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June 14, 1906


ABEL (DR. O.), Phylogenetic Evolution of the Cetacean
Dentition and the Systematic Relations of the
Physeteridæ, 516

Aberystwyth, Address at University of Wales, some
Characteristics of American Universities, Principal H. R.
Reichel, 44

Abetti (Dr.), Comet 1906a (Brooks), 494

Abney (Sir W. de W.), Instruction in Photography, 124
Abram (Dr.), Extract of the Duodenal Mucous Membrane
counteracts Diabetes, 474

Absolute Motion, the Existence of, Daniel Comstock, 582
Absolute Motion, a Plea for, Prof. Arthur Schuster, F.R.S.,
462; Norman R. Campbell, 484; F. J. W. Whipple, 535
Absorption Spectra of Ultra-violet Rays by Vapour and
Liquids, Prof. E. Wiedemann, 101

Acoustics: the Reason why Deaf Mutes can hear Low
Notes better than High Ones, M. Marage, 96; the Con-
struction of a Vowel Organ, Prof. E. W. Scripture, 159;
an Acoustical Method for the Demonstration of the Mag- |
netism of Liquids, T. Terada, 197; Sound and Rhythm,
W. Edmunds, Prof. John G. McKendrick, F.R.S., 483
Actinium, a New Product of, Dr. O. Hahn, 559
Action of Wood on a Photographic Plate, Dr. William J.
Russell, F.R.S., 152

Actualités Scientifiques, Max de Nansouty, 76

Adami (Prof.), the Question of the Transference of Bovine
Tuberculosis to Man through Milk, 516

Adams (G. I.), Geology of the Iola Quadrangle, Kansas,

Adams (Prof.), Sun-spot Spectra, 425

Adams (W. Poynter), Motor-car Mechanism and Manage-
ment, the Petrol Car, 580

Adulteration of Butter, the, C. Simmonds, 466, 535; J. H.
Lester, 535

Aeger in the Rivers Trent and Ouse, the, W. H. Wheeler,

Aeronautics: the Exploration of the Atmosphere over the
Tropical Oceans, Dr. A. L. Rotch and L. Teisserenc
de Bort, 54; Highest Kite Ascent, 207; Kite and Balloon
Ascents, Dr. Hergesell, 207; Tetrahedral Cell Kites de-
signed by Dr. A. Graham Bell, 275; Observations with
Registration Balloons in America, A. L. Rotch, 349;
Mathematical Investigation of Motions of Aëroplanes and
Aerocurves, Captain Ferber, 350; Obituary Notice of
Colonel Charles Renard, Ch. Ed. Guillaume, 423; the
Vertical Distribution of the Meteorological Elements above
the Atlantic, Dr. A. L. Rotch and L. Teisserenc de Bort,
449; Ascents of Two Unmanned Balloons, 615
Afghanistan, Ruins of a Large City found in, 515
Africa Transactions of the South African Philosophical
Society, Catalogue of Printed Books, Papers, and Maps
relating to the Geology and Mineralogy of South Africa
to December 31, 1904, Miss M. Wilman, 28; South
African Zoology and Palæontology, 56; Guide to the
Victoria Falls, F. W. Sykes, 58; Hippopotami at the
Victoria Falls, 84; Higher Education at the Cape, 110;
Ruins in Rhodesia, D. Randall MacIver, 213-4; Results
of Observations made with a Black Bulb Thermometer
in vacuo, J. R. Sutton, 324; a Grammar of the Kafir
Language, J. McLaren, Sir H. H. Johnston, K.C.M.G.,
481; Crustacea from Lakes Tanganyika, Nyasa, and
Victoria Nyanza, Dr. W. T. Calman, 526; Fresh-water

Sponges obtained from Lakes Victoria Nyanza, Tangan-
yika, and Nyasa, R. Kirkpatrick, 526

Agar (W. E.), Development of the Skull and Visceral
Arches in Lepidosiren, 239

Agchylostoma duodenale, Dub., the Anatomy of, A. Looss,
Prof. Sydney J. Hickson, F.R.S., 344

