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| BOOKS Printed for, and Sold by William Taylor, at the Ship in Paternofter-Row,


HE Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Ezekiel
Lord Bishop of London-Derry.

The Works of Jofephus the Learned and Warlike Jew.

The New World of Words, or Univerfal English Dictionary, the Sixth Edition, Revised, Corrected, and Improved, with the Addition of near twenty Thoufand Words from the beit Authors, By Edward Philips, Gent.

Botanalogia: The English Herbal; or, Hiftory of Plants, containing, 1. Their Names, Greek, Latine and English. 2. Their Species, or various Kinds, 3. Their Descriptions. 4. Their Places of Growth. . Their Times of Flowering and Seeding. 6. Their Qualities or Properties. 7. Their Specifications. 8. Their Preparations, Galenick and Chymick. 9. Their Virtues and Uses. 10. A compleat Florilegium of all the choice Flowers cultivated by our Florifts, interfperfed through the whole Work, in their proper Places; where you have their Culture, Choice, Increafe, and Way of Management, as well for Profit as Delectarion. Adorned with exquifite Icons or Figures of the most confiderable Species, reprefenting to the Life the true Forms of thofe feveral Plants, The whole in an Alphabetical Order. By W. Salmon, M. D.

The Works of that Learned and Judicious Divine Richard Hooker, in eight Books, of the Laws of Ecclefiaftical Polity, com pleated out of his own Manufcripts. Dedicated to the King's Moft Excellent Majefty, Charles II. by whofe Royal Father (near his Martyrdom) the former five Books (then only extant) were commended to his dear Children, as an excellent Means to fatisfy private Scruples, and fettle the publick Peace of this Church and Kingdom. To which are added, feveral other Treatifes by the faine Author, all reviled and corrected in numberless Places of the former Edition, by a diligent Hand. There is also prefix'd before the Book, the Life of the Author, fome time written. By Ifaac. Walton.

An Hiftorical and Critical Dictionary. By Monfieur Bayle. Tranflated into English, with many Additions and Corrections, made by the Author himself, that are not in the French Editions. In 4 Volumes.

Bishop Uber's Life and Leiters.

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- Geodaka: or, The whole Art of Surveying and Measuring Land, &c. By F. Love, Philomath. Note, This Book is Reprinting, with confiderable Additions, which will make it the most compleat Book of Surveying extant,

Bp. Uber's Body of Divinity. The 8th Edition, with Addi8th Edition tions.

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A Commentary on St. Peter. By the moft Reverend Father in God Robert Leighton, late Lord Archbishop of Glafcow. Preletiones Theologica. Ab eodem Authore,

Analysis Equationum univerfalis, feu ad Equationes Algebraicas refolvendas Methodus generalis & expedita, ex nova infinitarum rierum Methodo, deduta ac demonftrata. Editio fecunda, cui accet Appendix de Infinito Infinitarum Serierum Progreffu ad Equationum Algebraicarum Radices eliciendas. Cui etiam annexum eft, De Spatio reali, feu Ente infinito Conamen Mathematico-Metaphyficum. Authore Fofepho Raphfon, A. M. & Reg. Soc. Socio.

Demonftratio de Deo; five Methodus ad Cognitionem Dei Naturalem, brevis ac demonftrativa. Cui accedunt Epiftola quadam mifcellanea; de Anima Natura & Immortalitate, de Veritate Religionis Chriftiana, de Univerfo, &c. Authore Jofepho Raphson, A. M. & Reg. Soc. Socio.

An Univerfity Oration concerning the different Fates of the Chriftian Religion, fpoken in the Publick Act of the University of Geneva the 11th Day of May, 1708. In which the Apoftolical In1titution of Epifcopacy is afferted, Separation on the account of Ceremony is condemn'd, and an univerial Conformity of the Proteftant Churches to the ancient Difcipline and Worship is with'd for. By John Alphonfus Turretin, Paftor, Profeffor of Divinity and Ecclefiaftical History, and Deputy Rector of the Univerfity. The Second Edition. To which is added, Dr. Nicholls's Thanks to Mr. Turretin, Written by Order of the Society for Propagation, for his Oration of the different Fates, dedicated to them.

An Oration of compofing the Differences among Proteftants, wherein the Points in Controverfy between the Lutherans and Calvinifts are ftated, and a Method of Reconciliation proposed, &c. By the fame Author.

