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Grellier, William, 17, Abchurch Lane, E.C.

Griffith, Dr. Gideon de Gorrequer, 34, St. George's Square, S.W.

Griffith, M. Gwynne, 1, Staple Inn, W.C.

Grugeon, James, Windsor.

Guppy, Thos. Stokes, M.D., Falmouth.

Hall, G. Berringer, 61, Upper Tollington Park, N.
Hallen, John Charles, 1, Earl's Terrace, Kensington, W.
Heurtley, The Rev. Charles Abel, D.D., Canon of Christchurch,

Houblon, John Archer, Hallingbury, Essex.

Hovenden, Robert, Heathcote, Park Hill Road, Croydon.

Irving, John, Blenheim House, Bedford Park.

Johnson, Percy E., 175, Bishopsgate Street, Without, E.C.
Jourdain, Henry J., 2, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W.

Jourdain, Nevill, 51, Fellowes Road, N.W.

KERSHAW, S. WAYLAND, F.S.A., The Library, Lambeth Palace, S.E.

LABILLIERE, F. P., Mount Park, Harrow.
Lafone, Alfred W., Hatton, Middlesex.

Lafone, Harold, Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex.

Lambert, George, F.S.A.. Coventry Street, W.

Lapage, Clement, M D. (Cantab.), Elmwood House, Nantwich. Lapage, R. Herbert, Craigleith, Surbiton.

Larpent, Frederic de Hochepied, Lahore, Punjaub, India. LAYARD, THE RIGHT HON. SIR HENRY AUSTEN, G.C.B., President, 1, Queen Anne Street, W.


Layard, J. Granville, 5, Fenchurch Buildings, E.C.

Layard, Lieut.-Colonel Brownlow Villiers, Paignton, South Devon.

Layard, The Rev. John T., Swafield Rectory, North Walsham, Norfolk.

Lee, Henry, J.P., 25, Highbury Quadrant, N.

Lermitte, James Henry. J.P., Knightons, East Finchley, Middlesex.

Lindsay, Dr. R., 4, Osnaburg Street, Regent's Park, N.W.

Majolier, Edward, Crosby Square, E.C.

Marshall, John J. de Zouche, Oak Bank, Lamberhurst, Hawkhurst, Kent.

Mason, Charles A. J., 29, Emperor's Gate, S.W.

Merceron, Henry, 60, Leinster Square, Kensington, W.
Minet, William, 47, Albion Street, Hyde Park, W.

MOENS, W. J. C., Tweed, Lymington, Hampshire.

Money, James William Bayley, care of Mrs. Money, Kyrle Homme House, Dymock, Gloucester.

MORLEY, PROFESSOR HENRY, University Hall, Gordon Square, W.C.

Murray, D. O., 4, Crown Office Row, Temple, E.C.

Norris, Charles, 124, Wood Street, E.C.

Pechell, Hervey, Maresfield Park, Sussex.

PEEK, SIR HENRY WILLIAM, BART., Vice-President, Wimbledon House, S.W.

PETERBOROUGH, THE VERY REV. THE DEAN OF, DR. J.J. STEWART PEROWNE, The Deanery, Peterborough. Phené, John Samuel, L.L.D., 5, Carlton Terrace, Oakley St., S.W. Pilleau, H., 74, Elm Park Road, S.W.

Pilleau, Major Henry George, R.E., R.M. College, Sandhurst. Pompé, Rev. H., Port Street, Annan.

POOLE, REGINALD LANE, M.A. PH.D., 2, Crick Road, Oxford.

Portal, Bernard Bedwell, Daventry House, Upper Tooting.

Roget, John Lewis, 5, Randolph Crescent, Maida Hill, W. Roumieu, Raymond Louis, 7, St. George's Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.

ROUMIEU, REGINALD ST. AUBYN, 10, Lancaster Place, Strand, W.C.

Rouquette, P. J. G., Bray, Berks.

Rouquette, H. E., Wanstead, Essex.

Saurin, Lieut.-Colonel Morgan J., Orielton, Pembroke.
Shoppee Charles John, 61, Doughty Street, W.C.

(Treasurer, French Protestant Hospital.)

Shoppee, Charles Herbert, 22, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C. Smith, J. Challenor, The Probate Registry, Somerset House. Steward, Frederick William, 13, Cornwall Gardens, Queen's Gate, S.W.


