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BELIEVERS, See Faith, Juftification, Acceptance, Adoption, SanEtification, Union, Communion, Liberty, Works, Perfeverance, Affu


BENEFITS which the Members of the invisible Church enjoy by Chrift, Cat. 65. The Benefits of Chrift's Mediation. Cat. 57, 58. The BODY of Christ, how present in the Sacrament. Con. 29; 7. Cat. 170.

The MYSTICAL BODY of Chrift. True Believers are Members of Chrift's myftical Body, Con.29: 1. Cat. 168. Which is the whole Number of the Elect that have been, are or shall be united to Chrift as their Head, Con. 25: 1. What that Union is, Cat. 66. See Communion.

The BODIES of the Elect after

Death, and at the Resurrection. Con. 32:2, 3. Cat. 86, 87. Of the Wicked. Ibid. Lafcivious Books not to be read, Cat. 139.


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ALLING, See effectual Calling.

To have a lawful CALLING, and to be diligent in it, is a Duty. Cat. 141. Vows of CELEBACY unlawful, Con. 22:7. Cat. 139. CENSURES of the Church, what, Con. 30:2, 4. Their Ufe. Con. 30: 3. Who are to be proceeded againft by the Cenfures of the Church. Con.20: 4. 29: 8. 30:2. They are to be managed according to the Nature of the Crime and the Demerit of the Perfon, Con. 30: 4. Penitent Sinners are to be abfolved from Cenfures,

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CHAKITY towards our Neighbour, wherein it confifts, Cat. 135, 141, 144, 147. What contrary to it, Cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. Giving and lending freely according to our Ability and the Neceffities of others, is a Duty, Con. 26: 2. Cat. 141. CHARMS, unlawful, Cat. 113. CHASTITY, Cat. 138. CHILDREN that die in Infancy, how faved, Con. 10: 3. The Children of fuch as profefs the true Religion, are Members of the vifible Church, Con. 25: 2. Cat. 62, and are to be baptized, Con. 28:4. Cat. 166.

CHRIST, why fo called, Cat. 42. Is the only Mediator between God and Man. Con. 8: 1. Cat: 36. Who being very God, of one Subftance,and equal with the Father, Con. 8: 2. Cat. II, 36. In the fulness of Time became Man. Con, 8: 2. Cat. 36, 37: The Neceffity of his being God and Man. Cat. 38, 39, 40. He was ordained by God from eternity to be Mediator, Con. 8: 1. He was fantified and anointed with the holy Spirit, to execute the Office of Mediator, Con. 8: 3. Cat. 42. To which he was called by the Father. Con, 8: 3. And willingly undertook and discharged it, Con, 4: 8. By his perfect Obedience, and Sacrifice of himself,he purchasedReconciliation and eternal Life for all the Elect. Con. 8:5. Cat. 38. To whom in all Ages the Benefits of his Mediation are effectually applied. Con. 8: 6, 8. Chrift's Offices of Prophet, Priest, King. Cat 43, 44, 45. See Acceptances Accefs, Body of Chrift, Church, Death of Chrift, Exaltation, Expiation, Humiliation, Imputation, Interceffion, Judge, Merit, Meffiah, Name of


Chrift, Perfonal Union, Propitiation, Reconciliation, Redemption, Refur rection, Righteousness, Sacrifice, Sal·vation, Satisfaction, Surety. CHRISTIAN Liberty. See Liberty. The CHURCH is the Object of Gods fpecial Providence, Con. 5: 7. Cat. 63. Christ the only Head of it, Con. 8: I. 25, 6. The Catholick Church INVISIBLE, What, Con 25: I. Cat. 64. Given to Chrift from all eternity, Con. 8: 1. The Benefits which the Members of it enjoy by Chrift, Cat. 65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86, 90. The Catholick Church VISIBLE, What, Con. 25: 2. Cat. 62. Out of it no ordinary Poffibility of Salvation, Con. 25: 2. Its Privileges, Con. 25: 3. Cat. 63. Particular Churches more or less pure, Con. 25:4. The pureft fubject to mixture and Error, Con. 25: 5. There fhall always be a Church on Earth to worship God according to his Will. ibid. CHURCH-CENSURES. See Cen


