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which was then assessed at £18 annual value, and is still in existence. A Henrietta Comarque was buried at Putney, Nov. 23, 1767.

45. The front is taken as that side facing E., though in this case the side facing W. appears in point of date and ornament to have been intended for the front. It should be stated that, of the stones 1 to 16, those which are upright face the W. so as to front the footpath.

46. The will of John Darvill, of W., Mealman, dated the 26th July, 1763, was proved on the 8th Aug., 1763, by his widow, Ann Darvill, to whom he bequeathed everything.-Caesar, 376.

47. The will of Ann Darvill, of W., Widow, dated 9th May, 1768, was proved on the 12th Nov., 1768, by John Darvill, of W., Millwright, the exor. therein named, to whom she bequeathed a legacy upon trust to support youngest son, Thomas Copeland Darvill, for his life; reversion equally between eldest son, Richard Darvill, of the parish of Poplar, in co. Middx., Shipwright, and John Darvill, equally.-Secker, 407.

48. The will of Mary Evans, of Wells St. parish of St. Mary-le-Bone, Widow and Relict of Evan Evans, late of North Audley St., Grosvenor Square, London, Gentn., dated 1st July, 1783, was proved on the 14th Augt., 1784 By it she desired to be buried privately at W., as near to late husband as conveniently might be, and gave legacies to sister-in-law Elizabeth Midworth, nieces, Dorothy Osborne and Ann Butler; good friend and kinsman Joseph Lucas, of St. Andrew St., parish St. George, Bloomsbury, Watchmaker; and residue to nephews, Wm. Midwaith, Joseph Epworth, and Joseph Pape, and nieces, Ann, (whose maiden name was Midwaith), Elizabeth Bradley, Mary Epworth, Mary Waddy, Mary Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Dorothy Osborne, and Ann Butler. Appointed Joseph Lucas, exor. By Codicil, dated 26th April, 1784, she gave a legacy to Benjamin Epworth; and by codicil, dated 28th April, 1784, appointed Evan Griffiths, joint exor. Proved by Jacob Lucas and Evan Griffiths.

49. The Registers give the burial of this lady as having taken place on the "13th Dec., 1765, The Honourable Alice Scot." Her will, dated the 4th Decr., 1762, was proved on the 16th Dec., 1765. She is described as Alse Scott, of Rathbone Place, in the parish of St. Marylebone, and relict of the late Duke of Buccleugh. She bequeathed to Henry Kipling, Esq., of the psh. of St. George, Bloomsbury, and Peter Gilbert, of the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, Gentn., an annuity for the maintenance of her sister, Ann Powell, and legacies to niece, Mary Jetsom, wife of Matthew Jetsom, Senr.; brother, Giles Powell, exor.; Matthew, the younger, and Martha, two children of Matthew Jetsom niece, Elizabeth Bird, sister of Mary Jetsom; and Ann Harris, dau. of brother, Giles Powell.-Rushworth, 442.

50. The will of Giles Powell, of the parish of St. John, Southwark, co. Surrey, Gentn., dated the 31st May, 1766, was proved on the 1st October, 1766. He bequeathed legacies to nephews and nieces, Richard Foxlow, Caleb Simmons, and Sarah, his wife, Ann Foxlow, Mathew Tonson and Mary, his wife, Charles Harris, Junr., Joseph Bird and Mary, his wife; an annuity to sister, Ann Powell. Richard Foxlow, and Caleb Simmons, to be exors., and trustees to take care of his sister, Ann Powell, and to be, with Ann Foxlow, residuary legatees.Tyndall, 381.

51. The will of David Asterley, of W., "Callicoe Printer," dated the 14th February, 1757, was proved on the 19th June, 1761, by his son, Benjamin Asterley, the sole exor. therein named. Legacies to grand-daughters Sarah and Mary, and Ann Asterley, daus. of late son, John Asterley, late of W., 'Callicoe Printer," Residue to son, Benjamin Asterley.—Cheslyn, 199.

