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NSPIRACY AMONG GENERALS. BY elm von Schramm. 215 Pages. Charles bner's Sons, New York. $3.95. BY CAPT ROY W. FARLEY, Armor

me full details of the attempted asination of Adolf Hitler on 20 July have only recently become available English print. This book, translated the German and written by a German reporter who was attached to the man High Command in France, relates story of the conspirators of the Paris up.

ne plot against Hitler, which had its s in the years before the war, culmid when the briefcase of Colonel Klaus Stauffenberg exploded in the warn of Hitler in Rastenburg, East PrusAlthough a freak saved Hitler's life, explosion was the signal for a series vents which only ended after the conators had gained and lost control of Army Headquarters in Berlin.

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I particular interest to the military er, however, is its contribution to the acter study of professional military forced to make a choice between two epts of duty-loyalty to their leader oyalty to their country.

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Saint-Simon began his military cation integrity an at the age of 17 when his father. chased a commission for him. In 17 k was among the Frenchmen who V the story of t teered their services to help the Amet virzett t

Colonies win their independence. He ticipated in the seige of Yorktown wi he commanded 166 French artillery Although Saint-Simon's total stay or American Continent was only 46 day

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THE ITALIAN CAY Lieutenant Coiene.

often boasted of being one of the four Lathes The Engist Bus

of the United States of America.

This book is interesting for the e acter study of an unusual individual CE

India $1.45.

ASSAULT BATT eral J. C. Fry.

secondarily for the student of politically is Service Publis.



Pages. Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden (y, the tory. By Ma

played a not 547 Pages A higuing. $6.73.

KOREA 1951-1953. By John Miller, Jr., Major Owen J. Carrol, United States Army, and Margaret E. Tackley. 328 Pages. Office of the Chief of Military History. Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. $2.50.


I Korea 1951-1953 is a brief outline and pictorial history of the Korean war. The textual portions of the book are based on records and reports of the Far East Command, United Nations Command, and the Eighth Army. The operations of the United States Army are highlighted, but the achievements of the sister services and of the other United Nations troops are summarized.

Like its predecessor, Korea 1950, the book contains maps and a short written text, primarily factual, which discusses and portrays the over-all military situation throughout Korea, followed by written material with many photographs from all sections of the front.

For the individual who desires a concise and Life magazine type presentation of the Korean conflict, this book is ideal. The many photographs will bring back vivid memories to the reader who was there. To the reader who was not there, the photographs help visualize conditions that existed, and explain in part why this conflict was probably the most unpopular of all time.

PATRICK J. HURLEY. By Don Lohbeck. 513 Pages. Henry Regnery Co., Chicago, Ill. $6.50.


This biography of Patrick J. Hurley is the story of a great American who in real life has surpassed even the fictional successes of Horatio Alger's heroes.

As interesting as is the biography, the story of events in which he played a not insignificant role is even more intriguing.

He was Secretary of War when the "Bonus March" occurred, backing his Chief of Staff Douglas MacArthur in dispelling the radical elements. During World War II, when he could have rested comfortably on his laurels, General Hurley chose to enter a period of vigorous service to his country that carried him over the world as a participant in fateful events in the role of Presidential troubleshooter and advisor.

The final episode of this service found him in China as ambassador with what proved to be the impossible task of bringing together the Communists and Nationalists. His successful endeavors to solve this problem are portrayed in a tale of frustrations, apathy, machinations, and military expediency considered above longrange political considerations. It is a damning story of sabotage of American policy and the betrayal of China. The agreement at Yalta and the intrigue of disloyal civil servants are explored, assessed, and condemned. In a final protest General Hurley resigns to fight against a situation that his belief in his Nation, his integrity, and his high sense of duty could not condone.

This book is worth reading solely for the story of the man as he rises from his environment to traverse and leave his imprint on the American scene of the last 70 eventful years.

THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN 1943-45. By Lieutenant Colonel D. K. Palit. 91 Pages. The English Book Depot, Ferozepore Cantt, India. $1.05.

ASSAULT BATTLE DRILL. By Major General J. C. Fry. 114 Pages. The Military Service Publishing Co., Harrisburg, Pa. $2.00.

