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Benjamin Slade, Shipwright, then foreman of His Majesty's yard at Deptford; to his brother, Alexander Garrett, and his wife; to James Hawkins, of the parish of Stepney, Exchange Broker; to Wm. Young, of South Sea House Gentn.; to Arthur Manwareing, Exchange Broker; to Alderman Henry Wise, of Oxford. To wife, Ann Garrett, freehold estate situate at Hummerton in co. Worcester, and estate in or near Salisbury Court, in parish of St. Bride, alias St. Bridget, London, and in Harold Lane, without Newgate, and within the Town and County of Cambridge, as tenant for life with remainders over.

Legacies to his sister, Margaret Dentler; to seven grandchildren of Abraham Collier and Ann, his wife; to cousin, Edward Tindall, Coffeeman, in Tower St., who married his niece Sarah. Wife to be executrix, and Samuel Swinfen of London, Merchant, and Robert Godfrey, of London, Cornfactor, to assist her. Codicil, dated 24 Dec. 1725, cancels part of legacy to James Hawkins; corrects name of cousin Witham to Ralph Witton; legacy to his nephew Wm. Garrett; to his cousin Abraham Green; to the Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of the Company of Weavers, in City of London, £1000 to build almshouses; to cousin, Wm. Green, son of Robt. Green.

Further codicil dated 2 May 1726 bequeathed his leasehold estate at W. in which he then resided to his kinsmen Abraham Collier, Michael Russell, and Thomas Harrison.-Plymouth, 121.

On the 7th March 1736, letters of admon. de bon. non issued to Ann Stevens admx. with the will annexed of Ann Garrett, widow.

15. The will of William Green, of W., co. Surrey, Gentn., dated 23 March 1731, was proved on 13 April, 1732, by Mary and Robert Green, the exors. therein named. He bequeathed legacies to Aunt Martin; brother-in-law John Maynard; Mathew Harve of Spittlefields; Daniel Cluff of "Shawditch"; Abraham Collier "that keeps the hare alehouse near Spittlefields;" William Course of Deptford; Joseph Gurduy of Spittlefields; father, Robert Green; father-in-law, Thomas Harrison, and his wife; brother-in-law, John Stephens, and his wife Ann; wife, Mary Green, leaseholds in George yard, parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel, for life, then to only daughter Mary Green, remr. to Robert Stephens; nephews and niece, Robert Stephens, Nicholas Garrett Stephens, and Mary Stephens.- Bedford, 107.

On the 12th Feb. 1736, letters of admon. de bon. non were granted to Anne Stevens (wife of John Stevens), one of the exors. of the will of Robert Green, deceased, the father and surviving exor. of Wm. Green.

16. The arms of Garrett impaled with those of Green upon this stone are similar to those set out in the pedigree of George Garrett in the Visitation of London. Those of Green correspond to those of Greene of Tower Ward in the Visitation of London,

17. The will of Matthew Hebert, of W., Dyer, dated 17 June, 1703, and the Codicil dated 9th July 1703, were proved on the 20 Aug., 1703. He appointed his wife, Mary Pamplin (Qy. Pampellone vide No. 10, James Pampellone "), to be exx. with his eldest son, Abraham Hebert, and cousin, Isaac Denew, as assistants. He gave legacies to sons Abraham, Matthew, and John James Hebert ; to daus. Mary, Catherine, and Martha, and also "to the poor of the church of this parish of Wandsor."-Degg, 142.

The son, Matthew Hebert, may possibly have been the Matthew Hebert, late of the parish of St. Martin, Ludgate, London, widower, to whose estate letters of administration were granted on the 29th Oct. 1760 to Matthew Bertin Hebert, his son ;-previous letters of administration granted in May 1745 to Francis Testas, guardian of Matthew Bertin Hebert, Gideon Hebert, Charles Hebert, and Martha Hebert, then infants, being ceased by reason of the said Matthew Bertin Herbert having attained full age.

