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for several of the best pieces were composed under the shade of your own groves, upon the classic ground of Coleorton; where I was animated by the recollection of those illustrious Poets of your Name and Family, who were born in that neighbourhood; and, we may be assured, did not wander with indifference by the dashing stream of Grace-Dieu, and among the rocks that diversify the forest of Charnwood. Nor is there any

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one to whom such parts of this Collection as have been inspired or coloured by the beautiful Country from which I now address you, could be presented with more propriety than to yourself — who have composed so many admirable Pictures from the suggestions of the same

scenery. Early in life, the sublimity and beauty of this Region excited your admiration; and I know that you are bound to it in mind by a still-strengthening attachment.

Wishing and hoping that this Work, with the embellishments it has received from your Pencil,* may survive as a lasting memorial of a friendship, which I reckon among the blessings of my life,

I have the honour to be,

My dear Sir George,

Yours most affectionately

Rydal Mount, Westmoreland,

February 1. 1815.

and faithfully,


* The state of the Plates does not allow these to be repeated

in the present Edition.


IN these Volumes will be found the whole of the Author's published Poems, for the first time collected in a uniform Edition, with several new Pieces interspersed.

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