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Muft never patriot then declaim at gin,
Unless, good man! he hath been fairly in?
No zealous paftor blame a failing spouse,
Without a ftaring reason on his brows?
And each blafphemer quite escape the rod,
Because the infult's not on man, but God?
Afk you what provocation I have had ?
The ftrong antipathy of good to bad.
When Truth or Virtue an affront endures,

Th' affront is mine, my friend, and should be yours. 200
Mine, as a foe profess'd to false pretence,
Who think a coxcomb's honour like his fenfe;
Mine, as a friend to every worthy mind;
And mine as man, who feel for all mankind.
F. You're ftrangely proud.


P. So proud I am no flave:
So impudent, I own myself no knave :
So odd, my country's ruin makes me grave.
Yes, I am proud: I must be proud to fee
Men not afraid of God, afraid of me:
Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne,
Yet touch'd and fham'd by ridicule alone.

O facred weapon! left for Truth's defence,
Sole dread of folly, vice, and insolence !
To all but heav'n-directed hands deny'd,

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The Mufe may give thee, but the gods muft guide: 215
Rev'rent I touch thee! but with honeft zeal;

To rouze the watchmen of the public weal,
To virtue's work provoke the tardy hall,
And goad the prelate flumb'ring in his ftall.
Ye tinfel infects! whom a court maintains,
That counts your beauties only by your ftains,
Spin all your cobwebs o'er the eye of day!
The Mufe's wing shall brush you all away :

All his grace preaches, all his lordship sings,
All that makes faints of queens, and gods of kings. 225




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Safe from the Bar, the Pulpit and the Throne,
Yet Fouchd and shamd by Ridicule alone?

Lp to Sauires part 2.

() Sacred Weapon left for Truths Defence

Sole Dread of Folly Vice and Insolence

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