poor of the French Church, Threadneedle Street, London, £20; and to Mr. Piozett, one of the ministers of that church, £6. Legacies to cousin [ ] Mayer, a "refugie"; to loving friend, Daniel Chardon; to John Morrant, brother to brother-in-law, Gabriel Morrant, a refugie." Mourning rings to cousin Lewis Die; friends, John Paucier, Nicholas Romaine, and John Pluyn; cousins, Alderson, John Dabijron, Mr. Jackson, and Peter Corry, Junr.; and Nicholas Lechier. Residue to Stephen Lauze, and David Barreau, for their trouble, and to be exors. Attested by "Bossatran, Ministre"; F. Creule; F. Bossatran Barbarin. Fane, 42.


81. The will of John Smith, of the parish of W., Brewer, dated the 11th Sept., 1748, with a codicil, dated 7th Jan., 1752, was proved on the 28th Nov., 1752, by his widow Mary Smith, Ezekiel Lewis, and John Harford, the exors. therein named. He directed his leaseholds in W. to be sold, and the proceeds to be invested in South Sea Stock. He had "an interest" in the hands of Felix Calvert, Sir Wm. Calvert, Kt., and Co., which he directed to be paid to his exors, to be invested by them in South Sea Stock. Income to wife for life. After her death, legacies to Felix Calvert; Sir Wm. Calvert; Ezekiel Lewis; Deborah Keen; Bartholomew Keen; Eleanor Wilkinson and her children, (codicil says a widow and two children--a girl and a boy); Edward Cartwright, and his wife, and their son Thomas; Mary Cartwright, and her sister Elizabeth Cartwright, (codicil revokes legacies to Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth Cartwright, and gives Edward an increased legacy); child or children of John Green, son of Sir Benjamin Green, deceased; godson Thomas Rayner ; the minister and churchwardens of the parish of W., £50, to be paid to twenty five poor decayed housekeepers of the parish, not receiving alms thereof by 40%each house or family; the youngest son of Mary Bates, (codicil revokes legacy to son, and substitutes a legacy to Mary Bates); George Smith, of Lambeth, Waterman, and John Smith, his brother; Mrs. Mary Hall. Residue to be divided into two equal parts-half to Christ's Hospital, and half to London Hospital.—Bettesworth, 288.

82. The will of Mary Smith, of Wandsworth, widow, relict and one of the exors. of John Smith, dated 27th December, 1753, was proved (with a codicil dated 4 March, 1754) on the 6th Novr. 1755. Directed her body to be buried in same vault with husband. Exercises power of appointment, under her husband's will, in favour of cousin Mary Betts, widow, (revoked by codicil); two nephews George and John Smith, and their sister Susannah Fowell, widow; the son of their sister Elizabeth, deceased; the five children of the said John Smith; her brother Edward Cartwright, and his son Thomas Cartwright, and John Thomas Cartwright, son of Thomas Cartwright; Mary and Elizabeth Cartwright, daurs. of Edward Cartwright; Ezekiel Lewis and John Harford; Mrs. Mary Hall, widow. Legacy to old servant Mary, wife of George Hind; to Mrs. Martin, a ring; to nephew John Smith, a clock and Residue to nephew Thomas Cartwright, whom, with Ezekiel Lewis, she appointed exor.-Paul, 294.


83. The will of Wm. Simmans, of W., Shopkeeper, dated the 21st Oct. 1778, was proved on the 25th May, 1780. Testator bequeathed two copyholds of the manor of Alfarthing to son William, one of which was in his own occupation, and the other in the occupation of Wm. Hitchcock. Wife Mary to have rents for life, and residue of property, and to be sole executrix.Collins, 288.

84. Remainder never been cut.

85. "A sermon preached in the parish church of W., in the County of Surrey, on May 16th, 1748, at the funeral of the Revd. Thomas Cawley, M. A., late Vicar of that Church. By Thomas Church, M.A., Vicar of Battersea, and Prebendary of St. Paul's. Published for the benefit of the widow and Two small children, London. Printed for J. & R. Tonson, & S. Draper, in the Strand, 1748 (misprinted 1768), 4to. (24 pages including the title page, preface, and list of the author's publications.) Dr. D. Williams' Library, 5. R. 10. Brit. Mus., Vol. 6, Upcott MSS.. 15926.

The Tonsons held land in W.

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86. On the 3rd Nov., 1747, letters of administration concerning the goods of Thomas Girdley, of W., "Batchelor," were granted to John Girdley, his brother and next-of-kin.

87. The will of Daniel Torin, of W., Felt Maker, dated 5th August, 1691, designeing very soone to take a journey into Scotland, lest any chance or ill accident should surprise me." Eldest son, Benjamin Torin; wife, Elizabeth Torin. Wife and Claud Hayes, a merchant living at Fenchurch Street, exors. Attested by Isaac Boucher, Jeane Mabgue, and Jacob Beaune. Proved, 27 April, 1700.-Noel, 65.

In the list of naturalisations 36 Car. II (1684, July 2) appears the name Daniel Torin.-Agnew, Vol. 3, p. 38.

