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Confession of Faith,







Of Publick Authority in the

Church of Scotland.

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Printed by JAMES WATSON, His Majesty's

Printer. MDCCXIX.

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Affembly 1649. Seff. 30.

Tevery minifter, with adiftarce of the

Elders of their several kirk.Selliong, to take Course, that in every house

there be at least one Copy of the Shop, ter and Larger Catechism, Confellion of Faith, and Direãozy for Family-worthip,

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Concerning this Edition of the Cone




HE Confesion of Faith and Catechisms, being

the publick Standard of the Doctrine embraced by the Church of Scotland, and both of greater

Authority and more universal Use with us, than any other humane Writings; it seemed a Discredit to the Church and a Lofs to the Members of it, that the seven ral Editions of them are in so many Respects defective, and that the Publick should not be furnished with more beautiful and corre&t Copies of a Book, to which a genes ral Esteem and Regard is so justly payed by us.

This moved several Gentlemen to bestow their Labours. upon this Edition, and to employ all the Methods they could, to purge it from Errors which had crept into former Impressions, to dispose every thing in the most convenient Order, and render it at least tolerably perfe&t.


For this End, the Copy which this Edition was printed from, was compared with the utmost Care with all the authentick Editions published by Authority. viz. The Confession of Faith, without the Scriptures, printed at London by Order of the House of Commons, Decemb. 7. 1646, for the Service of both Houfes and the Affembly of Divines.

The Confession of Faith with the Quotations of Scripturę annexed, printed in London by Order of the Commons, April 29. 1647, for the Service of both Houfes and the Alfembly of Divines.

The Confeffion of Faith with the Quotations of Scripture upon the Margin, printed in Edinburghi by Order of the General Affembly, Aug. 9. 1647 for the Use of the Afembly.

The larger and shorter Catechisms without the Quotations of Scripture, printed in Edinburgh biy the Appointment of the Commission, Decemb. 23 1647. to be sent to Presby teries, that, according to the Ordinance of the General Affembly, they may examine the same.

The larger and shorter Catechisms with the Quotations of Scripture, printed in London by Order of the Commons; April 14. 1648, for the Service of both Houses and the Assembly of Divines.

The farger Catechism with the Quotations of Scripture, printed in London, 1648.

The Confession of Faith and Catechisms in Las tin, with the Scriptures on the Margin, printed by John Field,

Of the Confeffiori of Faith and Catechismis with the Scriptores at large, there were several Copies made Ule of, particularly two London Impressions

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