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Brightlands, his residence at Barnes, after a very short illness. He obtained his commission as Second Lieutenant in the Bengal Engineers in December, 1841, and on proceeding to the East Indies commenced his active services. He served in the Sutlej campaign and the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, including the battles of Sadoolapore, Chillianwallah, and Goojerat. He also served as chief engineer with Havelock's force on both passages of the Ganges, at the subsequent actions leading to and ending in the first relief of Lucknow, and at the subsequent defence of the Residency, his name being honourably mentioned in despatches for the skill with which he bridged the Ganges with slender means, and in the face of the enemy, and directed important engineering operations at Lucknow. For his gallantry on that occasion he received the brevet of Major, and was nominated a Companion of the Order of the Bath. For some years he was Inspector-General of Military Works and Deputy Secretary to the Government of India in the Buildings and Road Branch, Simla. He obtained his commission as Captain in April, 1856; Brevet-Major, March, 1858; Lieutenant-Colonel, March, 1862; Brevet-Colonel, March, 1867; Colonel, January, 1870; Major-General, March, 1876; and retired in 1878 with the honorary rank of Lieutenant-General.-The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday, 2 November, 1886.

Forest Outlaws, or Saint Hugh and the King, a "boy's book" which will be appreciated by many grown-up readers, has just been published by Messrs. Seely & Co. The author is the Rev. E. Gilliat, M.A.. of Harrow School, a Fellow of the Huguenot Society.

Mazarin, the latest addition to the Home Library of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, is from the pen of Mr. Gustave Masson, also of Harrow and a Fellow of this Society.

Mr. J. J. Digges La Touche, a member of the well-known "Huguenot" family of that name, has been appointed DeputyKeeper of the Public Record Office, Dublin.

Mr. Thomas Archer, F.R. Hist. Soc., one of the Founders of the Huguenot Society, is about to publish by subscription, through Messrs. Blackie and Son, a life of Her Majesty the Queen, to be entitled-Our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria: Her Life and Jubilee.

Any information relating to the missing French Church Registers mentioned on pp. 48 to 50 of No. 1 of the Society's Pro

ceedings will be gratefully received by the Assistant-Secretary.

Mr. E. Belleroche, of 9, London Street, Fenchurch Street, E.C., and 14, Eliot Place, Blackheath, will feel obliged for any information about the family of Corraro de Belleroche. From documents in his possession he can trace his descent from Charles Corraro de Belleroche, Court Musician in Wurtemburg, who was born in 1688 and died at Stuttgardt in 1747, having married in 1716 Justine Barbe Allgaier. In his marriage certificate he is described as Cuaro Belleroche, but he signs himself C. Coraro de Belleroche in a document dated 1718, and in the certificate of his death the name is correctly written Corraro. In the same certificate he is described as son of the late Charles François Curaro Belleroche, Painter to the Elector-King. Nothing authentic has yet been discovered about the latter.


Names commencing with De, Du, and De la, should be looked for both
under the letter D, and under the first letter of the following part of the name.

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America, Effect of threat of Atkinson, 272, 304, 334.

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