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tions which have lately been made in the city and State of New York, to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and in the city where we write, for the printing and distribution of the Holy Scriptures, have been in a style of liberality, far beyond any previous examples in the United States. It really looks as if men of wealth were beginning to feel the obligation they are under, to serve God with the substance which he has given them. The resolution recently adopted in three whole states of the American Union, speedily to place a Bible in every family of these states severally, is a new and a most important measure. The example, there is reason to hope, will be followed in every part of our country, and even throughout Protestant Christendomyea, before the lapse of many years, throughout the world. If this hope should be realized, it will be more decisive than any single indication we have yet seen, that the Millennial glory has begun to dawn. The Christian Advocate would remind his readers and himself, that this glorious era, although it be introduced by the mighty power of God, will be brought forward by human instrumentality; and therefore that each, in his proper sphere, is under very solemn obligations to be incessant in prayer, and to employ all his influence, all his exertions, and all his means of whatever kind, for its furtherance and speedy commencement.

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ton, 376.




Heligious Communications.

LECTURES ON THE SHORTER CATE- tonishing the stoop for him who

CHISM OF THE WESTMINSTER AS- was the eternal Son of God, happy SEMBLY OF DIVINES—ADDRESSED in the bosom of the Father, the TO YOUTH.

Creator and the Lord of all the anLECTURE XXVI.

gelick host, and receiving their

profoundest homage-to become The Humiliation of Christ.

the Son of man, and be made, as “ Christ's humiliation consisted to his human nature, of a woman! in his being born, and that in a low Had he made his entrance into our condition, made under the law, un- world with all the state, and pomp, dergoing the miseries of this life, and splendour of royalty, that conthe wrath of God and the cursed descension had still been ineffable. death of the cross; in being buried, But how are we to conceive of it, and continuing under the power of when, in place of external grandeur death for a time.”

and respect, we consider the low Christ's humiliation, in general, condition in which he was actually consisted in his condescending to born! His mother, as well as his have that glory which he had with reputed father, were, it is true, of the Father before the world was, the most honourable descent-They veiled for a time; by his coming traced their lineage to David and into this lower world " in the like- to Abraham; and the descent of Dess of sinful flesh,” to be “a man Christ, according to the flesh, is of sorrows and acquainted with particularly recorded in the New grief.". You will be careful to ob. Testament, to show that the proserve, that this humiliation was, in mises of God to those ancient the highest degree, voluntary, on saints, that the Messiah should the part of Christ-lle yielded to proceed from them, had been it by no constraint. It had no strictly and remarkably fulfilled. other source but his own, and the But, at the time of our Redeemer's eternal Father's self-moved, unde- birth, his mother, although of royal served love to lost mankind. ancestry, was reduced to such a

Let us now consider the several state of obscurity and poverty, that steps of Christ's bumiliation, as in nature's most trying hour, she they are mentioned in the answer. could procure no admision to an “He was born, and that in a low inn. With the cattle of the stall condition.” It had been an unpa- she was obliged to seek a refuge. ralleled condescension in Christ, The Son of God was born in a stato assume our nature in any ima- ble, and laid in a manger-There ginable circumstances. How as. it was that he who made the worlds, Vol. V.-Ch. Adı.


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