A Chorographical Description of West Or H-Iar Connaught: Written A.D. 1684

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For the Irish Archaeological Society, 1846 - Connacht (Ireland) - 494 pages


Peticon of John Blake alias Caddle A D 1640
Report on the Petition of John Blake alias Caddle A D 1640
Carta Thome de Hebrigge facta Ricardo Cadel A D 1315
Carta Philippi filii Willielmi Erla facta Joh f Walteri Blak A D 1391
Carta Kating Hannyn A D 1394
Inventarium Bonorum et Debitorum Johannis oge Blake et ejus Testamentum A D 1420
Laudum Wil de Burgo sue Nacionis Capitanei c A D 1424
Dede of delyveraunc of vi marc x to Sandere lynche al A D 1430
Arbitryment inter William fy Geffray et Johan fy Henry Blake A D 1445 204
Mayst Manes MDonkyth ys dede A D 1449
Sententia lata inter Ric et Nico Blake c A D 1543
The Order taken betywxt Joh Wak Wlleg y Blaks by ye lord Chaunseler A D 1553
Pettegree of John Blake alias Caddle
Regal Visitation of the College of Galway A D 1615
Concessio iv Marcar in puram Elemosinam Parochiali Ecclesie S Nicolai A D
Dispensacio Maritagii pro Valtero Blake et Juliana Lynch A D 1472
Colacio Archiepiscopi super Rectoriam et Vicariam de Furanmor et Vicariam de Mevay A D 1487
Colacio Archiepiscopi super Rectoriam de Rawyn A D 1488
Resignatio Vicarie de Moculyn A D 1488
Unio Ecclesiarum de Kyllcommyn et Killruyn Collegio A D 1488
Littere inhibitorie contra Richardum de Burgo A D 1492 ib 47 Unio Ecclesiarum de Shruther et Kenlagh pro Collegio A D 1501
Receptio Sandari Lynche et Anastacie ejus uxoris in Confraternitatem Fratrum minorum A D 1521
Confirmacio Beneficiorum pro Collegio A D 1541
An Ordre in the behalfe of the Colledge A D 1542
Morgadg of the juelles of y Chyrche A D 1546
Ad excellentissimum Principem Henricum Octavum Petitio ib 55 Dispensacio pro Nicholao Blake et Sescilia Uxore ejus A D 1556
Inquisittio of the Duties and Rights of St Nicholas his Churche A D 1609

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Page 163 - Nos enim ex nunc irritum decernimus et inane, si secus super hiis a quoquam quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter contigerit attemptari.
Page 157 - ... vestre per apostolica scripta mandamus, quatenus vos vel duo aut unus vestrum per vos vel...
Page 165 - ... evocari non possint per litteras apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad verbum de indulto huiusmodi...
Page 174 - ... spectantibus nulli valeat provideri per litteras apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad verbum...
Page 173 - ... litteras impetrarint, etiam si per eas ad inhibitionem, reservationem et decretum vel alias quomodolibet sit processum...
Page 181 - ... and by the habits of licentiousness and idleness which the generality of the people have acquired in the time of this rebellion ; insomuch that frequently some are found feeding on carrion and weeds — some starved in the highways, and many times poor children who lost their parents, or have been deserted by them, are found exposed to, and some of them fed upon, by ravening wolves and other beasts and birds of prey.
Page 157 - Domino possumus, favorabiliter annuere volentes eumque a quibusvis excommunicationis, suspensionis et interdicti aliisque ecclesiasticis sententiis, censuris et poenis a jure vel ab homine quavis occasione vel causa latis si quibus quomodolibet...
Page 161 - Vite ac morum honestas aliaque laudabilia probitatis et virtutum merita, super quibus apud nos fidedigno commendaris testimonio nos inducunt, ut tibi reddamur ad gratiam liberales.
Page 64 - His angle-rod made of a sturdy oak ; His line a cable which in storms ne'er broke ; His hook he baited with a dragon's tail, And sat upon a rock, and bobbed for whale.

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