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most eminent deliverer of your country, from a dreadful continuation of the late rebellion, must be the wish of millions, as well as of,

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Public Printing-office,

No. 91, Bride-fireet, Dublin,
April 20, 1809.


Mdal in the joyf

sir d'm e duob riz


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Your most obedient, and


Most humble Servant,

The Publisher, JOHN JONES.

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NEVER, I believe, had any author a juster claim on public indulgence than myfelf, from the confideration of the shortness of time to which I have been necessarily confined in order to produce the following imperfect, though, in many respects, minute detail. Besides this, my minutes lay fo very long on my hands as to become almost unintelligible to myself. On this account I may have flipt into errors either of time, place, or circumstance; nay, perhaps, of all three. I therefore beg, that any gentleman who may have been better informed in any particular than I, will have the goodness to intimate any fuch errors of mine to myself only, in order to their being rectified. Certain it is, however, the more important accounts are well authenticated; and I am difpofed to imagine, that, there is not one circumftantial error throughout the whale, however

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