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Arange that others run not with them to the fame Excels of Riot, every Member of this Kirk ought to ftir up themselves and one another to the Duties of mutual Edification, by Inftruction, Admonition, Rebuke, exhorting one another to manifeft the Grace of God, in denying Ungodliness and worldly Lufts, and in living godly, foberly, and righteously in this prefent World, by comforting the Feeble-minded, and praying with or for one another. Which Duties refpectively are to be performed upon special Occafions offered by divine Providence, as namely, when under any Calamity, grofs or great Difficulty, Counfel or Comfort is fought; or when any Offender is to be reclaimed by private Admonition, and if that be not effectual, by joining One or Two more in the Admonition, according to the Rule of Chrift, that in the Mouth of Two or Three Witneffes every Word may be established.


And because it is not given to every one to speak a Word in Seafon to a wearied or diftreffed Confcience, it is expedient that a Person, in that Cafe, finding no Eafe after the Ufe of ordinary Means private and publick, have their Addrefs to their own Paftor, or fome experienced Chriftian: But if the Perfon troubled in Confcience be of that Condition or of that Sex, that Difcretion, Modefty, or Fear of Scandal, requireth a godly, grave, and fecret Friend to be prefent with them in their faid Addrefs, it is expedient that fuch a Friend be prefent.


When Perfons of divers Families are brought together by Divine Providence, being abroad upon

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their particular Vocations, or any neceffary Occafions, as they would have the Lord their God with them whitherfoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the Duties of Prayer and Thanksgiving, but take Care that the fame be per formed by fuch as the Company fhall judge fitteft; and that they likewife take heed that no corrupt Communication proceed out of their Mouth, but that which is good, to the Ufe of Edifying, that it may minifter Grace to the Hearers.

The Drift and Scope of all thefe Directions is no other, but that upon the one Part, the Power and Practice of Godliness among all the Minifters and Members of this Kirk, according to their feveral Places and Vocations, may be cherished and advanced, and all Impiety and mocking of Religious Exercifes fuppreffed: And upon the other Part, that under the Name and Pretext of Religious Exercifes, no fuch Meeting or Practices be allowed, as are apt to breed Error, Scandal, Schifm, Contempt, or Mifregard of the publick Ordinances and Minifters, or Neglect of the Duties of particular Callings, or fuch other Evils as are the Works not of the Spirit, but of the Flefh, and are contrary to Truth and Peace.



ACTS of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY relating to Family-Worship..


ACT 13. ASSEMBLY 1694.

HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY appoints, That the Minifters and Elders in each Congregation take Care that the Worship of God be performed in the feveral Families thereof: And if any Family be found which negleeteth this neceffary Duty, the Head of that Family is to be gravely, feriously and earnestly admonished, until he amends his Fault. And recommends to Minifters and Kirk-Seffions, that none be ruling Elders who make not Confcience of this neceffary and unquestionable Duty.


HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY confidering how neceffary a Duty it is, that the Worship of God and calling upon his Name, be daily performed in all Families, do recommend it to Minifters and Elders in each Congregation to take Care thereof. And it being the Duty of all ruling Elders and Deacons to be exemplary herein, the Affembly renews and confirms the 13th Act of AF fembly 1694, Recommending that none be ruling Elders who make not Confcience of this unquestionable Duty: And do likewife appoint, that in cafe any Elders or Deacons ball neglect to worship God in their Families by themselves, or others appointed for that Effect, that they be feriously admonished to amend, and if need be rebuked for the fame; and if notwithstanding of Admonitions and Rebukes of the Minifter and other Elders, any Elder or Deacon continue obftinate in their Neglect, that fuch Elder or Deacon be removed from his Office by the Presbytery. And appoints this Act to be read in all the Churches yearly, as alfo the Said 13th Act of the Affembly 1694, and that upon the firft Sabbath of May.


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Of the Chief Matters contained in the



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Con. fignifies the Confeffion of Faith. The Fift Figure denotes the Chapter. The following Figures denote the Paragraphs.

Cat: fignifies the Larger Catechifm, and the Figures denote the Numbers of the Questions.