Age of the Earth and other Geological Studies, the, W. J.
Sollas, F.R.S., 513

Agriculture: Decay of Mangoes prevented by Immersion
in Solution of Formalin, 16; Nitrates and Nitrites as
Manure, Th. Schlosing, 95; Green Manures, H. Wright,
134; the Mexican Cotton-boll Weevil, Messrs. Hunter
and Hinds, 158; the Cotton Bollworm, A. L. Quaintance
and C. T. Brues, Fred. V. Theobald, 257; the Mexican
Cotton Boll Weevil, W. D. Hunter and W. E.
Hinds, Fred. V. Theobald, 257; Auto-cotton-
picker, 159; Stage at which Grasses should be cut for
Fodder, H. H. Cousins, 206; the Useful Plants of the
Island of Guam, W. E. Safford, 221; Agricultural
Education and Colonial Development, 250; Dr. J. Walter
Leather, 485; Bodenkunde, E. Ramann, 266; Soils and
Fertilisers, Prof. H. Snyder, 266; Minnesota Plant
Diseases, Dr. E. M. Freeman, 291; Agriculture in the
Trans-Caucasus for the Year 1905, Ravages of Locusts,
Consul Stevens, 324; the Electric Production of Nitrates
from the Atmosphere, Prof. Sylvanus P. Thompson,
F.R.S., at Royal Institution, 355: Death and Obituary
Notice of Prof. Alexander Müller, 371; the Mineral
Constituents of the Soil Solution, F. K. Cameron and
J. M. Bell, 398; Function of Organic Matter in Nitrifi-
cation, A. Müntz and E. Laine, 431; Experiments with
Egyptian Cotton in Sind, Muir MacKenzie, 445; English
Beet-sugar Industry, Cultivation Trials, G. Clarke, 446;
Sugar-cane Cultivation in Madras, C. A. Barber, 447:
the Agathi Plant, 470; Yams Cultivated in Jamaica,
Dr. W. Harris, 471; Agriculture and the Empire, Sir
W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, K.C.M.G., F.R.S., 488; M. J. R.
Dunstan, 511; the Utilisation of Nitrogen in Air by
Plants, T. Jamieson, 531, 607, A. D. H., 607; Annual
Report of the Imperial Department of Agriculture for
the Year 1904-5, Sir W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, K.C.M.G.,
F.R.S., 587; Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. Adolf
Emmerling, 589; the United States Reclamation Service,
591; Treatment of Seed with Copper Salts, E. Bréal,
600; Estimation of Carbon in Soils, A. D. Hall, N. H. J.
Miller, and N. Marmu, 623

Ahlum (C. Chester), Modification of the Volumetric Estim-
ation of Free Acid in the Presence of Iron Salts, 431
Air, Investigation of the Upper, 162

Aitken (Dr. John, F.R.S.), Interpretation of Meteorological
Records, 485, 534; Sea-sickness and Equilibration of the
Eyes, 560

Aitken (Prof.), Comet 1905b, 109

Aitken (Prof. R. G.), Catalogue of Binary Star Orbits, 136
Alaska, the Mineral Wealth of, 595

Alcock (Dr. A., F.R.S.), Catalogue of the Indian Decapod
Crustacea in the Collection of the Indian Museum,
part ii., Anomura Fasciculus i., Pagurides, 317
Alder (the late Joseph), the British Tunicata, an Un-
finished Monograph, 508

Alford (Charles J.), Mining Law of the British Empire,

Algebra: Elementary Algebra, W. G. Borchardt, 293; l'Algèbre de la Logique, Louis Couturat, 386; a Textbook of Algebra, A. E. Layng, Supp. to November 30, viii.; an Introduction to Algebra, R. C. Bridgett, Supp. to November 30, viii

Alicyklischen Verbindungen, Chemie der, Prof. Ossian Aschan, 601

Allan (J.), Battack Printing in Java, 455

Allbutt (Prof. T. Clifford, F.R.S.), on Professional Education, with Special Reference to Medicine, an Address delivered at King's College, London, 530

Allen (A. O.), Advanced Examples in Physics, 578 Allen (Dr. F. J.), Border occasionally seen between Light and Dark Regions on Photographic Plates, 29 Allen (H. S.), Dewar's Method of producing High Vacua by Means of Charcoal, 207

Almanac, the British Journal Photographic, and Photographer's Daily Companion for 1906, 221

