The Quarterly Review, Volume 56

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William Gifford, Sir John Taylor Coleridge, John Gibson Lockhart, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, William Smith, Sir John Murray IV, Rowland Edmund Prothero (Baron Ernle), George Walter Prothero
John Murray, 1836 - English literature
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Page 360 - The Roman, when his burning heart Was slaked with blood of Rome, Threw down the dagger, dared depart, In savage grandeur, home— He dared depart in utter scorn Of men that such a yoke had borne, Yet left him such a doom ; Of self-upheld abandon'd power.
Page 420 - While, in another quarter, the son erects the grave-stone to his father and his mother, and calls upon himself to preserve by night and by day, in action and in rest, the moral beauty of their living example— " My son, keep thy father's commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother. " Bind them continually upon thine heart, tie them about thy neck.
Page 66 - faithful records of extinct systems of vegetation, which began and terminated in times of which these relics are the infallible historians. Such are the grand natural herbaria wherein these most ancient remains of the vegetable kingdom are preserved, in a state of integrity little short of their living perfection, under conditions of our planet which exist no
Page 371 - When guilt brings down the thunder, call'd aloud On Tully's name, and shook his crimson steel, And bade the father of his country hail! For lo the tyrant prostrate in the dust,
Page 263 - them, and having the livings of the country offered to them without pains and without peril, will neither for the same, nor any love of God nor zeal of religion, nor for all the good they may do by winning souls to Christ, be drawn forth from their warm nests
Page 52 - enemies ; while the length and flexibility of its neck may have compensated for the want of strength in its jaws, and its incapacity for swift motion through the water, by the suddenness and agility of the attack which they enabled it to make on every animal fitted for its prey, which came within its
Page 66 - covered as with a canopy of gorgeous tapestry, enriched with festoons of most graceful foliage flung in wild irregular profusion over every portion of its surface. The effect is heightened by the contrast of the coal-black colour of these vegetables, with the light
Page 263 - as also by their sober lives and conversations, may draw them first to understand, and afterwards to embrace the doctrines of their salvation ;—for if the ancient godly fathers which first converted them, when they were infidels, to the faith, were able to pull them from idolatry and paganism to the true belief in Christ,
Page 262 - and sharp penalties, as now is the manner, but rather delivered and intimated with mildness and gentleness, so as it may not be hated before it is understood, and its professors despised and rejected ; and therefore it is expedient that some discreet ministers of their own countrymen be first sent over amongst them, which by their meek persuasions and
Page 48 - His entire frame was an apparatus of colossal mechanism, adapted exactly to the work it had to do ; strong and ponderous in proportion as this work was heavy, and calculated to be the vehicle of life and enjoyment to a gigantic race of quadrupeds ; which, though they have ceased