Tillett, Edward Arthur; Unthanks Road, Norwich.
Thomas, Mrs., Eghorne House, near Maidstone

Tolley, R. Mentz, The Vicarage, Willenhall, Wolverhampton.
Touzeau, Rev. T. F., Milton-next Gravesend.

Trydell, E. Eugène, 41, Hanover Gardens, S.E.
(Head Master, London School Board.)

Van Sommer, William, 13, New Inn, W.C.

Wagner, Henry, F.S.A., 13 Half-Moon Street, W.
Waterlow, A. J., Great Doods, Reigate.
Whitaker, J. T., 16, Canonbury Square, N.
White, Mrs. R. Holmes, 10, Devonshire Place, W.

Woods, Sir Albert William, Garter King of Arms, F.S.A., College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.


SECOND ORDINARY MEETING, held at the Criterion,


Wednesday, 13th May, 1885.

Colonel Sir Edmund F. Du Cane, R.E., K.C.B., in the chair. The minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held on the 15th of April, were read and confirmed.

In compliance with one of the resolutions passed at that meeting the Council submitted a set of Bye-laws which they had drawn up for the Society. The Bye-laws were read and discussed, and with some slight alterations were adopted. [The Bye-laws as finally confirmed at this meeting are printed on page 1.]

At the Inaugural Meeting no Vice-Presidents were elected;
Sir Henry William Peek, Bart., and

Colonel Sir Edmund F. Du Cane, R.E., K.C.B.,

were now unanimously elected as the two Vice-Presidents of the Society.

The following gentlemen were, on the recommendation of the Council, elected Honorary Fellows of the Society:

M. le Baron Fernand de Schickler, Paris, Président de la Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme Français.

M. Jules Bonnet, Paris, Secrétaire de la dite Société.

M. N. Weiss, Paris, Bibliothécaire et rédacteur du Bulletin de la dite Société.

M. le Pasteur F. H. Gagnebin, Amsterdam, Président de la Commission pour l'histoire des Eglises Wallonnes.

M. le Dr. W. N. Du Rieu, Leyden, Sécrétaire de la dite Commission, et Directeur de la Bibliothèque de la Université à Leyde.

M. A. J. Enschedé, Haarlem.

The Hon. John Jay, New York, U.S.A., President of the Huguenot Society of America.

The Rev. A. V. Wittmeyer, New York, U.S.A., Secretary of the Huguenot Society of America.

Professor Henry M. Baird, New York University, Author of the "History of the Rise of the Huguenots."

The Rev. Charles Washington Baird, D.D., Rye, New York, U.S.A., Author of the "History of the Huguenot Emigration to America.

The Rev. David C. A. Agnew, Edinburgh, Author of "Protestant Exiles from France," and other works bearing on Huguenot history.

John Shoveller, Esq., Somerset House, London, Keeper of Records, Registrar General's Office.

The Rev. J. A. Martin, B.D. Canterbury, Pastor of the French Refugee Church in the Cathedral Crypt.

The question of holding a Summer Conference at some place associated with Huguenot history or tradition was discussed. It was, however, considered by the meeting that the Society is not yet sufficiently developed for such an undertaking, and it was accordingly decided not to hold a conference this summer.

The following Paper was then read by W. J. C. Moens, Esq. (Member of Council.):

On the Registers of the French and Walloon Churches established in England and other sources of Huguenot knowledge, with some suggestions for the editing and publication of the


I have the honour to come forward this evening to read the first Paper of our new Society. This is at the request of Mr. A. G. Browning, who we may well call the founder of the Huguenot Society of London. It is somewhat to be feared that many will expect a Paper to be produced, full of interesting details, concerning the Huguenot refugees. The very subject precludes this. What of general interest can be evolved out of registers, which to the majority of minds are as dry as the accumulated dust of the three centuries, which reposes on many of these volumes?

It is proposed, firstly, to glance at the various sources of information for "Huguenot Genealogy and Heraldry, and Huguenot Church and other registers," which is object D of our Society; and secondly, to go more into detail with regard to the registers of the various French Churches established in this country, and the other more important sources of knowledge, which will serve to make known how those interested in these subjects may set themselves to work, and may know where to look for the groundwork of their studies and what they


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