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Illustrious Biography; containing the Lives and Characters of the principal Personages, delineated by Dr Robertson, in his Histories of Scotland, America, and Charles V. 2 vol. 12mo. 7s.

An Essay on the earlier Part of the Life of Swift. By the Rev. John Barrett, of Trinity College, Dublin. 5s.

Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock. Translated from the German. 8vo. 6s.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the late Reverend William Wood, F. L. S. and Minister of the Protestant Dissenting Chapel at Mill-Hill in Leeds. To which are subjoined an Address, delivered at his Interment and a Sermon on Occasion of his Death, preached 10th April 1808. By Charles Wellbeloved.


The Gentle Shepherd, a Pastoral Comedy by Allan Ramsay, with a new biographical Memoir of the Author, and characteristic Engravings, from original Designs by D. Allan. 4to. in boards, 12s.; Royal, with Plates coloured, 17. 4s.

Thoughts on the present Condition of the Stage, and on the Erection of a new Theatre. 1s. 6d.

The School for Authors, a Comedy in Three Acts. By the late John Tobin Esq.

Man and Wife, or More Secrets than One; a Comedy, as just now performing at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane.


An English Grammar, comprehending the Principles and Rules of the Language, illustrated by appropriate Exercises, and a Key to the Exercises. By Lindley Murray. In 2 vol. 8vo. Price one guinea in boards.

An Introduction to Mr Pinkerton's Abridgement of his Modern Geography for the Use of Schools; accompanied with twenty outline Maps, adapted to this Introduction, and suited to other Geographical Works, forming a complete Juvenile Atlas. By John Williams 8s. 6d. ; or, without the Maps, 4s. bound.


Exercises on the Globes. By William Butler. Fourth Edition. 12mo.

The Logographical Emblematical French Spelling-Book. By M. Lenoir. Third Edition. 8vo.

Institutes of Latin Grammar. By John Grant, M. A. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Abrégé de l'Histoire Ancienne, en particulier de l'Histoire Grecque, suivi d'un Abrégé de la Fable, à l'Usage des Eleves de L'Ecole Royale Militaire, à Paris. Auquel on a ajouté la date des evenemens les plus remarquables. Faisant partie du Cours d'Etudes, rédigé et imprimé originairement en France, par ordre de Louis XVI. 12me. 4s. bound.

Joseph Lancaster's Spelling Book for the Use of Schools. 6d. Exercises on the Globes; interspersed with some Historical, Biographical, Chronological, Mythological, and Miscellaneous Informa

tion; on a new Plan. To which are added, Questions for Examination. Designed for the Use of young Ladies. By William Butler. 6s. bound.

The First Catechism for Children, containing common Things necessary to be known, and adapted to the Capacity and Curiosity of Children between Four and Ten years of Age. By the Rev. David Blair, A. M. 9d.

Advice to young Ladies on the Improvement of the Mind and the Conduct of Life. By Thomas Broadhurst. 4s. 6d.

Mrs Leicester's School: or the History of several young Ladies. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

The Junior Class Book, selected from the most approved Authors, for the Use of Schools. By W. F. Mylius. 12mo. with Plates. 4s. bound.

Dramas for Children, imitated from the French of L. F. Jauffret. 3s. half bound.

An easy Grammar of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, designed as a practical Elementary Book to simplify the Study of Philosophy at Schools. By the Rev. David Blair. 3s. bound.

A Guide to Elocution, divided into Six Parts; containing Grammar, Composition, Synonymy, Language, Orations, and Poems. By John Sabine. 12mo. 4s.


Memoirs of Sir Robert Cary, Earl of Monmouth, written by himself: Fragmenta Regalia, being a History of Queen Elizabeth's Favourites by Sir Robert Naunton, with Explanatory Annotations. 8vo. Finely printed. 10s. 6d. Royal Paper 11. 5š.

The Chronicle of the Cid Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, the Campeador. From the Spanish. By Robert Southey. 4to. 17. 15s.

The Annual Register; or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1806. 8vo. 15s.

The History of the University of Edinburgh, from 1580 to 1646. By Thomas Crawford, A. M. Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics. 8vo. 7s. 6d.