CCEPTANCE. The Perfons of Believers are accepted as righteous in the Sight of God, only for the Obedience and Satisfaction of Christ, Con. 11:1. Cat. 70. Which is imputed to them by God, and received by Faith, Con. II: 1. Cat. 70, 71, 72, How their

good Works are accepted in Christ, Can. 16:4. Acceptance in Prayer, through Chrift and his Mediation, Cat. 180. ACCESS. No Accefs into the Prefence of God, without the Mediator Jefus Chrift, Con. 12. Cat. 39, 55, 181. Who hath purchafed for Believers under the Gofpel, a greater Boldness of Accefs to the Throne of Grace,


than Believers under the Law did. ordinarily partake of, Con. 20: 1. ACTIONS. God orders and governs

all the Actions of his Creatures, by his moft wife and holy Providence, according to his infallible Foreknowledge, and im-¡ mutable Decree, Con. 5: I. Cat. 18. See Providence. ACTUAL SINS proceed from the original Corruption of Nature, Con: 6:4 Cat. 25. See Sin. ADMONITION of the Church,

Con. 30: 4.

ADOPTION, The Nature and Pri

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vileges of it, Con. 12. Cat. 74. ADULTERY, a juft ground of Divorce, Con 24, 5, 6.". AGGRAVATION's of Sin. Cat. 151. AMEN, the Meaning of it. Cat. 196. ANGELS, God's Decree concern

ing them. Con. 3: 3, 4. Cat. 13. How created, Cat. 16. Gods Providence towards them, Cat. 19. They are all imployed at his Pleasure in the Administrations of his Power, Mercy, and JuAtice. Ibid. Not to be worshiped. Con. 21: 2. Cat. 105.

ANTICHRIST, What. Con. 251

The Pope is Antichrift. Ibid. ANTIQUITY, no Pretence for ufing the Devices of Men in the worship of God, Cat, 109. ANXIETY about the things of this

18: 1, 2. Cat, 80. Without extraordinary Revelation, Con. 18:3. Cat. 80. Upon what it is founded. Con. 3: 8. 18: 2. Cat. 80. It is ftrengthned by good Works. Con. 16: 2. Believers may want it. Con. 18: 3. Cat. 80, 172. They may have it diminished and intermitted; and be deprived of Comfort and the Light of God's Countenance. Con, II: 5. 17:3. 18:4. Cat. 81. But they are never utterly deftitute of that Seed of God,and Life of Faith and Love, &e, out of which, Afsurance may, by the Spirit, bein due time revived; Con. 18:4. Cat. 81. And by which in the mean Time they are fupported from utter defpair, Ibid. It is the Duty of all to endeavour after Affurance. Con. 18: 3. And to pray for it. Cat. 194. The Fruits of it, it inclines not to Loofness, Con. 18:3. ATHEISM, the denying or not having a God, Cat. 10s. ATTRIBUTES of God, Con. 2; I, 2. Cat. 7, 8, 101.

Melton Y B.

Life, finful, Cat. 105, 136, 142. The APOCRYPHA not being of

divine Inspiration is of no Aui thority in the Church, Con. 1: 3. Immodest APPAREL, forbidden, Cat! 139.

ASCENSION of Chrift, Con. 8:4..
Cat. 53.

ASSEMBLY, See Councils."
. Publick ASSEMBLIES for the

worship of God not to be carelefly or wilfully neglected. Con, 21:6. ASSURANCE of Grace and Salvation, attainable in this Life, Con.

APTISM, What. Cox. 28: 1, 2.

Cat.' 165. To continue to the end of the World, Con, 28: L Cat. 176. But once to be adminiftred to any Perfon, Con: 28:7. Cat. 177, By whom. Con. 27: 4. 28: 2. Cat. 176. To whom, Con. 28:4. Cat. 166. Dipping not neceffary in Baptifm, but it may be rightly adminiftred by sprinkling, Con. 28: 3. Baptifm not neceflary to Salvation, yet it is a fin ot to neglect it, Con. 28:5. The efficacy of it. Con, 28: 6. How to be improved, Cat. 167. Wherein it agrees with the Lords Supper, Cat. 176. And wherein they differ, Cat. 177..

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