MACARTHUR. His Rendezvous With History. By Major General Courtney Whitney. 547 Pages. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York. $6.75.

LINCOLN FINDS A GENERAL: Iuka to Vicksburg. Volume IV. By Kenneth P. Williams. 616 Pages. The Macmillan Co., New York. $7.50.

BY LT COL IRVing Heymont, Inf

This is the fourth volume in Professor Williams' seven-volume definitive history of the Civil War. The author describes the battles and analyzes the decisions of the commanders on both sides, and displays a tremendous insight into the complexities of war and the interplay between logistics and tactics and between politics and military events.

The campaign for the near impregnable Vicksburg is described in vivid detail. From the account a true picture of General Grant emerges. His modesty, unselfishness, and even judgment are so uniform as to be unspectacular. The Vicksburg Campaign, which involved five major battles against two Confederate Armies, clearly ranks among the most flawless of American campaigns.

The employment of the Official Records as the major source enables the author to lay to rest the ancient myths that General Grant indulged in bouts of drunkenness or that he cut communications to Washington in order to prevent interference. Professor Williams concludes that the account of Sylvanus Cadwallader which gave rise to these myths was only a sensational story of a newspaperman who had no personal knowledge of what he wrote.

Written in a clear lucid style and well illustrated with explanatory sketches, this volume is highly recommended for the serious student of the Civil War. The casual reader may find it too detailed for leisurely perusal.

ACROSS THE HIGH FRONTIER. The Story of a Test Pilot-Major Charles E. Yeager, United States Air Force. By William R. Lundgren. 288 Pages. William Morrow & Co., Inc., New York. $3.75.

SOLOVYEV. Prophet of Russia Unity. By Egbert Munzer. 154 I Philosophical Library, Inc., New

BY LT COL HOWARD L. FELCH The eventual rapprochemen the Russian and Western way the cherished goal which repr indispensable prerequisite for peace. How to achieve this objec primary preoccupation of the wo Solovyev, a Russian philosopher distinction, propounded the view only moral force in terms of ideals and principles provides for Russian-Western unity.

The late Professor Munzer supporter of Solovyev's philos documents his convictions by the life, teachings, and beliefs of who like Dostoievski espoused t "To be a good Russian means t than Russian, it means to be t of the world, the reconciliator of The corruption or negation of t has contributed to the creation of ing chasm between Russia and In the latter half of the 19th cen ovyev formulated and expounded tical philosophy which in essence that "the East needs the West faith in man; the West needs and its faith in God."

Today, in official Russia, Solovy losophy is dead-killed either by tion or explicit action, but in re influence represents a dorma awaiting the call of history. In S judgment, only moral force, a r ing of spiritual values, and a acceptance of Christian principles erate the seeds of total unity w permanently bridge the gap betw sia and the West.

THE NONCOM'S GUIDE. 522 Pa Military Service Publishing Co., burg, Pa. $3.00.

THE CANADIANS IN ITALY 1943-1945. Volume II. By Lieutenant Colonel G. W. L. Nicholson, Deputy Director, Historical Section, General Staff. 807 Pages. Edmond Cloutier, Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery, 1956, Ottawa, Canada. $3.50. BY LT COL ROBERT M. WALKER, Arty

This is the second volume of the official history of the Canadian Army in World War II. It describes in meticulous detail the Canadian Army's part in the Italian Campaign. The story of the campaign is rounded out with a graphic account of the final Allied offensive which ended with the capitulation of the German forces in Italy. Although an official history, it is not a formal presentation of dates and places, but is rather a narrative discussion of a major effort.

Of especial interest to the military student and historian is the carefully documented and objectively presented discussion of the conferences and decisions which led to the invasion of Sicily.

Outstanding in the volume are the numerous carefully constructed charts and maps.

THE SOVIET UNION AFTER STALIN. By Helene and Pierre Lazareff. 254 Pages. The Philosophical Library, Inc., New York. $6.00.


The Lazareffs are French journalists who accompanied a French theatrical company (Comédie-Francaise) on a tour of Russia. Their book is an effort to describe aspects of "the life of Russian people as it is lived."