Decisions of the Court of Session, from November 1806, to November 1807. 9s.

A short View of Legal Bibliography, containing Observations on the authority of Reporters, and other Law writers. By R. W. Bridgeman, Esq. 8s.

Catalogue of Modern Law Books, arranged in a perspicuous me thod; corrected to Hilary Term 1808. 3s.

Principles of Conveyancing; being a Digest of the Laws of England respecting real Property. By William Cruse, Esq. 6 vol. royal 8vo. 51. 2s. boards.

A Treatise on the Law of Tithes. Compiled in part from the Notes of Richard Wooddeson, D. C. L. By Samuel Toller, Esq. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d.


The Practice of the High Court of Chancery. By Joseph Harrison, Esq. Newly arranged with the Addition of the modern Cases; by John Newland, Esq. 2 vol. 8vo. 18s.

A Supplement to an Analytical Digested Index of the reported Cases in the several Courts of Equity, as well Chancery as Exchequer, and in the High Court of Parliament. Continued to the present time; and including the Decisions of Lord Chancellor Redesdale, in Ireland. By Richard Whalley Bridgman, Esq. royal 8vo.

10s. 6d.

The Trial of Charles Angus, Esq. merchant, of Liverpool, at the Lancaster Assizes, for the wilful Murder of Miss Margaret Burns. By W. Jones, jun.

A Vindication of the Opinions delivered in Evidence by the Medical Witnesses for the Crown, on a late Trial at Lancaster. 3s. Decisions of the Court of Session, from November 1800, to November 1801. 14s.

A Treatise of the Law of Contracts and Agreements, not under Seal, with Cases and Decisions thereon, in the Action of Assumpsit. By Samuel Comyn, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-atlaw. 2 vol. royal 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

A Continuation of a Digest of the Statute Laws, being an A. bridgement of the Public Acts of Parliament of Great Britain, from the 37th to the 42d of George III. both inclusive. By Thomas Walter Williams, Esq. Barrister-at-law. Vol. III. Part IV. 4to.

21. 5s.

The Whole of the Proceedings in the Cause of the Attorney-General, v. Brown, Parry, and Others, of the Golden-lane Brewery. By W. R. H. Brown. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

An Abridgement of the Law of Nisi Prius. By W. Selwyn, Esq. Part III. 10s. 6d.

A Practical Treatise on Pleading, and on the Parties to Actions, and the Form of Actions, with a Collection of Precedents, and Notes thereon. By Joseph Chitty, Esq. of the Middle Temple. 2 vol. royal 8vo. 21. 2s.

A Treatise on the Law of Idiocy and Lunacy, with an Appendix; containing the Practice of the Court of Chancery on the Subject, and some useful Practical Forms. By A. Highmore, Solicitor. Svo. 7s. 6d.

Reports of Cases, argued and ruled at Nisi Prius, in the Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from Hilary to Trinity Term 1808. By John Campbell, of Lincoln's-Inn, Esq. Barrister-at-law. Part II. 8vo. 6s.

A Treatise on the Law of Insurance, in Four Books. By Samuel Marshall. The Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. 2 vol. Royal 8vo. 17. 10s.


An Essay on the Teeth of Wheels, comprehending Principles, and their Application in Practice, to Millwork and other Machinery.


By R. Buchanan, Civil Engineer; revised by Peter Nicholson, Architect. 7s.

The Plough-Wright's Assistant; or, a Practical Treatise on various Implements employed in Agriculture, illustrated by Sixteen Engravings. By Andrew Gray, Author of The Experienced Mill Wright. Royal 8vo. 16s. boards.


Phrodisia, or Observations on the Means of promoting Conjugal Happiness, with an Account of the Cestus of Health and Vigour; invented by the Physician to the late Mahommed Ali Kawn, Nabob of the Carnatic. 1s.

The Lady's Toilet, containing a Critical Examination of the Nature of Beauty, of the Causes by which it is impaired, and Instructions for preserving it to advanced Age; Directions for Dressing with Taste and Elegance, and Receipts for all the best and most harmless Cosmetics proper for a Lady's use. Royal 18mo. 9s.

