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N Elegy on the Death of Lady Coventry. By?
W. Mason, M. A.

Isis. An Elegy. By the same

6 Oriental Eclogues. By Mr. William Collins Eclogue I. Selim; or, the Shepherd's Moral ibid. II. Hassan; or, the Camel-Driver

14 -III. Abra; or, the Georgian Sultana

17 -IV. Agib and Sccander; or, the Fugitives An Ode to Fear. By the same

23 The Passions. An Ode for Music. By the same 26 Every Man the Architect of his own Fortune; or,

the Art of Rising in the Church. A Satire. 31

By Mr. Scott of Trinity-College, Cambridge To Pleasure. An Ode. By the same

44 Edwin and Angelina. A Ballad. By Dr. Goldsmith 49 The Gift: To Iris. By the same

56 Cit's Country-box, 1757. By Robert Lloyd, A. M. 57 The Actor. By the same

61 William and Margaret. By David Mallet, Esq; Zephir; or, the Statagem. By the same

75 Edwin and Emma. By the fame. A Prayer for Indifference. By Mr. Greville

87 To Sickness. An Elegy. By Mr. Delap

go Verses to the People of England, 1758. By W.

Whitehead, Efq; Poet Laureat A Song. Written to a Lady Toa Lady before Marriage. By the late ingenious } 99

' Mr. b




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