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at any one time. Copies of the publications of the Society shall be presented to them.


The governing body of the Society shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Council composed of twelve Fellows, a Treasurer, and Secretary. It will have the management and direction of all the affairs of the Society, subject to the control of a General Meeting.

At each Annual Meeting the Council shall submit a list of officers proposed for the ensuing year, and a copy of this list shall be sent to each Fellow a fortnight before the meeting. No Fellow except the Treasurer and Secretary shall continue in the governing body for more than three consecutive years, and four members of the Council shall retire every year. The Fellows will be entitled to strike out any names from the list prepared by the Council, and to insert other names in their place. Lists duly authenticated by the signatures of absent Fellows will be admissible, but all voting papers incorrectly filled up will be rejected. Ladies and Honorary Fellows are not eligible as members of the governing body. The President shall appoint two scrutineers, and at the close of the meeting he shall declare the result of the ballot.


The duty of the President shall be to take the chair at every meeting of the Society and Council, to regulate and keep order in all the proceedings, and to carry into effect the bye-laws of the Society.

In the absence of the President, one of the Vice-Presidents shall take the chair; and in case of the absence of those Officers the meeting may elect any other Fellow present to take the chair.

The President, or Chairman, shall not vote on any question brought before the meeeting, except where a casting vote be necessary, in which case he shall give such casting vote.


The Treasurer shall be ex-officio one of the Trustees of the Society, and the funds of the Society shall be vested in his name and in the names of two other Trustees, who shall be nominated by the Council

The Treasurer shall keep a regular account of receipts and

payments in the mode which may seem most proper to the Council, who shall have the direction and control of the money in his hands.

No sum of money payable on account of the Society, amounting to five pounds and upwards, shall be paid, except by order of the Council, signed by the President or Chairman, and recorded by the Secretary.

The account of the Treasurer shall be audited annually by two Auditors, chosen by the Society at the meeting in May. The Auditors shall report at the Annual Meeting the particulars of the receipts and expenditure of the past year, and the general state of the funds and property of the Society.


The Council shall meet at such times as shall be appointed by the President, or in his absence by one of the Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, or Secretary; due and sufficient notice being previously sent to every Fellow.

No business shall be transacted in Council unless there be five or more Fellows present.

The ordinary method of voting in Council shall be by show of hands; but a ballot shall be taken in cases prescribed by any regulations of the Council, or when demanded by any Fellow present.

The majority of votes shall decide every question; and in case of an equality of votes the question shall be adjourned.

Any Member of Council who shall be personally interested in the question before the Council shall withdraw during the consideration and decision of the same.

The Council shall present and cause to be read to the Annual Meeting a Report on the general concerns of the Society for the preceding year; and such Report, or the substance thereof, shall be printed, under the direction of the Council, and be transmitted to the Fellows.

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Council shall be taken by the Secretary and entered in the Minute Book. They shall be read over at the next meeting and signed by the Acting Chair

man as correct.


The duty of the Secretary shall be to attend all Meetings of the Society and of the Council, to take Minutes of all Proceedings and enter them in the books, He shall also take steps to

provide Papers to be read at the meetings, and he shall superintend all persons in the employ of the Society, subject to the control of the Council.


These shall be held for the transaction of the general business of the Society and the reading of Papers on the Second Wednesday in the months of November, January, March, and May, at whatever hour and place the Council may determine. The Minutes of the last meeting shall be read and signed as correct, the ballot for Fellows shall be taken, announcements made, and Papers read and discussed. The decision of the Chairman upon all questions of order and the conduct of the meeting shall be final. Every Fellow shall have the privilege of introducing a friend.


The Annual Meeting shall be held on the Second Wednesday in June. The Report of the Council shall be read, together with a Statement of the Accounts and the Report of the Auditors. General questions, of which due notice has been given to all Fellows, shall be then decided. The President shall deliver his Address.


At the Ordinary Meeting in May the question of holding a Summer Conference at some place associated with Huguenot history or tradition will be discussed, and, if such a Conference is determined upon, a sub-Committee will be appointed to make the necessary inquiries and provisional arrangements, and will report to the Annual Meeting in June.


The Council may at any time call a Special General Meeting when it seems to them necessary. Notices, containing a clear description of the point to be considered, must be posted to all the Fellows fourteen days before the day fixed for the meeting, and no other business than that stated in the notice shall be brought forward.


The Council may at any Annual Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose, but not at an Ordi

nary Meeting, propose the enactment of any new Bye-Law, or the alteration or repeal of any existing Bye-Law.

Any ten Fellows may recommend to the Council, by a letter addressed to the Secretary, the adoption or rejection of any measure, or the adoption, alteration, or repeal of any Bye-Law. Such recommendation shall be considered at the next meeting of the Council, and, if the decision arrived at is not satisfactory to the proposers, the Council, if requested to do so by twenty Fellows, shall convene a Special General Meeting within one month, to decide the question.


The Society shall distribute gratuitously to each Fellow one or more publications annually of "Proceedings," which shall consist of a concise narrative of the proceedings at meetings, Papers or Abstracts of Papers read, and of the discussions thereon, and such additional notices as may be sanctioned by the Council.

The Society shall also undertake, under the direction of the Council, as opportunities arise and the funds of the Society permit, the publication of Huguenot church registers, genealogies, inedited documents, and other information bearing upon Huguenot history.







being desirous of admission into the HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF LONDON, we, the undersigned, recommend [him or her] as eligible for Membership.

[blocks in formation]

To be signed by two Fellows of the Society, one of whom at least must

sign from personal knowledge.

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