18. The will of Thomas Barnett of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, co.

Msx. gentn. dated 4th December 1769, was proved on the 18th December 1769. To be buried at W. in the grave where his late dear wife lies buried, at the discretion of his dear wife, Mary Barnett. Legacies to Ann Cooper and Richard Cooper, children of Richard Cooper, of King St., St. Giles's, Baker; to Elizabeth Mills, wife of Robert Mills, of Drury Lane, Patten Maker; to his intimate friends and acquaintances, John Wheeler, of King's St., Bloomsbury, Chandler, and Henry Lackler, of Mile End, Victualler; to Mr. & Mrs. Venn, of Gray's Inn Lane, in the parish of St. Pancras; leasehold messuage in Lamb's Conduit St., parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, to wife, Mary Barnett, whom he appoints executrix.- Bogg, 406.

19. The will of Arthur Honywood, of the parish of W., "Collermaker," dated 5th February, 1765, was proved on the 15th April 1765. Appoints John Clark, of the parish of Kingston upon Thames, "Collermaker," and Stephen Shrubb, of Wandsworth, Plumber, exors. and guardians, to whom he bequeathed his property in trust for his three sons Arthur, Richard, and John Honywood equally.

20. On the 13th March 1749 letters of admon. concerning the goods of Christiana Lichere, late of the parish of St. John the Evangelist, Westminster, Widow, deceased, were granted to Mary Lichere, Spinster, only child of deceased.

Nicholas Lechier is mentioned in the will of Andrew Mayer, post, 97.

Mrs. Lessheire resided in "the Town" of W. in 1712 and occupied a house of about £20 annual value.

Reg. of Baptisms gives Nicholas, son of Nicholas Lichere, 8th March 1695; and Mary the dau. of Capt. Nicholas Lichere, gent., on 10 Oct. 1700.

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21. Qy. Is this the wife of "nephew John in the will of Jonas Parker,


22. The will of Elizabeth Allen, widow of Joseph Allen, of W., Baker, dated 15 July, 1763, was proved 19th September, 1771. By it she bequeathed legacies to each of her two children, Mary and John Allen, and appointed her father, John Brook, and her brother, John Brook, trustees, guardians, and exors. Witnessed by W. Berryman.-Trevor, 366.

23. A letter from Mr. Philip Allwood to the Rev. D. Lysons, dated 20 Dec., 1809, states that "the great corn mill at the mouth of the Wandle, lately in the possession of Messrs. Leader, Atlee, and Co., is now in the occupation of a Mr. Peter Dormay."-Lysons M.S., 9436, (Brit. Mus.)

24. The will of Mrs. Ann Marshall of W., co. Surrey, widow, dated 27th February, 1776, was proved on the 14th January, 1777. She bequeathed legacies to brother John Dubourg, of Long Acre, co. Msx., Carver; to four nephews and nieces, George, James, Mary, and Ann Dubourg; to Philip Passavant, of Leather Lane, Holborn, Jeweller. Residue to Elizabeth Skegg of W., Spinster, whom she appointed executrix.-Collier, 29.

25. The will of Melancton Strong the elder, citizen and haberdasher of London, dated the 14 Oct., 1742, was proved on the 28th March, 1750. By it he bequeathed his copyholds in Middlesex to his son Melancton Strong, and the half of his personalty which he had the power to dispose of, equally between his sons, Melancton Strong and Henry Strong (son Melancton speaks of his brother, Richard infra), and appointed Melancton exor.-Greenley, 95.)

26. The will of Melancton Strong, of Garrett, psh. of W., Oil Maker, dated 20th December, 1756, was proved on the 16th February, 1757, by Eleanor Strong, and on the 26th Novr., 1790, by Thomas Strong and Clement Samuel Strong. Testator directed his body to be buried in a vault which he some time since caused to be made in W. Churchyard. To brother Richard Strong (supra) one guinea. Income of £5116 11s. 5d., Exchequer Orders, to wife Eleanor for life during widowhood, but if she married again £50,

