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In Britain's Senate he a seat obtains,
And one more Pensioner St Stephen gains.
My Lady falls to play; so bad her chance, 395
He must repair it; takes a bribe from France;
The House impeach him; Coningsby harangues ;
The Court forsake him, and Sir Balaam hangs :
Wife, son, and daughter, Satan! are thy own,
His wealth, yet dearer, forfeit to the Crown: 400
The Devil and the King divide the prize,
And sad Sir Balaam curses God and dies.


VER. 394. And one more Penfoner St Stephen gains.]

atque unum civem donare Sibylla. Juv.


Ver. 401.

The Devil, and by no means on the and the King divide the laws of forfeitures themprize,] This is to be un felves : Whose neceffity, ederstood in a very sober and quity, and even lenity, have decent sense ; as a satire been perfectly well vindi. only on such minifters of cated, in that very learned ftate, which history informs and elegant discourse, intius have been found, who tuled, Some Confiderations aided the devil in his temp on the Law of Forfeitures tations, in order to foment, for High-Treason. Third if not to make, plots, for Edition, Lond. 1748. the fake of confiscations ;

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The Vanity of Expence in People of Wealth and Quality.

The abuse of the word Tafte, 13. That the firft principle

and foundation, in this as in every thing else, is Good Sense, $ 40. The chief proof of it is to follow Nature, even in works of mere Luxury and Elegance. Instanced in Architecture and Gardening, where all must be adapted to the Genius and Use of the Place, and the Beauties not forced into it, but resulting from it, ý 50. How men are disappointed in their most expensive undertakings, for want of this true Foundation, without which nothing can please long, if at all, and the best Examples and Rules will but be perverted into something burdensome or ridiculous, x 65, &c. to 92. A defcription of the false Taste of Magnificence; the first grand Error of which is to imagine that Greatness confifts in the size and Dimension, instead of the Proportion and Harmony of the whole, x 97. and the second, either in joining together Parts incoherent, or too minutely resembling, or in the Repetition of the fame too frequently, y 105, &c. A word or two of false Taste in Books, in Music, in Painting, even in Preaching and Prayer, and lastly in Entertainments, Ý 133, &c. Vet PROVIDENCE is justified in giving Wealth to be squandered in this manner, since it is dispersed to the poor and Laborious part of mankind, y 169 [recurring to what is laid down in the first book, Ep. ii. and in the Epistle preceding this, ý 159, &c.) What are the proper Objects of Magnificence, and a proper field for the Expence of Great Men, y 177, &c. and finally, the Great and Public Works which become a Prince, * 191, to the end,

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is strange, the Miser should his Cares employ

To gain those Riches he can ne'er enjoy: Is it less strange, the Prodigal should waste His wealth, to purchase what he ne'er can taste? Not for himself he fees, or hears, or eats; 5 Artists must chuse his Pictures, Music, Meats : He buys for Topham, Drawings and Designs, For Pembroke Statues, dirty Gods, and Coins ; Rare monkish Manuscripts for Hearne alone, And Books for Mead, and Butterflies for Sloane. 10

EPISTLE IV.) The extremes of Avarice and Profufon being treated of in the foregoing Epistle; this takes up one particular branch of the latter, the Vanity of Expence in people of wealth and quality ; and is therefore a corollary to the preceding, just as the Epistle on the Cha. racters of Women is to that of the Knowledge and Characters of Men.


Ver. 7. Topham] A Gen- Mead, and Butterflies for tleman famous for a judi. Sloane.] Two eminent Phycious collection of Draw- ficians; the one had an exings. P.

cellent Library, the other VER, 10. And Books for the fineft collection in Eu

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