A detailed Statement of the Losses of the several Performers of Covent Garden Theatre in the late Fire. To which is added, the Examination before the Magistrates relative to its Origin; with the Charge of the Coroner to the Jury. 2s.

A complete Stamp Table; being an Analysis of the late Acts, 44 Geo. III, c. 98, and 48 Geo. III, c. 149; showing at one View, under distinct Heads, the various Stamp Duties now payable, contrasted with the old Duties, and the particular Laws, Regulations, or Restrictions, applying thereto; as also, Instruments positively or constructively exempted, illustrated with Practical Annotations, and forming a Companion to the original Digest. By J. A. Heraud.

8vo. 6s.

Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. By the Rev. William Beloe. vol. III. 8vo. 9s.

A List of all the Duties payable after October 10, 1808, under the Management of the Stamp Commissioners in Great Britain. 1s. 6d.

A General View of the Coal Trade of Scotland, chiefly that of the River Forth and Mid Lothian, as connected with the supplying of Edinburgh and the North of Scotland with Fuel, &c. By Robert Bald. 5s.

Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia, from the French of Mad. Cottin. 2s. 6d.

Chesterfield Travestied; or, School for Modern Manners, with caricature Engravings. 4s. plain. 6s. coloured.

Strictures on Two Critiques in the Edinburgh Review, on the Subject of Methodism and Missions, with Remarks on the Influence of Reviews in general, on Morals and Happiness. By John Styles, Svo.

3s. 6d.

The candid Appeal to the British Publie of John Buffa, M. D. late Physician to the Army Depot, Isle of Wight. 2s. 6d.

Hints for the Preservation of Wood Work, exposed to the Weather. By James Crease. 6d.


Presume not beyond Measure; a Serio-comic Letter of Advice to the Editors of all the Public Papers. 1s. 6d.

The Reasoner. 7s. 6d.

Proceedings of the Grand Juries, Magistrates, and other Noblemen and Gentlemen of the County of Gloucester, on designing and executing a general Reform in the Construction and Regulation of the Prisons of that County. Third Edition, corrected and enlarged by Sir G. O. Paul. 8vo.

The Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, vol. IV. 15s. Puritanism Revived; or, Methodism as old as the great Rebellion, In a series of Letters from a Curate to his Rector.

2s. 6d.

A Grammar of the Sanskrita Language. By Charles Wilkins, LL.D. F.R.S. 4. 4s. boards.

A Letter to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London, containing a Statement of the disgraceful and immoral Scenes which are every Evening exhibited in the public Streets by Crowds of halfnaked and unfortunate Prostitutes. 1's.

The Defence of Outposts. Translated from the French. 1s. An Exposition of the Conduct of Mr Cobbett, taken from the Satirist. 6d.

Evening Amusements for the year 1805, being the Sixth of the Series of Annual Volumes for the Improvement of Students in Astronomy. By W. Frend Esq. 3s.

Letters from the late Dr Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester, to the late Dr Hurd, Bishop of Worcester, from the Year 1749 to 1776. 4to. 17. 7s. boards.

Memoirs of an American Lady, with Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as they existed previous to the Revolution. By Mrs Grant, author of Letters from the Mountains,' &c. 2 vol. 12mo.

10s. 6d. boards.

A Dialogue in the Elysian Fields, between the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, and some of his Royal Progenitors. 4to.


A Letter to the Governors of Christ's Hospital, being a Refutation of the Invectives and Misrepresentations contained in a Letter from the Reverend Dr Warren, Vicar of Edmonton, to William Mellish Esq. M. P. By Robert Waithman. 1s. 6d.

An Essay on the Commercial Habits of the Jews. 35.

A Letter to William Mellish Esq. M. P. on a late Dispute in the Parish of Edmonton, and on the alleged Abuses in Christ's Hospi tal. By the Rev. Dawson Warren, A. M. Vicar of Edmonton. 1s. 6d.

A Collection of Portraits drawn from the Life. No. I. To be continued Quarterly. 17. 1s.

Remarks on Mr Fox's History of James II. 1s.

Reliques of Robert Burns, consisting chiefly of Original Letters, Poems, and Critical Observations on-Scottish Songs. Collected and published by R. W. Cromek, in 8vo. 10s. 6d.

VOL, XIII. No. 26.



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