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Most esteemed Pieces of Poetry,

That have appeared for several YEARS.

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nel for Richardson and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange


6212 C697 1770


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HE Editor's chief intention in making the fol-

lowing Collection was to bring into one point of view the best pieces which have appeared fince the conclusion of Dodsley's Collection; and he will venture to affirm, that whatever be the merit of that entertaining miscellany, this does not fall short any ways of it, as fome of the volumes in that are made up from the publications of a few years ; whereas this contains whatever has been most applauded in a course of twenty. But he has not confined himself to that period only, but inferted many picces, in his opinion, of great merit, which the inattention of the public, or the obscurity of the publication, had long suffered to remain unnoticed. To these are added many originals by writers of acknowledged merit; among which those of Mr. Mendez, author of the Chaplet, and several admired poems in Dodsley's Miscellany, make no mean figure. Mendez was reckoned among the most agreeable poets of his time, and, perhaps, he was the only one that was ever worth one hundred thousand pounds.



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