The authors make no effort to delve deeply into the large-scale political, social, and economic trends in the Soviet Union. They effectively describe aspects of modern Russian life often missed in analyses of Russia and the Russians.

These vignettes are of value in that they give some insight into the living conditions of the Russian man on the street and the élite, plus the atmosphere in which the Russian literati operate.

The authors' combination travelogue and Parisian journalists' view of the Malenkov era is interesting reading. However, to a serious student of Russian affairs this work will seem rather superficial.

THE SOVIET SECRET SERVICES. By Otto Heilbrunn. 216 Pages. Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., New York. $4.50.


Did Soviet espionage, infiltration, sabotage, and partisan warfare significantly contribute to the success of the Soviet Army during World War II? Dr. Heilbrunn's answer is an emphatic yes and he substantiates his convictions here by a detailed documentation of the Soviet's skillful utilization of these "weapons of war" that are not limited to the confines of the battlefield.

The spectacular achievements of Soviet espionage and infiltration tactics are well illustrated by the activities of Rote Kapelle, the vast Soviet spy network in Europe, and its Swiss branch, Rote Drei.

Dr. Heilbrunn's conclusions are simple and direct. The recorded lessons of recent history offer us a grim warning for the future. Irrefutable evidence indicates that the Soviets are past masters in the art of espionage, subversion, infiltration, and sabotage; they have used these "weapons of war" to good advantage in the past and can be relied upon to intensify their efforts in these fields in the future. Hence it remains for us to assess carefully the formidable challenge which the Soviet clandestine war potential represents and prepare plans "to wage a war without a battlefield."

COMMAND VOICE. By Captain Richard W. Sharretts, United States Army Reserve. 106 Pages. The Military Service Publishing Co., Harrisburg, Pa. $1.00.


In this book Captain Sharretts discusses every phase of voice production from posture and breathing to the technique of giving commands. His discussions are well illustrated by physiological diagrams showing the organs of the body and their function in voice production.

If used in conjunction with practical work which is carefully supervised, this book could be of value to instructors in the military service.

MARINE CARGO OPERATIONS. By Captain Charles L. Sauerbrier, United States Naval Reserve. 548 Pages. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. $10.50.

BY LT COL RICHARD C. BIGGS, TC The military services realize significant savings by adopting tested civilian practices in the logistical field. Captain Sauerbrier has provided, in this excellent reference work, a means for military personnel to study and profit by the latest information on both civilian and military marine cargo handling operations. He also has accomplished the difficult task of presenting the subject so that it is intelligible to a layman and still meets the requirements of a specialist.

As one of the Materials Handling and Packaging series which encompasses the entire scope of cargo handling operations, this volume emphasizes, but is not limited to cargo handling in water terminals and on ships.

The chapter on Research and Development in the Industry should help to improve cargo handling in a field where there have been few real developments in the past 50 years. Any military man who is concerned with any phase of cargo handling will benefit by study of this book.

TWENTY MILLION TONS UNI SEA. By Rear Admiral Daniel V United States Navy. 344 Pages. H nery Co., Chicago, Ill. $5.00.


Just outside Chicago's Museu ence and Industry rests an i monument to the 55,000 Unit men who gave their lives at s World War II-the German S U-505. This underwater craft tured on 4 June 1944 by US N Group 22.3 commanded by Rear Gallery, then Captain, after a the west coast of Africa.

During World War II unlim fare waged on the seas between nations and the Axis Powers sulted in the loss of over 20 mi of shipping to the Allies. In stages of this war the German were at liberty to roam the Atlan almost uncontrolled.

In time, Germany began to fee of losses on the continent throug manpower and industrial poten had direct effect upon her abilit tinue submarine warfare. By ea the Allies had domination of the again and methodically sought stroyed the German undersea c this struggle for sea supremacy, 1 was captured.

The author has set forth in th vivid, interesting, and accurate a the life, adventures, and mishaps who lived and fought aboard the naval raider U-505. Perhaps striking part of the book is the leadership aboard the submarines of vital interest to all commande

WAFFE UND WIRKUNG BEI DI GERABWEHR. By Hans Brändli. Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Sw $6.19.

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