52. On the 4th Aug., 1762, letters of admon, concerning the goods of Elizabeth Asterley, formerly Zincke, late of W., were granted to Benjamin Asterley, husband of deceased.

53. On the 23rd Sept., 1777, letters of admon. concerning the goods of George Ward, were granted to Mary Ward, widow and relict of the deceased.

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54. The will of Margaret Terret, of the parish of St. Anne, in the Liberty of Westminster, Widow, dated the 17th September, 1756, was proved on the 8th September, 1761, by Wm. Edwards, of the Middle Temple, Stationer, "" a cozen of the deceased, and the exor. appointed by her. She bequeathed legacies to aunt Gamull; to niece, Catherine Edwards; to nieces, Anne and Margaret Gamuel; to nephews, Wm. Edwards and Thomas Edwards; to friend, Thomas Gamull; to niece, Eleanor Edwards; to cousin, Mariana Shuckburgh, Mrs. Verney's picture; to her landlady, Mrs. Culverwell, and her dau., Winifred Culverwell. A bond due to her from her late nephew, William Gamull, Esq., assigned to her exor., but interest due thereunder to be paid to niece, Margaret Gamull, during her life, and after her decease to "cozens" Catherine, Wm., and Thomas Edwards, the three children of niece, Eleanor Edwards. Desires to be buried somewhere out of London. Codicil of 3rd March, 1758, states that Miss Winifred Culverwell had married, and revokes bequest to her. Codicil of 28th Augt., 1759, says as to picture of Honble. Mrs. Verney, bequeathed to Mrs. Mariana Shuckburgh, of Whitton, Spinster, her exor., is authorised to present it to the Honourable Mrs. Mary Leigh, Spinster, sister of Rt. Honble. Lord Leigh, of Stone Leigh.-Cheslyn, 332.

55. On the 15th March, 1774, letters of admon. to the estate of Ralph Barker, late of parish of St. James Garlick-Hythe, London, Widower, were granted to John Barker, son of the deceased.

56. On the 3rd July, 1783, letters of admon. concerning the goods of Hannah Coldicutt, Spinster, were granted to Mary Coldicutt, Spinster, sister of deceased, but on the 16th July they were rescinded, and a new grant was made to Mary Coldicote, spinster, sister of the deceased, stating that deceased's name was Coldicote, otherwise Coldicott, otherwise Coldicutt, formerly of the parish of St. James, Westminster, but late of the parish of W.

57. The will of Elizabeth Messey, of W., widow, dated 17th March, 1778, was proved 31st Dec., 1779. She bequeathed legacies to nieces Hannah and Mary Coldicote; Hester Cade, her goddaur.; Luke Cade, Grocer, of Chelsea, her exor.; and her sister, Mary Perkins.- Warburton, 508.

58. The will of Mary Parkin, of W., widow, dated 26 May, 1782, was proved 1st June, 1782. She bequeathed legacies to Mary Coldicott and to Elizabeth Cade, of Chelsea. Residue to Luke Cade, Grocer, of the parish of St. Luke, Chelsea, whom she appointed exor.-Gostling, 306.

59. The will of Paul Mombray, of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Esquire, dated 13th April, 1763, was proved on the 3rd May, 1763. He desired to be buried in a grave 6ft. deep, in the Upper Burying-Ground at W., to be wrapped in a crape shroud only, and be put in a wooden coffin, without any "linning," and then enclosed in a lead coffin, and afterwards in a case without any lining or nails, or any handles or inscription thereon, and carried in a hearse with a pair of horses, and attended with one coach and a pair of horses, to be buried by daylight. An old freeman of the City of London. Wife, Mary Mombray, an annuity; reversion to daur., Mary Mombray. Legacies to brother, Abraham Mombray; nephew, Philip Brandon; niece, Susannah Mombray servant, David Davis. Residue to daur. Wife and daur. joint exors. Friend Alexander Aitkins, of Mayfair, to assist them.-Cæsar, 241.

60. This stone, which is only 30 inches in height (the usual height being 60), was one of those discovered a few years ago. It probably served to mark the resting place of the children of a former sexton of the parish, for it bears the spade and mattock en saltier, above the word "Here." It is the oldest stone visible in the graveyard, the next being that of Andrew Mayer (1691-2), an undoubted Huguenot.