Alternate Current Generators, Parallel Running of, M. Boucherot, 545

Altitudes and Azimuths, Graphical Methods of determining, Mr. Littlehales, 63

Aluminium, the Production of, and its Industrial Use, Adolphe Minet, 579

Amar (Jules), Gaseous Osmosis through a Colloidal Membrane, 551

America: some Characteristics of American Universities, Address at University of Wales, Aberyswyth, Principal H. R. Reichel, 44; Wild Wings, Adventures of a Camerahunter among the Larger Wild Birds of North America on Sea and Land, H. K. Job, 123; American Practice in Refrigeration, H. M. Haven and F. W. Dean, 122; Mathematical Lectures for American Mathematicians, 122; Plant-breeding in America, 242; American Insects, Vernon L. Kellogg, 292; American Association for the Advancement of Science, 303; New Orleans Meeting of the American Association, 403; the Behaviour of Platinum and Iridium in Chlorine Water and in Dilute Hydrochloric Acid, 403; Popular Conception of the Scientific Man, Prof. W. G. Farlow, 403; the Relation of Mechanics to Physics, Prof. Alexander Ziwet, 403; the Partition of Energy, Prof. W. F. Magie, 404; the Sanitary Value of a Water Analysis, Prof. Leonhard P. Kinnicutt, 404; the Generic Concept in the Classification of the Flowering Plants, Prof. B. L. Robinson, 405; Investigations and Commercial Tests in Connection with the Work of an Engineering College, Prof. D. S. Jacobus, 406; Preliminary Report on the Geology and Water Resources of Central Oregon, I. C. Russell, 376; a Geological Reconnaissance Across the Cascade Range, G. O. Smith and F. C. Calkins, 376; Geology of the Hudson Valley between the Hoosic and the Kinderhook, T. N. Dale, 376; Report of Progress in the Geological Re-survey of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, Waldemar Lindgren and F. L. Ransome, 376; Petrography and Geology of the Igneous Rocks of the Highwood Mountains, Montana, L. V. Pirsson, 376; Twentyfifth Annual Report of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1903-4, 376; Indiana, Department of Geology and Natural Resources, Twenty-ninth Annual Report, 1904, W. S. Blatchley, 376; Physical Research in America, 427; Economic Geology of the United States, Heinrich Ries, 437; the Yellowstone Reserve, 475; the Lincoln Reserve, 475; the Gila River Reserve, 475; Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory, American Observations of the Total Solar Eclipses of 1900 and 1901, RearAdmiral Colby M. Chester, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, 486

Amos (A.), Determination of Available Plant Food in Soil by the use of Weak Acid Solvents, 357

Amundsen (Captain), Expedition to the North Magnetic Pole, 59

Anatomy: Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. Albert von Kölliker, 58; Development of the Thymus Gland in the Lung-fish Lepidosiren paradoxa, Dr. T. H. Bryce, 304; Bearing of the Structure of Foetal Whale-flippers on the Development of Additional Digits and Joints in the Hand and Foot of Vertebrates generally, Prof. Symington, 304; Topography of the Thorax and Abdomen, Prof. Potter, 252; the Anatomy of Agchylostoma duodenale, Dub., A. Lcoss, Prof. Sydney J. Hickson,

F.R.S., 344; Death of Prof. W. F. R. Weldon, F.R.S., 589; Obituary Notice of, 611

Anderson (R. H.), Remarkable Surface Outcrop of an Iron Ore Deposit, 517

Anderson (W.), on the First Tertiary Rocks of Marine Origin discovered in South Africa, 92

André (G.), Variations of Phosphoric Acid and Nitrogen in the Juices of the Leaves of Certain Plants, 335 Andrew (G. W.), Interaction of well-dried Mixtures of Hydrocarbons and Oxygen, 551

Andrews (Dr. Chas. W.), a Suggested Change in Nomenclature, 224

Angel (A.), Cuprous Formate, 431

Angot (A.), the Temperature of France, 230
Animals Extinct Animals, Prof. E. Ray Lankester,
F.R.S., 6; Beasties Courageous, Studies of Animal Life
and Characters, D. English, 177; Northern Trails, some
Studies of Animal Life in the Far North, W. J. Long,
177; the Origin of Variations in Animals and Plants,
Prof. T. D. A. Cockerell, 197; Comparative Studies in
the Psychology of Ants and of Higher Animals, E. Wass-
mann, Lord Avebury, F.R.S., 315; the Intelligence of
Animals, Prof. W. Galloway, 440

