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As the prefixes and affixes constitute an important class of vocables, varying the sense of words to an almost unlimited extent, a table of those most frequently found united with primitive words, is annexed to this book. Occasionally, in defining a word, its derivation and etymology are pointed out by a reference to the table. This method has been introduced merely as a model to guide the pupil in examining the composition of words. In this way not only a knowledge of the prefixes and affixes will be secured, but the signification of the primitive or radical word will be ascertained. In our selections for the reading lessons, we have had special regard to mental refinement and moral purity to the dignity, nature, and object of literature, whether embodied in poetry, to please the fancy, in the drama to move the passions, or in the form of prose, to instruct or persuade. In each case, intellect is displayed, the principles of rhetoric are observed, and the tropes and figures, either for beautifying the description or invigorating the diction, are appositely employed.

BOSTON, August 1, 1848.

[blocks in formation]
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.The Fall of Niagara,

The Voices of the Dead,..

The Same, continued,..

Wife, Children, and Friends,.
Insignificance of this Earth,

Notice of Dr. Thomas Chalmers,.
The Pebble and the Acorn,......

Difference between Taste and Genius,
Talent and Genius,

The Cultivation of Taste,.....

Elegy written in a Country Churchyard,
Notice of Thomas Gray,.....

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