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in Prayer. To proftrate Himself, in profound Adoration, before that infinitely exalted Being, who dwells in Light inacceffible, was his Glory; to implore the Continuance of the Almighty Favour, and the Increase of all Chriftian Graces, was his Gain. In thofe Moments, no doubt, He remembred you, Sir, with a particular Earneftnefs; and lodged many an ardent Petition in the Court of Heaven, for His -infant Son. Cease not to fecond them with your own devout Supplications, that they may defcend upon your Head, "in the "Fulness of the Bleffings of the Gospel "of Peace."


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To give their native Luftre to all His other Endowments, He was careful to maintain an bumble Mind. Though his Friends might admire His fuperior Abilities, or his Acquaintance applaud His exemplary Behaviour, He faw how far He A 4


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fell short of the Mark of His high Calling; faw, and lamented his Defects: faw, and renounced Himself; relying, for final Acceptance, and endless Felicity, on a better Righteoufness than His own; even on the tranfcendently perfect Righteousness, and inconceivably precious Death, of Jesus the Redeemer. This was the Rock of his Hope, and the very Crown of his Rejoicing.

THESE, Sir, are fome of the diftinguilhing Characteristics of your deceased Parent. And, as you had the Misfortune to lofe fo valuable a Relative, before you was capable of forming any Acquaintance with his Perfon, I flatter myself, you will the more attentively obferve his Picture. This His moral Picture; defigned, not to be fet in Gold, or sparkle in Enamel, but to breathe in your Spirit, and to live in all your Conduct. Which, though it be in

tirely your own, calculated purely for yourfelf, may poffibly, like the Family-Pieces in your Parlour, that glance an Eye upon as many as enter the Room, make fome pleafing and useful Impreffion on every Beholder.-May Every one, charmed with the beautiful Image, catch its Refemblance; and each, in his refpective Sphere, " go and do likewife."

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BUT you, Sir, are peculiarly concerned to copy the amiable Original. As the Order of an indulgent Providence has made you Heir of the affluent Circumftances, let not a gay and thoughtless Inadvertence cut you off from the richer Inheritance of these noble Qualifications.Thefe will be your Security amidst all the glittering Dangers, which are infeparable from blooming Years, and an elevated Situation in Life. Thefe are your Path, your fure and only Path, to true Greatnefs, and folid Happiness.

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Tread in thefe Steps, and you cannot fail of being the Darling of your Friends, and the Favourite of Heaven. Tread in thefe Steps, and you will give inexpreffible Joy to one of the best of Mothers; you will become an extenfive Bleffing to your Fellow-Creatures; and which, after fuch moft engaging Motives, is fcarce worthy to be mentioned, you will be the Delight, the Honour, and the Boaft of,

Dear Sir,

Your most affectionate Godfather,

And faithful Humble Servant,

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Wefton-Favell, near
July 14, 1747.

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Night is fair Virtue's immemorial Friend;
The confcious Moon, through every diftant Age,
Has held a Lamp to Wisdom.

Night Thoughts, No. V.

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