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Or the following Papers, the greater part have already been published, mostly in the New Monthly Magazine; and if the Author be asked why such productions, (many of them very frivolous in their nature,) should be preserved from that fate which condemns so much Literature of better quality to be strictly fugitive, he is really unprepared with an answer; unless it may be surmised that their very lightness may keep them awhile from sinking, as straws and bubbles will float upon those waters of oblivion, wherein things of greater weight and value are daily doomed to be engulphed. He may urge in extenuation, that he is only following the example of other Periodicalists, whose collections have been not unfavourably received by the Public -and lastly, he may advance a plea which most Scribblers, whatever may be the opinion of their Readers, will consider valid, —that he ventures upon the present Work at the solicitation of his Publisher.

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