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Mercurius Theologicus: or, The Monthly Inftructor; briefly explaining and applying all Doctrines and Duties of Christian Religion that are neceffary to be believed and practifed in order to Salvation. By a Divine of the Church of England. Vol. Int. treats of the following Subjects; Of Happiness, of Religion and Theology, of human Reafon, of Truth and Falfhood, of Good and Evil, of Certainty, of Law, of the Law of Nature, of Duty, of intellectual Virtue, of Knowledge, of Faith, of Wisdom, or Prudence, againit Atheism, of the Spirituality of God, of the Divine Attributes in General, against Politheifm, of the Immutability of God, of the Infinity of God, of the Immenfity of God, of the


Eternity of God, of the Divine Knowledge, of the Wisdom of God, of the Divine Providence.

The Monthly Voyages, being a Collection of Voyages and Travels into all Parts of the World, with the Geography and Hiftory of every Country. Done by fevetal Hands, and none of them ever before printed in English. A Work very curious and entertaining.

The Merchant's Magazine, or Tradefman's Treasury. Containing, (1) Arithmetick. (2) Merchants Accounts. (3) Book keeping (4) Maxims concerning Bills of Exchange, &c. (5) The Port-letters to and from Foreign Countries, &c. (6) An Account of the Commodities of Foreign Countries. (7) A Merchant or Trader's Dictionary, and Precedents of Merchants Writings; with many other things not extant before, as by the Table of Contents appear. By E. Hatton, Gent..

Atlas Geographus ; or, A compleat Syftem of Geography, Ancient and Modern. Containing what is of moft Ufe in Bleau, Varemius, Cellarius, Cluverius, Baudiand, Brietius, Sanfon, &c. With

the Discoveries and Improvements of the best Modern Authors to this time. Illuftrated with about 100 new Maps, done from the latest Observations, by Herman Moll, Geographer. And many ôther Cuts by the bell Artists. To be publish'd Monthly.

Bibliotheca Anatomica Medica Chirurgica, &c. Containing a Defcription of the feveral Parts of the Body, each done by fome one or more eminent Physician or Chirurgeon, with their Diseases and Cures: Wherein are not only all the Tracts of Use that are in the 2d Edition of Bibliotheca Anatomica, lately published by Daniel Clericus and Jacob Mangetus, in two Volumes in Folio; but an Addition alfo of near double the Number of other Curious Tracts, which were either omitted in the faid Bibliotheca, or have been publifhed fince: Sonie of them tranflated, others faithfully àbridg'd, very few of which were ever before in English. Illuftrated with feveral hundred Figures, done by the belt Artifts, and from the truest Defigns, as will appear from the Name to each Figute. To be published Monthly.

Octavo & Duodecimo. ·

Gulielmi Nicholfii Presbyteri Defenfio Ecclefia Anglicane: In qua vindicantur omnia, qua ab Adverfariis in Do&rina, Cultu, & Disci plina ejus, improbantur. Pramittitur Apparatus, qui Hiftoriam Turbarum, è Seceffione ab Ecclefia Anglicana, exortarum continet.

De Chrifto imitando, contemnendif; Mundi Vanitatibus libellus Authore Thoma Kempifio, libri quatuor. Interprete Sebaftiano Caftels lione, quorum altimus eft de Caña Dominica.

A Bridle for the Tongue, under thefe following Heads; viz. Of prophane atheistical Difcourfe, of, Blafphemy, of rafh and vain Swearing, of Falfe-accufing, or bearing Falfe-witnefs, of Calumny or Slander, of Detraction, or Backbiting, and of Tale-bearing and Reproof, of Cenforioufrels, or rash judging, of Scoffing,

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Derifion or Mocking, of Contumely or Reproach; of Impreca tion or Curfing, of Brawling, Quarrelling, or Wrangling, of Dif. fimulation or Deceit, of Flattery, of Lying, Equivocation, Promile-breaking, and Discovering Secrets, of Talkativenefs, Gatulity, or vain Babling, of Oftentation, or Boafting, of Quereloufnefs or Murmuring, of foolish Jefting, of obfcene and immodeft Talk. By Henry Hooton, M A.

The Book of Common-Prayer, and Administration of the Sacrament, according to the Ufe of the Church of England, with the Pfalms of David paraphrafed, together with the Lives of the Apostles, and an Account of the Original of the Fafts and Feafts of the Church, with feveral of the Rubricks occafionally explain'd. By William Nicholls, D. D.

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Three fhort Treatifes, viz. (1.) A modeft Plea for the Clergy. (2.) A Sermon of the Sacerdotal Benediction. (3) A Difcourfe publish'd to undeceive the People in the Point of Tithes, &c. Formerly printed, and now again published, by Dr. George Hickes, in Defence of the Priesthood and true Rights of the Church, a gainst the flanderous and reproachful Treatment of the Clergy, in a late Book of pernicious and blafphemous Doctrines, entitul'd, The Rights of the Church.