88. The will of Susannah Torin, of Garlick Hyth, London, Spinster, dated the 18th September, 1779, was proved on the 10th June, 1782, by Maynard Torin, of W., sole exor., universal legatee, and nephew of deceased. Testatrix requested to be buried in the family vault at W.-Gostling, 322.

89. Letters of administration concerning the goods of John Malegue were granted to Elizabeth, his widow, in May, 1698.

90. These two inscriptions occur also on the north side of the stone, where, however, the first two lines as printed here are comprised in one line.

91. The will of Wm. Vile, of the parish of St. Martin's in the Fields, co. Middx., Cabinet Maker and Upholder, dated 24 August, 1763, and a codicil dated 9th Novr., 1764, were proved on the 23rd September, 1767. He bequeathed to his wife Sarah two houses then in his own possession, situate at Battersea Hill, in the parish of Battersea, for the remainder of the lease. Legacies to nephews, John and Wm. Strickland; his servants, John Bradburn, Samuel Reynolds, and Wm. Eversley; co-partner, John Cobb; Wm. Hallett, of Cannons, co. Middlesex, Esq., and Charles Smith, of Portugal St., near Lincoln's Inn Fields, Upholder and Cabinet Maker, trustees; niece, Sarah Strickland cousins, James and Sarah Humphry, late of South Petherton, co. Somerset, but then of London; Wm. Humphry, of Middle Lambrook, co. Somerset, Farmer, his kinsman; Betty Hulett, wife of Wm. Hulett, of Sherborn, co. Dorset, Brasier; nephews, George Strickland and John Strickland; niece, Elizabeth (or Betty) Angell.-Legard, 357.

On the 12th July, 1782, letters of admon. de bon. non issued to Sarah Strickland, Spinster and niece of the testator. Charles Smith having died in testator's lifetime, and Sarah Vile survived Hallett but died without having taken out letters of admon.

92. The will of Sarah Vile, of St. John's Hill, parish of Battersea, widow, dated 1t4h June, 1772, was proved on the 12th July, 1782. Directed that she was to be buried in the vault wherein her late husband, Wm. Vile, lay interred in the Churchyard of Wandsor. Legacies to nephews Wm. and John Strickland; and to godson Wm. Vile Hewletts, son of Ŵm. and Betty Hewletts, and also

their daur. Mary. To niece Sarah Strickland a legacy on trust to keep vault of late husband in churchyard of Wandsor in proper repair, (this is the only legacy among these Mount Nod wills for such a purpose), and the lease of the house wherein testatrix lived (Mrs. Ashlaw to have liberty to continue in the apartment which she then occupied.) Legacy to servant, Sarah Jackson. Trustees-Sarah Strickland, Spinster (Executrix); Wm. Axe, of Birchin Lane, London, Gent. ; and Betty Hewlett, of Sherborne, in Dorset, Widow.Gostling, 384.

93. The will of John Higginson, of W., Gent., dated 7th January, 1768, was proved on the 26th January, 1770. Appointed wife Ann Higginson, and friends Wm. Lardner, of W., Apothecary, and Wm. Prowling, of Great Tower Street, London, Apothecary, trustees and exors., to whom he bequeathed real estates situate in the counties of Leicester, Warwick, and Northampton, upon trust to pay income to wife for life until majority of four children, viz-John Staresmore H., Staresmore H., Mary Staresmore H., and Christian Staresmore H.-Jenner, 17.

94. Was she granddaughter of John Marshall? See his will ante, 78.

95. The will of Edward Thornton, of W., Victualler, dated 3 Aug., 1780. was proved on the 19th Oct., 1781, by his widow Sarah Thornton, sole legatee. -Webster, 502.

96. The will of Sarah Thornton, dated 19th Nov., 1781, was proved on the 31st Aug., 1782. Son, Thomas Thornton; dau., Sarah Thornton; sons, Edward, William, James, and John, all under 21; brother, James Collins; brother-in-law, William Thornton.--Gostling, 431.

97. On the 23rd July, 1762, letters of admon. of the goods of Susanna Folwell, late of W., Widow, were granted to Mariah Catherine Gibbs, Widow, the natural and lawful dau. and only child of the deceased.

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98. The will of Peter Ruffe, of W., Master Hatter, was dated 20th July, 1742. He gave an annuity to Catherine Bernard, wife of John Frederick Bernard, and daughter of his deceased wife by a former marriage with the late Francis Paumier. Legacies to Philip, Gabriel, and Francis Paumier, sons of said deceased wife. An annuity to his sister, Mary Ruffe, living at Tournon, in Guienne, while she was out of England, "it being my intention that if my said sister should come to England, there shall be paid to her by my said executors two years after her arrival, and that she shall have openly professed the Protestant religion, £——, with the arrears of the annuity, which shall then become extinct.' Legacy to dau., Magdalen Ruffe. Residue to exors. upon trust to pay income to son Peter for life. Exors., Peter Ruffe, and Gabriel Paumier. Attested by Samuel Clavis and Ge. de Camelouse. Codicil, dated 3rd. Aug., 1742, gives power of appointment to Magdalen Ruffe, wife of Henry Ruffe, his son-in-law. Attested by John Sermirot and Edmd. Harris. Proved 12th Nov., 1742, by Peter Ruffe, and Gabriel Paumier. Proved 3rd May, 1743, by Henry Ruffe, in place of Peter Ruffe, deceased, to whom letters of admon, were granted. Letters of admon. de bon. non were granted on the 11th March, 1762, to Magdalen Parker, formerly Ruffe, wife of Daniel Parker, dau. and surviving residuary legatee. Letters of admon. de bon. non granted 7th Feb., 1769, to Daniel Parker, hnsband and sole exor. of the will of Magdalen Parker, both Magdalen Parker and Peter Ruffe having died without issue.-Trimley, 335.