Annandale (Dr. N.), the Dugong, 143
Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society, Medal Awards,


Annuaires, French Astronomical, 233

Annular Nebula in Cygnus (N.G.C. 6894), G. Tikhoff, 305

Anomalous Tails of Comets, the, Prof. Barnard, 136 Anschauungen, Neuere, auf dem Gebiete der anorganischen Chemie, Prof. A. Werner, Prof. A. Smithells, F.R.S., 433

Antarctica: the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 42; Antarctic Earthquakes, Observations made with Horizontal Pendulum in the Antarctic Regions, Prof. J. Milne, F.R.S., at Royal Society, 210; the Voyage of the Discovery, Captain R. F. Scott, Prof. J. W. Gregory, F.R.S., 297

Anthropology: Colour and Race, Dr. John Beddoe, F.R.S., 14; Difference between Men and Women in the Recognition of Colour and the Perception of Sound, Mabel S. Nelson, 61; Anthropological Institute, 191, 213, 239, 381, 454, 503; the Biometrics of Brain-weights, 200; Origin of Eolithic Flints from Natural Causes, S. H. Warren, 239; Relationships of the Race of Men whose Remains have been discovered at Krapina, Prof. GoyanoviéKramberger, 252; Man, an Introduction to Anthropology, Dr. W. E. Rotzell, 293; Psychology and Sociology of the Todas and other Indian Tribes, Dr. W. H. R. Rivers, 334; the Senses of the Todas, Dr. W. H. R. Rivers, 517; Anthropological Notes, 354; Totemism among the Khonds, J. E. Friend-Pereira, 354; Ethnography in Assam, Major P. R. T. Gurdon, 354: Physical Anthropology and Ethnology of British New Guinea, Dr. C. G. Seligmann, 371; the Agaiambo Dwarfs, British New Guinea, Sir F. Winter, 372; Origin of Mankind (according to the Lamaic Mythology), Rai Sarat Chandra Das Bahadur, 432; the Alpine Races in Europe, J. L. Myres, 492; Ancestor Worship in Japan, W. G. Aston, 503; Palæolithic Implements from the Neighbourhood of Southampton, W. Dale, 503; Tatu in Borneo, R. Shelford and Dr. C. Hose, 503; Studies of Native Tribes, 549; Moro History, Law, and Religion, 549; Manners and Customs of Australian Tribes, R. H. Mathews, 549; the Extinct Indians of the Santa Barbara Islands, Dr. G. Eisen, 567; the Euahlayi Tribe, a Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia, K. Langloh Parker, 610; see also British Association

Antiquities, the Preservation of, a Handbook for Curators, Dr. Friedrich Rathgen, 412

Ants, Comparative Studies in the Psychology of, and of Higher Animals, E. Wassmann, Lord Avebury, F.R.S.. 315

Aplin (O. V.), the Bird Watcher in the Shetlands, with some Notes on Seals-with Digressions, Edmund Selous, 414 Nature-tones and Undertones, J. Maclair Boraston, 414; the Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Rev. J. E. Kelsall and Philip W. Munn, 465 Apparent Enlargement of the Moon at the Horizon, Ed. Claparède, 400

June 14, 1906,

April Meteors, the, W. F. Denning, 560; John R. Henry, 560

Aquatic Plants of Our Waters, Microscopic, Dr. F. E. Fritsch at London Institution, 499