CHURCH-GOVERN MNET, Appointed by the Lord Jefus in the Hand of Church-Officers, diftin&t from the Civil Magiftrate, Con. 30: 1. Cat. 45, 108. But they are not exempted from Obedience to the Magiftrate, Con. 23:4. They have the Power of the Keys committed to them. Con. 30:2. What that Power is, and its Ufe, Con. 30: 2, 3, 4. They are not to be oppofed in the lawful Exercife of their Powers, upon Pretence of Christian Liberty, Con, 20:4. See Councils. There are fome Circumftances concerning Church-Government, which are to be ordered by the Light of Nature, and Chriftian Prudence, according to the general Rules of the Word,

Con. 1: 6:


Ordinances by which the Covehant of Grace was adminiftred under the Law, Con. 7: 5. Cat. 34.

CIVIL Magiftrate, or Civil Powers, See Magiftrate.

The ten CoMMANDMENTS are the Sum of the Moral Law, Con. 19: 2. Cat. 98. They are a perfect Rule of Righteousness, Con. 19: 2. Rules for understanding them, Cat. 99. The Preface explained, Cat. 101. The first Commandment, Cat. 103-106. The fecond, Cat. 107.---110; The third, Cat. 111-114. The fourth, Cat. 115.---121. The fifth, Cat. 123.--133. The fixth, Cat 134---136. The feventh Cat. 137-139. The eighth, Cat. 140 ---142. The ninth, Cat. 143--145. The tenth, Cat. 146--148. The Sum of the first four Commandments, which contain our Duty to God, Cat. 102. The Sum of the other Six which contain our Duty to Man, Cat. 122. No Man is able to keep the Commandments of God perfectly,

Cat. 149.

The CoMMUNION, See the Lords Supper. COMMUNION of Saints, wherein it confifts, Con. 261,2. The Enjoyment of it is one of the Priviledges of the Visible Church, Cat. 63. In the Lord's Supper, Communicants teftify their mutual Love and Fellowship each with other, Cat. 168. That Sacrament being aBond and Pledge of Believers Communion with Chrift and with each other, as Members of his myftical Body, Con. 29: 1. The Communion of Saints doth not infringe a Man's Property in his Goods and Poffeffions, Con. 26: 3.

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COMMUNION which the Elect
have with Chrift, Con. 26: 1. In
this Life, Cat. 69, 83. Imme-
diately after Death, Cat. 86. At
the Refurrection and Day of
Judgment, Cat. 87, 90. It is a
confequence of their Union with
him, Con. 26: 1. It doth not make
them Partakers of his Godhead
nor equal with him, Con. 26: 3.
It is confirmed in the Lord's Sup-
per, Cat, 168.

Unchaft COMPANY not to be
kept, Cat. 139. Nor corrupt Com-
munications to be used or lifte-
ned to, Ibid.
CONDITION, Perfect, perfonal
and perpetual Obedience the
Condition of the Covenant of
Works, Con. 7:2, 19:1. Cat. 20.
God requires Faith as the Con-
'dition to intereft Sinners in the
Mediator of the Covenant of
Grace, Cat, 32.
CONFESSION of Sin always to
be made in private to God, Con.
15:6. And is to be joined with
Prayer, Cat. 178. When to be
made to Men, Con. 15:6. Upon
Confeffion the offending Brother
is to be received in Love, Ibid.
CONSCIENCE, See Liberty of Con-
Science. Peace of Confcience, a
Fruit of the Senfe of God's Love,
Con. 18:1, 3. Cat. 83. Believers
may fall into Sins which wound
the Confcience, Con. 17: 3. 18:4.
The Wicked are punished with
Horror of Conscience, Cat. 28,83.
CONTENTMENT, Submiffion to
God, is our Duty, Cat. 104. Dif-
content at his Difpenfations, is
finful, Cat. 105.
A full Con-
tentment with our Condition,
is our Duty, Cat. 147. Difcon-
tentment with our own Eftate,