99. The will of Samuel Brooks, of W., Ship Broker, dated 31st December, 1770, was proved on the 8th January, 1771. To wife, Mary Brooks, copyhold messuage then in his own occupation, and land lying before the front of the said house near the river Thames, containing 15 rods or thereabouts, and an acre and a half lying in Bridge Field, all in the Manor of Dunsford; two lease. holds, one situate on Crom's Hill, parish of Greenwich, the other, in Wapping

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Street, parish of St. George in the East; and also freehold, situate in Wapping Street aforesaid. To son, Samuel Brooks, freehold in Hermitage Street, parish of St. George in the East. To his dau., Mary Brooks, an infant, a freehold messuage in Thames Street, near Billingsgate, then in occupation of Henry Field. Attested by James Tilleard, Bishopgate St., London; Joseph Peters, W.; A. H. Osbaldeston, Attorney at W.-Trevor, 4.

100. The will of Mr. William Vignon, of the parish of Saint Anne, Westminster, Perriwig-maker, dated 8th July, 1733, was proved on the 22nd Decr., 1735. He requested to be buried at Wandsor, and bequeathed the remainder of the lease of his house at Wandsor to his wife, Jane Vignon. Refers to his five leasehold houses in Bolton Street. Sister Anne Lofting; brother, Nicholas Vignon; nephew, Wm. Lofting. "I also give to the poor of the French Savoy Church the sum of £20 to be distributed by the Elders of the said Church; and I also give the sum of £5 apiece to the two Ministers of the French Church at Wandsor, who shall be Ministers there at the time of my death.” Trustees, Jane Vignon, Simon Bardon, and Peter Lapouthe. By a codicil, dated at Bath, 22nd Novr., 1735, he appointed Peter La Bredanthe in place of Mr. La Pouge, Surgeon, one of the exors. and trustees.-Ducie, 260.

101. Letters of admon. in respect of the goods of Paul Fourdrinier, formerly of the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, but late of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Middlesex, Widower, were granted on the 18th February, 1758, to Henry Fourdrinier, the son of the deceased.

The Register of Burials contains,-“"1727, May 6th, James Fourdrinier, from St. Martins in ye Fields, Middlesex."

102. The correctness of the last three and a half lines is not vouched for.

103. The will of Samuel Jones, of the parish of Saint James Westminster, Grocer, dated 10th June, 1747, was proved on the 22nd June, 1747, by Deborah Jones, the widow and relict of the deceased. An annuity to his mother, Isabella Stotherd, widow. Residue between wife Deborah, and dau. Elizabeth Jones.-Potter, 155.

104. The will of Elizabeth Lennon, wife of Remigius Lennon, then or late of the Middle Temple, Esquire, dated 13th February, 1760, was proved 23rd June, 1767. Recites settlement, dated 7th April, 1758, made between Remigius Lennon, Testatrix, and her mother, Deborah Jones, of the parish of St. George the Martyr, Widow, and Philip Burton, of Lincoln's Inn, Gent. House in Dover St., St. George's, Hanover Square. Meadow called Shoulder of Mutton, in Chipping Wycombe, co. Bucks. Power of appointment exercised in favour of mother, Deborah Jones, who is appointed executrix.-Legard, 231. 105. Register gives 28th Jan., 1759, as date of burial.

106. The will of Samuel Ripley, of W., Tallow Chandler, dated 11th September, 1764, was proved on the 24th Sept,, 1767. Freehold houses in the occupation of himself, John Sprawsley, and John Boycott, in W., to wife Ann Ripley, for life, then as to the house in which he lived, remainder to eldest son, Samuel Ripley, in fee; as to that in possession of John Sprawsley, remr. to son, Thomas Ripley; as to that in possession of John Boycote, remr. to son, James Ripley. Dau., Ann Patterson, wife of James Patterson, of W.Legard, 352.

107. Probably a grandson of Chrysostom Wilkins. See his will infra.

108. The will of Chrysostom Wilkins, dated 22nd February, 1742-3, was proved on the 24th May, 1744, by Henry Branson and Elizabeth Branson, the exors, therein named. He gave a legacy to his grand-daughter, Prisseler Ros Murden, (under 21); if she died under that age, bequest to go to Mrs. Branson's children. Legacies to grand-daughter, Mary Murden; to his brother William,

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