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To conclude, if the New Teftament contains the true doctrine of Christ Jefus, as fure we are you have good reason to be convinced that it does, and that it was wrote by the immediate aid and influence of his Holy Spirit, with what grateful acknowledgments ought we to embrace thofe facred books, as containing the words of life and eternal falvation; as being the will of the Father, fignified to us by his Son, and live up to the divine precepts contained in them?-How readily ought we, if occafion should require to lay down our lives, as the holy apostles and blessed martyrs did, in vindication of the truth of our most holy religion, through a firm and lively hope, that we shall one day rise again in glory, and inherit those ineffable joys which are promised in the Gospel.

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The Author's Review and Conclufion.





AVING in the foregoing difcourfes advanced a variety of arguments to demonftrate THE TRUTH AND SAFETY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, I fhall beg leave to take a short review of what has been so laid before you, that I may with the greater propriety put the question home to your hearts and confciences, namely, ARE THESE THINGS SO?

You may remember then, that in my first difcourfe, I proved the existence of a God from the various and inimitable works of the creation; from thence I proceeded to demonstrate a future ftate from the nature of the foul; from the miferies of this life, the unequal distribution of the good things thereof; and from the concurrent confent of mankind. As thefe truths may be clearly proved from the voice of nature and reafon, without the affistance of revelation, I flatter myself, I brought fuch arguments to fupport the doctrine propofed, as cannot fairly be confuted.-The next step I deemed neceflary to take was, to demonftrate the divine authority of the facred fcriptures, which I hope I have done, to the conviction of thofe of my hearers, who might poffibly be wavering in their opinion before. That we might not perplex or Y 2 burthen

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