Aquila, Nova, Nebulosity around, Prof. Frost, 279; Prof. E. C. Pickering, 279

Aquila, Nova, No. 2, J. A. Parkhurst, 136

Aquila, Nova, No. 2, the Supposed Nebulosity around, Prof. Frost, 518; see also Astronomy Arber (E. A. N.), the Origin of Gymnosperms, 542; Catalogue of the Fossil Plants of the Glossopteris Flora in the Department of Geology, British Museum (Natural History), being a Monograph of the Permo-Carboniferous Flora of India and the Southern Hemisphere, 577 Archæology: Important Egyptian Finds of Theodore M. Davis, 36; a Remarkable Discovery in Egypt, 468; British Excavations in the Near East, 1904-5, 102; Notes on Stonehenge, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 153, 224; Ruins in Rhodesia, D. Randall MacIver, 213-4; Irish Cave Explorations, Dr. R. F. Scharff, 215; some Questions for Archæologists, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 280; Mural Paintings and Engravings of the Pyrenean Caves, E. Cartailhac and Father Breuil, 354; Notes on some Cornish Circles, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 366, 561; Natural History and Archæology of the Waterlilies, 379; Copper and its Alloys in Antiquity, Prof. W. Gowland, 381; Manuel de Recherches préhistoriques, 411; the Preservation of Antiquities, a Handbook for Curators, Dr. Friedrich Rathgen, 412; the Origin of Bronze, Dr. John W. Evans, 414; Ruins of a Large City found in Afghanistan, 515; the Evolution of an English Town, being the Story of the Ancient Town of Pickering in Yorkshire, Gordon Home, 538; Discovery of Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, at Sparta, 589

Archimedes, the Cattle Problem of, 86

Architecture : a Descriptive Handbook of Architecture, Martin A. Buckmaster, 52; Institution of Naval Architects, 571

Arctica Expedition to the North Magnetic Pole, Captain Amundsen, 59; Study of the Meteorological Observations made during Nansen's North Polar Expedition in 1893-6, Prof. Mohn, 595

n Argûs, the Magnitude of, R. T. A. Innes, 64 Arithmetic, the Winchester, C. Godfrey and G. M. Bell, Supp. to November 30, viii

Armagnat (H.), la Bobine d'Induction, 124

Armies, the Wastage in, by Disease, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 105

Armstrong (E. Frankland), the Mechanism of Fermentation, 71; Studies on Enzyme Action, vii., Synthesis of Maltose and Iso-maltose, 93

Armstrong (Prof. Henry E., F.R.S.), Studies on Enzyme Action-Lipase, 94; Cooperation between Scientific Libraries, 438

Arth (G.), Prehistoric Mass of Metal found near Nancy, 180 Ascent of Sap in Trees, Frank Harris, 246

Aschan (Prof. Ossian), Chemie der Alicyklischen Verbindungen, 601

Ascidians the British Tunicata, an Unfinished Monograph, the late Joseph Alder and the late Albany Hancock, Dr. W. Garstang, 508

Ashe (S. W.), Electric Railways, Theoretically and Practically Treated, 169

Asia, Mast and Sail in Europe and, H. Warington Smyth, Sir W. H. White, K.C.B., F.R.S., 536

Asia, Scientific Exploration in Central, Dr. Gottfried Merzbacher, 227

Asiatic Society of Bengal, 143, 423

Assheton (Mr.), Structure of the Placenta of an Elephant, 59

Asteroid (444) Gyptis, Variability of the, Dr. W. Valentiner, 39

Aston (W. G.), Ancestor Worship in Japan, 503 Astronomy: Report of Inter-State Astronomical and Meteorological Conference, Adelaide, May, 1905, 8; Death of Prof. Ralph Copeland, 13; Obituary Notice of, 32; Our Astronomical Column, 17, 38, 63, 87, 109, 136, 160, 182, 208, 232, 255, 279, 305, 326, 351, 375, 400, 425. 448, 473, 494, 518, 544, 569, 592, 617; Astronomical Occurrences in November, 17; in December, 109; in