61. Lysons, Vol., p. 508, and Manning and Bray's Hist. of Surrey, Vol. 2, p. 356, mention the tomb of Francis Hunt, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, who died in 1687, aged 46. No trace of this stone is now to be found. The will of Francis Hunt, of Putney, Gardener, dated 18th May, 1713, was proved by Susanna Hunt, relict of the deceased, on the 8th of June, 1713. By it he bequeathed two closes called Butlers and Conduit Closes, four acres of freehold land lying in the Common Fields of the parish of Wandworth, and other lands, to his son Francis Hunt.-Leeds, 136.

62. The will of James Robinson, of London, Brazier, dated 19th Feb., 1712, was proved by Anne Robinson and Henry Robinson, the exors. named therein. He possessed real estate in "Portsoaken" Ward, in the parish of St. Botolph Without, Aldgate, which he left to his wife for life, with remainder in fee to his son Henry. All real estate coming to him by his brother Wm. Hedd, late of Southwark, to wife for life, remainder to son Wm. Robinson. A legacy to son Henry, and estate in parish of Wimbledon, co. Surrey, then in the possession of Mr. Wilkinson, Sugar Baker, in London. To son James, a legacy and the leasehold estate of Sir Harry St. John, in the parish of Wandsor, except that his wife was to enjoy his dwelling house at Wandsor, if she pleased, as long as she lived. Legacy to son Edward Robinson. tions his four sons. Legacies to Nicholas Lesow, Andrew Teames, William Piggott, James Hadderell, John Gale, Samuel Bellamy, and Jacob Robinson. -Leeds, 68.


63. The will of Henry Robinson, of W., co. Surrey, Esq., dated 6th April 1762, was proved on the 2nd May, 1762. Testator desired to be buried in the family vault at Wandsworth Hill. Bequest to niece Ann Robinson, Spinster, with other lands, of leaseholds at W., near Copper Mills, in occupation of Mrs. Goddard and James Rorolds, Esq. To great-niece Frances Robinson, Spinster, copyholds at W., in the occupation of David Asterley and Wm. Lardner. Freeholds at Aldgate, High Street, in the City of London, and at Wimbledon, to great-nephew Henry Robinson, in tail, with remainder to other greatnephew Edward Robinson, in tail; remainder to own right heirs. Other freeholds at Stansted, Mount Fitchet, co. Essex, to great-nephew, Edward Robinson, in tail; with cross-remainder to above Henry Robinson, &c. To great-nephew Henry Robinson, freeholds in East Smithfield, in fee. Freeholds in New Hermitage Street to brother James Robinson. Leaseholds in Southwark to Henry Robinson. Legacies to brother James Robinson and Frances his wife; niece Ann Robinson; great-niece, Frances Robinson; Edward Robinson; niece Mary Robinson, Spinster. He was exor. of the will of his late brother, Wm. Robinson. Legacies to niece Hannah, wife of Guildford Gibson, of Cheapside, London, Linen Draper; to Case Billingsley, and his sister, Susannah Billingsley. £100 among fifty poor housekeepers of W. £50 to Protestant Dissenting Charity School at Horsley Down. £50 to the like at Zoar Street, Southwark. Legacies to Mr. Roger Peck; to Rev. Mr. Hy. Read; to Rev. Mr. Wallin; to Rev. Mr. Brown, of Battersea; to Robert Haydon, Carpenter; to Thomas Bartlet; to Wm. Walters, mastor workman at the Wimbleton Mills; to Beacham, foreman to Mr. Watson, at Wimbledon; to his servants, Alexr. Mitchell, gardener, and widow Bayley. To Sarah Luger, remainder of term in three leaseholds, purchased of Jas. Fearn, situate on the


south side of the Public Road, at W., in occupation of [ ] Denne, Penelope Southerbey, [ ] Atkinson, and himself. Legacy to Thomas Foxley, Sandy's Street, late of St. Botolph Without, gent. Dwelling house at W., to be sold. Legacy to Thomas Wallis, of Beauford's Buildings, Strand, Esq., and Thos. Foxley. Copyholds at Wandsworth Hill, in tenure of Sir Matthew Blakiston, within Lord Middleton's Manor, (see note to Peter Paggens will, post) to be sold; proceeds to form part of residue, to go to greatnephew, Henry Robinson. Henry Robinson, Thos. Wallis, and Thos. Foxley, exors. -St. Eloy, 217.