a year. Residue of such income equally between children, Thomas Strong, Clement Samuel Strong, Job Strong, and Elizabeth Strong, and any other of his children then unborn. His friends, Leonard Killiam, of "Crutched Fryers" London, Merchant, and Robert Streatfield, of the same City, Colourman, trustees for care and maintenance of children. Possessed copyholds in parish of Ardinly & Balcomb, manor of Ditcheling, co. Surrey, and in parish of Edmonton Manor of Edmonton, co. Middlesex; to trustees to sell and invest in South Sea Stock or other Public Funds. Father-in-law Thomas Sanders, late of Hookwood, co Surrey, deceased. Dau. Sarah married Leonard Killiam. Wife Eleanor executrix, and sons, Thomas and Clement Samuel Strong, exors.-Herring, 65. 27. The will of John Poumies, of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Esquire, dated the 16th January, 1769, was proved the 13th February, 1769, Recites that before his marriage with present wife Elizabeth Poumies he entered into a bond of £3000 to Germain Lavie, of Cheapside, London, Mercer, about the 1st June, 1754, for securing an annuity of £76 to wife in case she'survived him directed annuity to be paid. Legacies to his three sisters, Martha Loustan, Jane Bourdette, and Ann Fujes; to his nephew Peter Poumies, an attorney at Orthez in province of Bearn, to nephew, Peter Poumies, of Orthez, aforesaid, Surgeon; to each of his godsons, Thomas Lavie, Wm. Oldham, Cornet John Laborde, and John Johnson, and goddaur. Betty Phillips; to his friends, Captain Samuel Wallis and Anthony Busdenn (?), and Mrs. Elizabeth Knight. Exors., Germain Lavie, and Augustin Oldham Esq., of Gt. Pulteney Street, parish of St. James, Westminster, and wife. A legacy to grand-niece Mary Therese, dau. of nephew Peter Poumies, attorney at Orthez, if she come and reside in England, and become a Protestant.

28. The will of Elizabeth Poumies, of Bolton St., parish of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Msx., widow, dated 7 April, 1770, was proved on the 9th March, 1771. Recites power of appointment under bond, dated 1st June, 1754, made by late husband, which she exercised as to £100, part thof., in favour of John Burridge, upon trust to pay income to niece Sarah Norris (wife of Mr. Norris) for life, reversion to children, if no children, to nephew John Burridge. Legacies to godson John Johnson, and goddau. Elizabeth Phillips, both under 21; to Germain Lavie, of Pall Mall, St. James's, Mercer; to Mr. Wm. Backhouse, of Saffron Walden, co. Essex; to John Cheesemore, nephew of Mrs. Laight, wife of Mr. Laight, of St James's Market; to Ann Phillips; and Elizabeth Johnson. Mourning rings to each of the following persons :--Mrs. Pendleton, housekeeper to Sir Cecil Bishop; Mrs. Cox, wife of Mr. Cox, one of the Doorkeepers of the House of Lords; Mrs. Barnett, wife of Mr. Barnett, of Berkeley Square, Hosier; Mrs. Valentine, wife of Mr. Valentine, of St. James's House, Library Keeper ; Mrs. Johnson, wife of Mr. Johnson, of the Tower; Mrs. Ann Adams and Mrs. Mary Adams then in the service of the Hon. General Boscawen; Catherine White, dau. of Mrs. White, of Curzon St. Legacies to servants Elizabeth Smith and Mary Marva; to Mr. Nathaniel Laight, of St. James's Market. John Burridge residuary legatee. John Atkins, of May Fair, undertaker, to bury her as he did her husband. John Burridge and Nathaniel Laight joint exors. -Trevor, 122.

29. On the 1st Aug., 1760, letters of admon. concerning the goods of Lucy Hawtayne, formerly Kirk, late of W., were granted to Malachi Hawtayne, the husband of the deceased.