January, 232; in February, 326; in March, 425; in April, 544; Wave-lengths of Silicium Lines, Prof. Frost and J. A. Brown, 17; Report of the Yerkes Observatory, Prof. Hale, 18; Observations of Jupiter's Sixth Satellite, 18; Systematic Error in Transit Observations of Jovian Spots, Stanley Williams, 38; Photographs of Jupiter's Sixth and Seventh Satellites, 122; Observations of Jupiter, Major Molesworth, 401; New Spot on Jupiter, W. F. Denning, 584, 607; the Spectrum of Nova Persei No. 2, 18; Dr. K. Graff, 305; Reduction Tables for Equatorial Observations, C. W. Frederick, 18; Photographic Star Catalogue, 18; the Leonid Meteors, 1905, John R. Henry, 28; Death of Prof. Walter F. Wislicenus, 33; Obituary Notice of, 57; Italian Observations of the Recent Solar Eclipse, Cl. Rozet, 38; Intrinsic Brightness of the Solar Corona during the Eclipse of August 30, 1905, Charles Fabry, 167; the Total Solar Eclipse of August 30, J. Y. Buchanan, F.R.S., 173; Polarisation Phenomena at Guelma in the Eclipse 1905 August 30, H. F. Newall, 191; Spectroscopic Observations made during the Eclipse of the Sun of August 30, 1905, P. Salet, 191-2; Eclipse Spectra, M. Salet, 208; Ionisation of the Atmosphere during Total Solar Eclipse, Charles Nordmann, 208; Magnetic Observations during the Total Eclipse of the Sun, Father P. Cirera, 400; Eclipse Observations at Catania, 495; the Solar Eclipse of 1905, Dr. W. J. S. Lockyer, 537; Photography of the Solar Protuberances with Coloured Screens during the Eclipse of August 30, 1905, H. Deslandres and G. Blum, 576; Employment of Selenium Cells during Total Solar Eclipse, 617; Apparatus for Measuring Coronal Radiation during an Eclipse, Prof. H. L. Callandar, 47; Publications of the U.S. Naval Observatory, American Observations of the Total Solar Eclipses of 1900 and 1901, Rear-Admiral Colby M. Chester, Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, 486; the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun of January, 1907, Prof. David Todd, 617; Martian Meteorology, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 38; a 300-Year Cycle in Solar Phenomena, H. W. Clough, 38; some Suggestions on the Nebular Hypothesis, Dr. Halm, 38; the Orbit of ☛ Coronæ Borealis, Prof. Doberck, 39; Radial Velocities of Certain Variable Stars, Prof. Frost, 39; Variability of the Asteroid (444) Gyptis, Dr. W. Valentiner, 39; a Suggestion for the Next International Scheme, W. E. Cooke, 63; Phoebe, the Ninth Satellite of Saturn, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 63; Observations of Phoebe during 1905, 474; Graphical Method of determining Altitudes and Azimuths, Mr. Littlehales, 63; the Meteors of Biela's Comet, Mr. Denning, 64; the Magnitude of ʼn Argûs, R. T. A. Innes, 64: the Solar Observatory on Mount Wilson, California, Contributions from the Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Prof. G. E. Hale, 67; a Lunar Theory from Observation, Dr. P. H. Cowell, So; Discovery of a Comet, 1905b, M. Schaer, 87; Comet 1905b, Prof. Hartwig, 109: Prof. Aitken, 109: M. Ebell, 109, 136, 160; Prof. Wolf, 160; Prof. E. Millosevich, 182; M. Giacobini, 182; Nova Aquile No. 2, Prof. Wolf, 87; J. A. Parkhurst, 136; Nebulosity Around Nova Aquila, Prof. Frost, 279; Prof. E. C. Pickering, 279; the Supposed Nebulosity around Nova Aquile No. 2, Prof. Frost, 518; the Tenth Satellite of Saturn, Prof. W. H. Pickering, 87; the Evolution of the Solar System, F. R. Moulton, 87; Catalogue of Variable Stars, 87; Star Calendar for 1906, 87: Roval Astronomical Society, 95, 190, 334, 598; Royal Astronomical Society's Medal Awards, 370; an Untried Method of Determining the Refraction Constant, Geo. A. Hill, 110; Spectra of Bright Southern Stars, 110; a Catalogue of 4280 Stars, 110; the Anomalous Tails of Comets, Prof. Barnard, 136; Catalogue of Binary Star Orbits, Prof. R. G. Aitken, 136; a Popular Introduction to Astronomy, Rev. Alex. C. Henderson, 149; Notes on Stonehenge, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 153, 224; another New Comet, 1905c, Prof. Giacobini, 160, 182, 400 Mr. Morgan, 160; Prof. Millosevich, 182; Prof. Hartwig, 208; E. Strömgren, 208; Mr. Denning, 208; Mr. Backhouse, 255: New Elements and Ephemeris for Comet 1905c, E. Strömgren, 232; Comet 1905c (Giacobini), R. T. Crawford, 279; Dr. Jost. 270: A. Wedemeyer, 326, 351, 375. 425, 473, 544: Observation of Comet 1905c after Perihelion, Prof. H. R.

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