a Sin, Cat. 148. CONTROVERSIES, It belongs to Synods and Councils, minifte

rially to determine Controverfies of Faith, and Cafes of Confcience, Con. 31: 3. The Spirit fpeaking in the Scriptures, is the fupreme Judge of all Controveries in Religion, C. 1: 10. The original Text of the Scriptures is that to which the Church is finally to appeal, Con. 1: 8. Our CONVERSATION ought to be in Holiness and Righteoufnefs, answerable to an holy Profeffion, Cat. 112, 167. CORRUPTION of Nature, what, Con. 6:2, 4. Cat. 25. A Confequence of the Fall of Man, Ibid. Actual Sin a Fruit of it, Con. 6:4. Cat. 25. How it is propagated, Con 6:3. Cat. 26. It doth remain during this Life in the regenerate, and all its Motions are truly Sin, Con. 6: 5. 13:2. Cat. 78. But it is pardoned and mortified through Chrift, Cɔn, 6: 5. COVENANT, no enjoying of God, but by way of Covenant, Con.


COVENANT of WORKS, What, and with whom made, Con. 4: 2. 7: 2. 19:1. Cat. 20, 22. Perfect, perfonal and perpetual Obedience the Condition of it, Can. 7:2. 19:1. Cat. 20. It is called a Law and a Command, Cɔn. 4:2. And a Law given as a Covenant, Can. 19: 1. And a Covenant of Life of which the Tree of Life was a Pledge, Cat. 20. COVENANT of GRACE, What, Con. 7:3. Cat.30,32. It was made with Chrift as the fecond Adam, and with all the Elect in him as his Seed, Cat. 31. In it God requireth of Sinners Faith in Chrift that they may be justified and faved, Cn. 7:3. C. 71. Faith being required as the Condition to intereft them in Chrift, Cat.32. Who is the Mediator of this Co


venant, Con. 8: 1. Cat. 36. Why it is called a Teftament, Con. 7: 4. It was differently adminiftred in the Time of the Law, and in the Time of the Gospel, Con. 7: 5. Cat. 33. How it was adminiftred under the Law, Con. 7:5. Cat. 34. How under the Gofpel, Con. 7: 6. Cat. 35. COUNCILS or Synods ought to be, Con, 31: 1. They may be called by the Civil Magiftrate, Con.23:3. 31: 2. When Minifters may meet without the Call of the Civil Magiftrate, Con. 31: 2. What Power Councils have, Con. 31: 3. What Submiffion due to their Decrees, Ibid. Not infallible fince the Apoftles Times, Con. 314. But their Determinations are to be tried by the Scriptures, Con, 1:10. How far they may meddle in civil Affairs, Con. 31: 5. CREATION of the World, Con.

4: 1. Cat. 15. Of Man, Con. 4: 2.

Cat. 17. Of Angels, Cat. 16. CREATURES, Dominion over the

Creatures given to Man, Con. 4: 2. Cat. 17. They are curfed for our fakes, fince the Fall, Cat. 28. Religious Worship to be given to no Creature, Con. 21:2. Cat.

CURIOSITY, Bold and curious fearching into God's Secrets, difcharged, Cat. 105. Curious prying into God's Decrees forbidden, Cat. 113. Curious or unprofitable Questions are to be avoided, Ibid.

The CURSE and Wrath of God,
Man liable to it both by origi-
nal and actual Sin, Con. 6: 6.
Cat. 27. How it may be escaped,
Con 7: 3. Cat. 153.
CURSING, finful, Cat. 113.



ANCING. Lafcivious dan cing forbidden, Cat. 139. DEAD, not to be prayed for, Con. 21: 4. Cat. 183. DEATH, being the Wages of Sin, Con. 6: 6. Cat. 28. 84. It is appointed for all Men, Cat. 84, How it is an advantage to the Righteous, Cat. 85. The State of Believers immediatly after Death, Con. 32: 1. Cat, 86. of the Wicked, Ibid.

The DEATH of CHRIST, Con. 8: 4. Cat. 49. In it he faw no Corruption, Con. 8: 4. Cat. 52. The divine Nature having fuftained the Humane from finking under the Power of Death, Cat. 38. By his Obedience and Death he made á proper, real and full Satisfaction to the Juftice of the Father, Con. 11: 3. Cat. 71. Through the Virtue of his Death and Refurrection, Believers are fanctified, Con. 13: 1. Believers have fellowship with Chrift in his Death, Con. 26: 1. And from his Death and Refurrection they draw Strength for the mortifying of Sin and quickning of Grace, Cat. 167.

