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Various of temper, as of face or frame,
Each individual; his great end the same.

1 Yes, Sir, how fmall foever be my heap,

A part I will enjoy as well as keep.

My heir may figh, and think it want of grace,


A man fo poor would live without a place;
But fure no statute in his favour fays

How free or frugal I fhall pafs my days;
I who at fome times fpend, at others ipare,
Divided between careleffnefs and care.


'Tis one thing madly to difperfe my store,
Another not to heed to treasure more;

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J Glad like a boy to fnatch the first good day,
And pleas'd if fordid want be far away.

2 What is❜t to me (a passenger, God wot)
Whether my veffel be first rate or not?
The fhip itself may make a better figure,
But I that fail am neither lefs nor bigger.
I neither ftrut with ev'ry fav`ring breath,
Nor ftrive with all the tempeft in my teeth;
In pow'r, wit, figure, virtue, fortune plac'd
Behind the foremoft, and before the laft.



1 Utar, et ex modico, quantum res pofcet acervo
Tollam: nec metuam, quid de me judicet hæres,
Quod non plura datis invenerit. et tamen idem
Scire volam, quantum fimplex hilarifque nepoti
Difcrepet, et quantum difcordet parcus avaro.
Diftat enim, fpargas tua prodigus, an neque fumptum
Invitus facias, neque plura parare labores ;
Ac potius, puer ut feftis Quinquatribus olim,
Exiguo gratoque fruaris tempore raptim.


Pauperies immunda domus procul abfit. ego, utrum
Nave ferar magna an parva; ferar unus et idem.
Non agimur tumidis velis Aquilone fecundo;
Non tamen adverfis ætatem ducimus Auftris.
Viribus, ingenio, fpecie, virtute loco, re,
Extremi primorum, extremis ufque priores.

"But why all this of avarice? I have none."

I wish you joy, Sir, of a tyrant gone:

But does no other lord it at this hour

As wild and mad? the avarice of pow'r?
Does neither rage inflame nor fear appal ?

Not the black fear of death, that faddens all?


With terrors round, can Reafon hold her throne, 310
Defpife the known, nor tremble at th' unknown?
Survey both worlds, intrepid and entire,

In fpite of witches, devils, dreams, and fire?
Pleas'd to look forward, pleas'd to look behind,
And count each birthday with a grateful mind?
Has life no fournefs drawn fo near its end?
Canft thou endure a foe, forgive a friend?
Has but melted the rough parts away,
As winter-fruits grow mild ere they decay?
Or will you think, my friend! your bus'refs done,
When of a hundred thorns you pull out one?



2 Learn to live well, or fairly make your will; You've play'd, and lov'd, and ate, and drank your fill. Walk fober off, before a sprightlier age

Comes titt'ring on, and fhoves you from the stage: 325 Leave fuch to trifle with more grace and ease,

Whom folly pleases, and whofe follies please.


1 Non es avarus: abi. quid? cætera jam fimul ifto Cum vitio fugere? caret tîbi pectus inani Ambitione? caret mortis formidine et ira? Somnia, terrores magicos, miracula, fagas, Nocturnos lemures, portentaque Theffala rides ? Natales grate numeras? ignofcis amicis? Lenior et melior fis accedente fenecta? Quid te exempta juvat fpinis de pluribus una? 2 Vivere fi recte nefcis, decede peritis. Lufifti fatis, edifti fatis, atque bibifti: Tempus abire tibi eft: ne potum largius æquo Rideat et pulfet lafciva decentius ætas.

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AGAIN? new tumults in my breast?

Ah, fpare me, Venus! let me, let me reft!
I am not now, alas! the man

As in the gentle reign of my Queen Anne.
Ah! found no more thy foft alarms,
Nor circle fober fifty with thy charms.

Mother too fierce of dear defires!

Turn, turn to willing hearts your wanton fires:

To number Five direct your doves,

There spread round Murray all your blooming loves;

Noble and young, who ftrikes the heart

With ev'ry sprightly, ev'ry decent part;

Equal the injur'd to defend,

To charm the miftrefs, or to fix the friend:
He, with an hundred arts refin'd,

Shall stretch thy conquests over half the kind :




Rurfus bella moves? porce precor, precor.

Non fum qualis eram bonæ

Sub regno Cynaræ. define, dulcium

Mater fæva Cupidinum,

Circa luftra decem flectere mollibus

Jam durum imperiis: abi

Quo blandæ juvenum te revocant preces.
Tempeftivius in domo

Pauli, purpureis ales oloribus,

Comeffabere Maximi;

Si torrere jecur quæris idoneum :
Namque et nobilis, et decens,
Et pro folicitis non tacitus reis,
Et centum puer artium,
Lete figna feret militiæ tuæ:

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To him each rival fhall fubmit,

Make but his riches equal to his wit.
Then fhall thy form the marble grace,
(Thy Grecian form) and Chloe lend the face:
His houfe, embofom'd in the grove,
Sacred to focial life and focial love,


Shall glitter o'er the pendant green,

Where Thames reflects the vifionary scene:
Thither the filver founding lyres


Shall call the fmiling Loves and young Defires;
There ev'ry Grace and Mufe fhall throng,
Exalt the dance, or animate the fong:

There youths and nymphs, in confort gay,
Shall hail the rifing, close the parting day.
With me, alas! thofe joys are o'er ;
For me the vernal garlands bloom no more.
Adieu! fond hope of mutual fire,
The ftill believing, ftill renew'd defire :
Adieu! the heart-expanding bowl,
And all the kind deceivers of the foul!
But why? ah! tell me, ah! too dear!
Steals down my cheek th' involuntary tear?

Et, quandoque potentior

Largis muneribus riferit æmuli;

Albanos prope te lacus

Ponet marmoream fub trabe citrea.

Illic plurima naribus

Duces thura; lyræ et Berecynthiæ
Delectabere tibiæ

Miftis carminibus, non fine fiftula.
Illic bis pueri die

Numen cum teneris virginibus, tuum
Laudantes, pede candido

In morem Saliûm ter quatient humum.
Me nec fœmina, nec puer

Jam, nec fpes animi credula mutui,
Nec certare juvat mero,

Nec vincire novis tempora floribus.
Sed cur, heu! Ligurine, cur
Manat rara meas lacryma per genas?



Why words fo flowing, thoughts fo free,
Stop, or turn nonfenfe, at one glance of thee!
Thee, drefs'd in Fancy's airy beam,

Absent I follow thro' th' extended dream;
Now, now I feize, I clafp thy charms,

And now you burst (ah cruel!) from my arms!
And swiftly shoot along the Mall,

Or foftly glide by the Canal;

Now fhown by Cynthia's filver ray,

And now on rolling waters fnatch'd away.

[blocks in formation]

Inter verba cadit lingua filentio ?

Nocturnis te ego fomniis

Jam captum teneo, jam volucrem fequor

Te per gramina Martii

Campi, te per aquas, dure, volubiles.




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