The Lyrical Poems of Dante Alighieri: Including the Poems of the Vita Nuova and Convito

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W. Smith, 1845 - Italy - 144 pages

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Page 3 - HISTORY OF THE JEWS, from the Time of Alexander the Great to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. AM 3595, BC 409, to AD 70.
Page xvi - Attractive, human, rational, love still: In loving thou dost well, in passion not, Wherein true love consists not. Love refines The thoughts, and heart enlarges ; hath his seat In reason, and is judicious ; is the scale By which to heavenly love thou may'st ascend, Not sunk in carnal pleasure: for which cause, Among the beasts no mate for thee was found.
Page 13 - Reptiles, Mollusca, Insects, Crustacea, Polyps. &c., engraved by JW Lowry and Thomas Landseer, after Sowerby, Charles Landseer, and others. The Descriptions, selected from articles contributed to the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, by JOHN FLINT SOUTH, Esq., FLS, JE GRAY, Esq., F LS, JF STEPHENS, Esq., FLS, FZS, and others.
Page 9 - ... cloth lettered, BIBLICAL ANTIQUITIES AND GEOGRAPHY, including the Language, Geography, and Early History of Palestine. Edited by the Rev. FA Cox, DD, LL.D. With Maps and Numerous Illustrations. " The most readable book on the subject In our language."—Baptist Magazine.
Page 13 - Clothed in humility she hears her praise, And passes on with calm benignity ; Appearing not a thing of earth, but come From heaven, to show mankind a miracle.
Page 1 - INTRODUCTION TO HISTORY; Two Dissertations — FIRST: On the Uses of History as a Study. SECOND: On the Separation of the Early Facts of History from Fable. By Sir JOHN STODDART, LL.D.
Page 15 - Robb'd us of her, as it of others does ; But her supreme benignity alone ; For the bright beam of her humility Pass'd with such virtue the celestial spheres, That it raised wonder in the eternal Sire : So that his pleasure was To call away a soul so full of grace, And make it from our earth ascend to him, Deeming this life of weariness and «are Unworthy of a thing so excellent.
Page 10 - HISTORY OF GREECE AND MACEDONIA, from the Age of Xenophon to the Absorption of Greece in the Roman Empire, including the History of Alexander the Great and his Successors. By DR. LYALL, Dean of Canterbury, Rev. GC RENOUARD, BD, &c., &c..
Page 10 - It is an admirable text-book." — Evanfftlical Magazine. Vol. XXIII., price 8s., cloth lettered, HISTORY OF GREECE AND MACEDONIA, from the Age of Xenophon to the absorption of Greece in the Roman Empire, including the History...
Page 12 - By JOHN EADIE, DD, LL.D., Professor of Biblical Literature to the United Presbyterian Church.

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