The Lords Supper is a Memorial of his Death, Com. 29: 1. Cat. 168. And in that Sacrament, worthy Communicants meditate affetionatly on his Death and Sufferings, Cat. 174. And receive and feed upon all the Benefits of his Death, Con. 29:7. The DECALOGUG, See Command

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The DECREES of God, the Nature, End, Extent and Properties of them, Con. 3:1, 2. Cat. 12. The Decree of Predeftination,


Eon. 3: 3,4. Of Election and Reprobation, Con. 3:5,6,7. Cat. 13. How God executeth his Decrees, Cat. 14. How the Doctrine of Decrees is to be handled, and what ufe to be made of them, Con. 3: 8. Curious prying into God's Decrees, forbidden, Cat. 113.

DESERTION, Wilful Desertion, unlawful, Cat. 139. Such as cannot be remedied by the Church or Civil Magiftrate, is caufe fufficient of diffolving the Bond of Marriage, Con. 24: 6.

ment, Cat. 104. In the Second Cat. 108. In the Third, Cat. 112. In the Fourth, Cat. 116. Duties of Inferiors to their Superiors, Con. 23: 4. Cat, 127. What is re quired of Superiors, Con. 23: 2. Cat. 129. Duties of Equals. Cat. 131. Duties of the Sixth Com mandment, Cat. 135. Of the Se venth, Cat. 138. Of the Eighth, Cat. 141. Of the Ninth, Cat. 144 Of the Tenth, Cat. 147.

DESPA15, finful, car. 165. Be- E

lievers always fupported from utter Despair, Con. 18: 4. Cat. 8 r. DEVIL, all Compacts and confulting with him, finful, Cat. 105. DILLIGENCE in our Calling, a -Duty, Cat. 141.

DIPPING in Baptism, not necef-
fary, Con. 28: 3.
DISCONTENT at the Difpenfa-
tions of God's Providence, fin-
ful, Cat. 105, 113. Difcontent-
ment with our own Estate, fin-
ful, Cat. 148.
DIVORCE, Lawful in cafe of A-
dultery after Marriage, or of
fuch wilful Defertion as cannot
be remedied, Con. 24: 5, 6. A
publick and orderly Courfe of
proceeding is to be observed in
it, Can. 24: 6.

DOMINION, See Sovereignty, Crea-
tures, Sin.

DOUBTING of being in Chrift, may confift with a true Interest in him, Con. 17; 3. 18: 4. Cat. 81. 172. And therefore should not hinder from partaking of the Lord's Supper, Cat. 172. DRUNKENNESS, forbidden, Cat.


DUTY to God by the Light of Nature, Con. 21: 1. Duties re quired in the First Command


CCLESIASTICAL Powers not to be oppofed upon pretence of Chriftian Liberty, Con, 20:4. Ecclefiaftical Perfons not exempted from Obedience to the Civil Magiftrate, Con. 23: 4. EFFECTUAL CALLING, What, Con. 10: 1. Cat. 67. It is of God's free Grace not from any Thing forefeen in Man, Con. 10: 2. Cat. 67. All the Elect, and they only are effectually called, Con. 10: The Elect united

1,4. Cat. 68.

to Chrift in their effectual Calling, Cat. 65.

ÉLECTION out of God's mere free Grace, Con. 35. Cat. 13. From all eternity in Chrift, Ibid Ele&tion not only to eternal Life and Glory, but also to the Means thereof, Con. 3:6. Cat. 13. All the Elect and they only are effectually called and faved, Con. 3 6. 10: 1, 4. Cat. 68. Tho others may be outwardly called by the Word, and have fome common Operations of the Spirit, Ibid. Elect Infants, and other elect Perfons who are incapable of being called by the Word, how faved, Con. 10: 3. What Ufe to be made of the Doctrine of Election, Con. 39. And how Men may be affured of their eter nal Election, Ibid. See Affurance. Hḥ LAVI,

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