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F Poets


On Alexander's Feaft, or the power of mufic. An ode.
From Mr Pope's Effay on Criticism, line 376 viii

POEMS on feveral Occafions.

Heroic Stanzas on the Death of Oliver Cromwell,

written after his funeral

Aftraea Redux. A poem on the happy Restoration
and return of his facred Majefty, Charles II.





VERSES in praife of Mr DRYDEN.

From Mr ADDISON's Account of the English Poets.

UT fee where artful Dryden next appears,

B old in e'en years.

Great Dryden next! whofe tuneful mufe affords
The sweetest numbers, and the fittest words.
Whether in comic founds, or tragic airs

She forms her voice, she moves our smiles and tears.
If satire or heroic strains the writes,

Her hero pleafes, and her fatire bites.
From her no harsh, unartful numbers fall,
She wears all dreffes, and the charms in all :
How might we fear our English poetry,
That long has flourish'd, fhould decay in thee;
Did not the Muses other hope appear,
Harmonious Congreve, and forbid our fear!
Congreve! whofe fancy's unexhausted store
Have giv'n already much, and promis'd more.
Congreve shall still preferve thy fame alive;
And Dryden's Mufe fhall in his friend furvive.

On ALEXANDER'S FEAST; Or, The Power of Mufic. An Ode.

From Mr POPE'S ESSAY on CRITICISM, line 376.


EAR how Timotheus' vary'd lays surprise,

And bid alternate paffions fall and rife!
While, at each change, the fon of Libyan Jove
Now burns with glory, and then melts with love:
Now his fierce eyes with sparkling fury glow,
Now fighs fteal out, and tears begin to flow.
Perfians and Greeks like turns of nature found,
And the world's victor stood fubdu'd by found.
The pow'r of mufic all our hearts allow,
And what Timotheus was, is Dryden now.

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