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nefs, and every Glory of this lower World disappearing for ever.

THESE Wishes, Madam, as they are a most agreeable Employ of my Thoughts, fo they come attended with this additional Circumftance of Pleafure, that they are alfo the fincerest Expreffion of that very great Efteem, with which I am,


Wefton-Favel, near
May 20, 1746.

Your most obedient,

Moft Humble Servant,





Every Stone that we look upon, in this Repository of paft Ages, is both an Entertainment, and a


Plain Dealer. Vol. I. No. 42.

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HE first of these occafional Meditations begs Leave to remind my Readers of their latter End; and would invite them to fet, not their Houfes only, but, which is inexpreffibly more needful, their Souls, in Order: That they may be able, through all the intermediate Stages, to look forward upon their approaching Exit, without any anxious Apprehenfions: And, when the great Change_commences, may bid Adieu to terreftrial Things, with all the Calmness of a chearful Refignation, with all the Comforts of a wellgrounded Faith.




The other Attempts to sketch out fome little Traces of the All-fufficiency of our Redeemer, for the grand and gracious Purposes of everlasting Salvation; that a Senfe of his unutterable Dignity, and infinite Perfections, may incite us to regard Him with Sentiments of the most profound Veneration; to long for an affured Intereft in bis Merits, with all the Ardency of Defire; and to trust in his power. ful Mediation, with an Affiance not to be fbaken by any Temptations, not to be shared with any Performances of our own.


I flatter myself, that the Thoughts conceived among the Tombs may be welcome to the ferious and humane Mind; because, as there are few, who have not configned the Remains of fome dear Relations, or bonoured Friends, to thofe filent Repofitories; fo there are none, but must be fenfible, that this is the Houfe appointed for all Living; and that they themselves are Shortly to remove into the fame folemn ManfionsAnd who would not turn afide,


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