64. The will of Mrs. Elizabeth Millard, of W., co. Surrey, dated 7th Nov., 1767, was proved 12th Dec., 1767. Legacies to friend John Channing, Apothe cary, in Essex Street, Strand; to Ann Lloyd, widow, dau. ; to worthy friends Benjamin and Judith Burroughs; to Judith Honiss, and her dau. Ann Honiss; to Rev. Dr. Jefferies; to Mrs. Mary Hall, and Mrs. Mary Andrews; to niece Elizabeth Wood, widow; Mrs. Brown, wife to Rev. Mr. Jonathan Brown; to Mrs. Hibbert, ring that she had for her great friend Mrs. Locke. Residue to Mrs. Kitchen to distribute. Friend, Thomas Kitchen exor.Legard, 455.

65. The will of Katherine Paggen, of W., widow of Peter Paggen, Esq., dated 19th January, 1721, was proved on the 1st June, 1724. She directed her body to be buried in the vault of her late husband, in the parish of W., and appointed as trustees-James Booth, of Theobalds, co. Herts; Wm. Shaw, son of Sir John Shaw, late of Chesthunt, co. Herts, deceased; Bernard Hale, of Lincoln's-Inn, co. Middx.; and John Rawlins, of London, merchant. Legacies to cousin Isabella Pharoah; sister Sarah Simonds; cousin, Celesta Simonds; three daus. of niece Katherine Weston; the churchwardens of the parish of W., (£50) for poor (by codicil the income of this sum was to be appropriated towards cloth ing two poor women); Grace Hooker, her daughter Sarah's attendant; grandson Paggen Hale, second son of dau. Katherine Hale, under 25; children of niece Dame Sarah Shaw (widow of Sir John Shaw); daus., Katherine Hale and Sarah Paggen; grandsons, Wm. Hale and l'aggen Hall; niece Katherine Weston, and nine children; niece Dame Sarah Shaw, and children; sisters Sarah Symonds, Brent and husband; cousins Katherine Wayman, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Isabella Pharoah, Celesta Symonds, and William Shaw. Codicil, dated 16th March, 1723, stated that Katherine Hale had married Humphrey Morice, of London, Esq., by which marriage she had a son, Humphrey Morice. Appointed Humphrey Morice, exor.-Bolton, 147.

66. Reg. of Burials:-2 Dec., 1748.

67. The will of Peter Paggen, of W., Esq., dated 2 Oct., 1717, was proved on the 15th July, 1720, by Catherine Paggen. He directed his body to be buried in the parish church of St. Dunstan in the East, London, at the discretion of his Exors. (This was not done, see his widow's will supra). Legacies to wife Katherine Paggen; dau. Katherine Hale, wife of Wm. Hale, and dau. Sarah (who is placed under the guardianship of wife Katherine, dau. Katherine Hale, Sir John Shaw, Bart., and niece Dame Sarah Shaw, his wife); James Booth, of Cheshunt, Herts, Esq., and John Rawlins, of London, Merchant. Copyhold messuage or tenement of inheritance in W., then in his own occupation, and copyhold messuages in W., with the grounds, &c., abutting on the Common of Wandsworth on the South, then in the occupation of Lassells Metcalfe, Upholsterer, and John Reynolds, Waterman, which he purchased of John Godfrey, Merchant, and also copyholds in the town of Wandsworth, or in the Common Fields of Wandsworth, then or late in the occupations of John Beal, Butcher, John Porter, Bricklayer, Jacob Maganell, Hatmaker, James Chittenden, Gardener, and [ ] Elsley, Gardener,