30. The Register of Burials from 1678 to 1727 at W. is missing, and appears to have been lost for some time; but the sexton's book contains the entry "1718, Theodore Hodshon & the knell 7/8." In his will, dated the 24 July, 1718, and proved on the 21 Oct., 1718, he is described as of W., Scarlet Dyer. Bequeathed his household furniture, &c., to loving wife, Annabella Hudson, who was to carry on the trade of a Scarlet Dyer, in the house in which

he then lived, free from interruption by his sons. He appointed her executrix and sole guardian of his three children, Theodore, Richard, and Lucy, to whom he bequeathed the residue of his property in the proportions of 48, 32, & 20 per cent. respectively. Witnessed by R. Mandeville, Peter De Sitter, and Mal. Hawtayne.-Tenison, 194.

On the 15th April 1769, letters of admon. concerning the goods of Theodore Hodshon, late of W., batchelor, were granted to Margaretta Hodshon, widow and sole executrix named in the will of Theodore Hodshon.

31. The will of Malachi Hawtayne, Esq., of W., dated 27th July, 1769, was proved on the 22nd Feby., 1772, by John Crookshanks, the exor. therein named. Testator bequeathed a legacy to his sister, Dorothy Lucas, for life; reversion to Mrs. Elizabeth Hawtayne, widow of late nephew, for life; remainder to her son, Wm. Hawtayne, at 21. Legacies to cousin Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James Crank; to Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Samuel Clarke; to niece, Catherine Brookes, Spinster; to Hannah Maria Hawtayne, Spinster; and to his exor. Testator says he had offered his glass and china to Mrs. Hodgshon; but she desired that it might be given to someone else. He therefore gave it to Mrs. Elizabeth Hawtayne. Residue to trustees in trust for Wm. Hawtayne. Codicil, dated 22 Dec., 1770, gave rings to Mrs. Hudshon, friend, Peter Saint Hill, Esq., and both the clergymen of W. Testator resided in the parish of Saint Margaret, Westminster, at the time of his death.-Taverner, 54.

Malachi Hawtayne was probably the same person as Melchias Hawtaine mentioned in the will of John Hawtayn, Captain in the Regt. of Major-General Sabine in the service of the Queen of England, dated the 1st Jan., 1711, and proved on the 10th June, 1713, by which he gave legacies to his eldest brother, William Hawtaine, of Idelstree, co. Herts., to his brother Melchias Hawtaine, a Lieut. in the same Regiment, and to his five sisters, Joyce, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth, and Dorothy Hawtayn. The will was proved on the oath of Malachi Hawtayne, and was translated out of Low Dutch."

32. The will of Samuel Newton, of Wandsworth, Stone Mason and Maltster, dated the 7th June, 1758, was proved on the 24th January, 1760. He gave a life interest in his realty and personalty to his wife Elizabeth Newton, with remainder to his son, Charles Newton, and his heirs. Son then under 21. Wife appointed exor. and guardian. Wife to take the advice of Charles Hardy, of Cheapside, London, "Haberdasher of small ware," and brother Robert Newton. If sons died before 21, £100 to nephew James Saunders, residue to brothers Robert Newton and Edmund Newton, and sisters, Mary Hand, wife of Joseph Hand, Martha Guard, wife of Thomas Guard, and Hannah Pope, wife of [ ] Pope equally. After wife's death Charles Hardy and brother Robert Newton to be exors.-Lynch, 29.

33. On the 11th March, 1763, letters of admon. concerning the goods of John Terwin, la of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, were granted to Elizabeth Terwin, widow and relict of the deceased.

34. The will of William Mountague, late of the parish of St. James, Westminster, Cordwainer, dated the 10th January, 1755, was proved on 10th May, 1756. He appointed his friend, Mathew Shrub, of W., Plumber, and his sister, Sarah Mountague, Spinster, trustees for his daughter Sarah until 21, and appointed his wife, Gertrude Mountague, sole executrix and residuary legatee.-Glazier, 144. 35. The age has been altered from 65 to 72, or vice versa.

