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It is confidently believed, that the exercises will now be found well adapted to all classes of grammarians in our common schools and academies; and that they afford a sufficient variety of construction, to illustrate all the principles and peculiarities of the English language.

Notes have not been appended, for the obvious reason that whatever tends to prevent self-application cannot fail to do injury.

The Analytical Tables were inserted at the suggestion of Mr. CYRUS S. RICHARDS, Principal of Kimball Union Academy. They were kindly prepared by him, — Tables I. II. and IV. being taken, with some alterations, by permission, from CROSBY's excellent. Greek and General Grammar. These have been found invaluable, and should always be used as guides in grammatical and analytical parsing.

The Compilers take this opportunity to express their grateful acknowledgments to all who have manifested an interest in the book, and to those teachers, especially, who have favored them with important suggestions. They again submit this little volume to teachers and scholars, indulging the hope that in its present form it will be still more acceptable, and present new attractions for the study of our language.

MAY, 1847.



NOTE. In the table the word things is employed in its philosophical
sense, as including all the independent objects of thought, whether per-
sons, material things, or mere abstractions.

[blocks in formation]

Without its essential elements, language could not exist at all; with-
out its descriptive elements, it would be vague and meagre; without its
connective elements, it would be disjointed; and without its instinctive ele-
ments, it would want sensibility and passion.

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