Memoirs of the Court of England: From the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George the Second, Volume 2

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Richard Bentley, 1843 - Great Britain

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Page 222 - Some natural tears he dropped, but wiped them soon : The world was all before him, where to choose His place of rest, and Providence his guide.
Page 376 - Lepell) walked with me three or four hours by moonlight, and we met no creature of any quality but the king, who gave audience to the vicechamberlain, all alone, under the garden wall.
Page 102 - I think Mr. St. John the greatest - -young man I ever knew; wit, capacity, beauty, quickness of apprehension, good learning, and an excellent taste; the best orator in the house of commons, admirable conversation, good nature, and good manners; generous, and a despiser of money.
Page 361 - What? that thing of silk, Sporus, that mere white curd of ass's milk? Satire or sense, alas ! can Sporus feel? Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?
Page 332 - Horace; when I aimed at being facetious, I quoted Martial; and when I had a mind to be a fine gentleman, I talked Ovid. I was convinced that none but the ancients had common sense; that the classics contained everything that was either necessary, useful, or ornamental to men; and I was not without thoughts of wearing the toga virilis of the Romans, instead of the vulgar and illiberal dress of the moderns.
Page 213 - O Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget me," And with that rose up and cried, "March on, boys!
Page 397 - Then you shall see her,' cried he; and, in the gaiety of the moment, sent orders home to have her finely dressed, and brought to him at the tavern; where she was received with acclamations, her...
Page 410 - tis true — this truth you lovers know — In vain my structures rise, my gardens grow, In vain fair Thames reflects the double scenes Of hanging mountains, and of sloping greens: Joy lives not here; to happier seats it flies, And only dwells where Wortley casts her eyes.
Page 162 - There St. John mingles with my friendly bowl The feast of reason and the flow of soul...
Page 412 - Pope,' insinuating that I was whipped in Ham Walks on Thursday last : — -This is to give notice, that I did not stir out of my house at Twickenham on that day ; and the same is a malicious and ill-founded report. — AP...

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