and late of Thomas Pavett, Husbandman, which he had lately purchased of Sarah Cheslyn, widow of William Cheslyn. Bequest to grandson Paggen Hale, younger son of dau. Katherine Hale, in tail male, and in default of issue to Wm. Hale, eldest son of dau. Katherine. Ultimate remainder to Paggen Shaw, son of his niece Dame Sarah Shaw. Legacies to sister Sarah Symonds; to cousin Elizabeth Wilkinson; to Paggen Shaw, Peter Shaw, Judith Shaw, and Katherine Shaw, four of nine children of niece Dame Sarah Shaw; and to his "C friend and neighbour " Benjamin Stables (post) who with others attested the execution of the will.-Shaller, 163.

This gentleman was probably descended from the "William Paggin, neere Gulick in the Low Countries," mentioned in the Visitation of London, Harl. Soc. Pub., 1880, 1883, under the head Paggen, Downgate.

He was the "owner of, and probably built, the large mansion on Wandsworth East Hill, near this Cemetery. His daughter Katherine married Mr. Hale, of Herts, and had issue two sons-Paggen Hale and William Hale. She afterwards married Mr. Morice, by whom she had two sons-Humphrey and Nicholas. It came to Humphrey, who in 1759 sold the Estate to Matthew Blakiston, Esq. (afterwards Baronet). It was afterwards Mr. Bush's, then Charles Semple's, Esq., now Charles Morris's, Esq." Manning and Bray's Hist. of Surrey, Vol. II, p, 356 n. ƒƒ.

Charles Morris, of the Manor House, Wandsworth, b. 1768, (son of James Morris, J.P. and D.L., Surrey, and Sheriff of that Co. in 1764). His niece Adelaide m. in 1838, Henry Rucker, Esq., of W. (Burke's Landed Gentry).

This house is, in all probability, the house now known as the Manor House, at present in the occupation of Mrs. Masson.

68. On the 27th February, 1749, letters of administration concerning the goods of Sarah Paggen, late of W., Spinster, were granted to Humphrey Morice, Esq,, the nephew by the sister, and next-of-kin of the deceased.

69. This appears to have been originally "Janu," and to have been altered to "September."

70. The will of John Gillam, Citizen and Baker, of London, dated 10th February, 1728, was proved by Catherine Gillam, his widow, the executrix therein mentioned. Testator bequeathed to his wife the remainder of the lease of his house in Salisbury Court, leased from the Carpenters' Company. Legacies to his sister Goswell; her sons Richard Goswell, John Goswell, George Goswell, and Daniel Goswell (all under 21); his cousins, William Page, Senr., Elizabeth Page, Daniel Page, and John Page; his sister Walker; Elizabeth Stockdale, his then maid; and his brother-in-law Nathaniel Page. -Abbott, 73.

71. The will of William Webb, of Cheapside, London, Silversmith, dated the 15th February, 1779, was proved on the 16th March, 1779, by Elizabeth (otherwise called Eliza) Webb, his widow. He bequeathed money to his father, Humphrey Webb, and his brother-in-law, Wm. Watson, upon trust to pay income thereof to his sister Mary Jupp, wife of Wm. Jupp. Rings to his brother Ward, for himself, and his sister Ward; his brother Watson, for himself, and his sister Watson. Legacies to John Lardner, son of his mother-in-law, and to his sister Margaret Tournier; five guineas for a ring to Mr. Riggs, his partner; rings to Mrs. Eleanor Plumer, of Lewes, in Sussex, and to Thomas Hitcher, of Birmingham, and his wife; legacy to apprentice John Hawkins; rings to Mr. Henry Turner, Mr. Trickey, of Oakingham, and Miss Williams, of Bristol. Residue to wife, Eliza Webb.-Warburton, 135. 72. A space of four feet between the first and second inscription.

73. Register of Burials: "1732, Augt. 18, Jesse Faulkner, of St. George's in ye East, in ye County of Middx.. Coachman; he fell from ye Coach Box and died of an apoplexy as was suppos'd."

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