36. The will of Samuel John, of Lyon's Inn, co. Msx., gent., dated 18th Feb, 1759, was proved 7th July, 1760, by sentence. Gives a power of appointment to Mary, wife of James Wheatcroft, of North Park St. Legacies to Samuel John Wheatcroft, son of James and Mary Wheatcroft; to Mary Wheatcroft for her dau. Hester. Exors., his friends George Blakiston, of Covent Garden, Grocer, and Thomas Lewis, Carpenter. Legacies to sister Michel; to sister Crouther; to brother William and his dau. Expressly excludes sister Elizabeth Rebeccah (not for her own personal behaviour), and her husband and

her family, and sister Mary; forbidding either of them (who have too far attempted and schemed in my lifetime) "to presume to dictate or intermeddle in my affairs after my death."-Lynch, 288.

An extract from the London Gazette in the Gentn's. Magazine, July 1759, p. 347 is "Mr. Samuel John, Clerk of Bridewell and Bethlem hospitals, [vice] Taylor dec."

37. The will of Elizabeth Kelynge, of Downing St., Westminster, dated the 20th February, 1757, was proved on the 22nd March, 1757, by Wm. Kelynge, of the Inner Temple, London, Esq., the exor., therein named, her father-in-law, whom she appointed guardian of her dau. Louisa Kelynge. Money invested in South Sea Stock, and lease of premises in Downing St., in trust for dau.Herring, 88.

38. The will of John Clarke, late of Fenchurch St. London, Hosier, but then of Three Crowns Court, Southwark, Gentn., dated 2nd March, 1756, was proved 22nd March, 1769. Bequeathed houses situate in various parts of London to three sons; eldest, George; second, John; third, Samuel; all of whom he appointed exors. Legacies to his sister, Sarah Vicaridge, and her son, Robert Burgess; nephew, George Lambden; niece, Anna Maria Crokatt. Will witnessed by John Smith, of W., Scarlet Dyer, and another.—-Bogg, 83.

39. The upper 18 inches of this stone are occupied by the representation in high relief of the prow of a vessel with a crowned lion rampant for a figure-head. The vessel is apparently moored alongside some piles, with her bowsprit unshipped.

40. The will of Isaac Chapman, of W., Gentn., dated 9th April, 1763, and a codicil dated 4th Jan., 1764, were proved on the 16th Jan., 1764, by Abraham Brocknack (or Brocknock.) Testator desired to be buried in the upper burying-ground, at W. Bequeaths to friend and relation Richard Hughes, "the major or half part of his estate that came to him by the death Shadrick Blundall, Esq., lying in Cos. Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. To good friend John Harford, Junr., of Deptford, co. Kent, the other half for life; after his decease, to the next heir at law after Commissr. Hughes. To sd. John Harford, his farm at Bromley Common, known as Bentes Well. To his friend Charles Johnson, of the parish of Lewisham, two tenements in said town and County, in occupation of Wm. Layson and Edward Bush, and money. Legacies to Grace Parkin, with reversion to dau. Ann Brocknock, both of the parish of Aldgate; to Mrs. Ann Monck, and to his exor. Abraham Brocknock. Residue between John Harford and Charles Johnson.--Simpson, 7. 41. The will of James Greenfield, of W., Butcher, dated 13th March, 1783, was proved on the 10th July, 1784, by which he bequeathed legacies to his daurs. Sarah and Jane Greenfield, and residue to his wife Mary for life, with remainder to his son William. On the 6th Sept., 1792, admon. de bon. non was granted to son Wm., widow Mary having died intestate.—Rockingham, 385.

42. The will of Elizabeth Edwards or Edwarth, of W., Widow, dated 28th February, 1773, was proved on the 30th Augt., 1775, by dau. Mary Greenfield (Query supra, 53), to whom she bequeathed the residue of her property after payment of debts, and a legacy to son Robert Edwards. -Alexander, 308.

43. His will is dated the 25th March, 1732, and was proved on the 4th Dec., 1732. By it he bequeathed one third of his property to his wife Elizabeth Monke; one third to three children, George Monke, Elizabeth Monke (then the wife of John Byfield, of London, Dyer), and Charles Monke; the remaining third to wife, Elizabeth Monke, for maintenance, &c., of two children, James and Elizabeth Monke, until 21.-Bedford, 290.

44. Mr. Cormaque was the occupier of a house in Church Lane, W., in 173

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