Bibliotheca Scriptorum Ecclefia Anglicana: or, A Collection of choice Tracts, relating to the Government and Authority of the Church; containing one of Archbishop Bancroft's, one of Dr. Harry Lefly's, late Bishop of Down in Ireland, two of Dr. John Pearfon's, Lord Bishop of Chester, one of Mr. Samuel Hoard's, Author of God's Love to Mankind; one of Dr. Thomas Bayley's, with feveral others. Recommended by the Reverend Dr. George Hicks. In Odavo.

A Thorough Examination of the Falfe Principles and Fallacious Arguments advanced against the Chriftian Church Prieft-hood and Religion, in a late pernicious Book, ironically intituled, The Rights of the Chriftian Church afferted, &c. In a DiaJogue between Demas and Hierarchia. Humbly offered to the Confideration of the Nobility and Gentry of England, by Samuel Hill, Rector of Kilmington, and Arch-Deacon of Wells.

The unworthy Non-communicant. A Treatife fhewing the Danger of neglecting the Bleffed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper : Wherein its primitive Practice, and the Reasons of its Difule and Neglect are fully fet forth, what are meant by Eating and Drinking unworthily, and Eating and Drinking our own Damnation, are made plain to the meaneft Capacity, all the most material Scruples and Objections commonly urged are fully answered, togther with Forms of Prayers before, at, and after the Receiving of the Holy Sacrament. By William Smythies, late Morning-Lectu rer at St. Michael's Cornhill, London.



An Antidote against the pernicious Errors of the Anabaptifts, or of the Dipping-Sect. Wherein the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of England in relation to Infant-Baptifm, are briefly justify'd and confirm'd by Holy Scriptures and Reason, by the


approved Custom of Chriftians in all Ages fince the Apostles, and by the Judgment of all the Reformed Churches of Europe, and wherein all Objections against it are fully anfwered. By Marius D'Aligny, B. D.

Clavis Ufura: or, A Key to Intereft both Simple and Compound, containing Practical Rules, plainly exprefs'd in Words at length; whereby all the various Cafes of Interest and Annuities, or Leafes, either in Poffeffion or Reverfion, and purchafing Free-hold Eftates, &c. may very eafily be refolved, both by the Pen, and a small Table of Logarithms hereunto annexed, for all Rates of Intereft, and Times of Payments whatsoever; illuftrated by Variety of Ex amples. To which is added, Rules to be obferv'd in estimating the Value of Annuities or Leafes, and Infurances for Lives. Allo the Bufinefs of Rebate or Difcompt, and the Equation of Payments (very useful for Merchants and other Dealers) is here rectify'd and truly determined. By John Ward.

A Compendium of Algebra, containing plain and easy Rules, for the speedy attaining to that Art, exemplified by various Problems," with the Solution of their Equations in Numbers, by a new and general Method of refolving all Kind of Equations with great Eafe and Expedition, very different from all others yet extant, Applied to fquaring the Circle, making of Sines, Tangents, and Logarithms, with great Facility. Alfo an Appendix concerning Compound Interest and Annuities. The fecond Edition corrected. By John Ward.

The Art of Speaking. Written in French by Meffieurs Du Port Royal: In pursuance of a former Treatife, entituled, The Art of Thinking. Render'd into English. The fecond Edition corrected. Logick; or, The Art of Thinking. In which, befides the common, are contain❜d many excellent new Rules, very_profitable for directing of Reason, and acquiring of Judgment, in Things as well relating to the Instruction of a Man's felf, as of others. In four Parts; (1.) Confifling of Reflections upon Ideas, or upon the first Operation of the Mind, which is called Apprehenfion, &c. (2.) Of Confiderations of Men about proper Judgments, &c. (3.) Of the Nature and various kind of Reasoning, &c. (4th.) Treats of the moft profitable Method for demonftrating or illuftrating any Truth. To which is added, an Index to the whole Book. The Fourth Edition, corrected and amended.

A Practical Difcourfe of Repentance, rectifying the Mistakes a bout it, especially fuch as lead either to Despair or Prefumption, perfwading and directing to the true Practice of it, and demonfirating the Invalidity of a Death-bed Repentance. By William Payne, D. D. 2d Edition.

Collectanea Medica. The Country Phyfician: or, A choice Collection of Phyfick, fitted for vulgar Ufe. Containing, (1.) A Collection of choice Medicaments of all Kinds, Galenical and Chymical, excerpted out of the most approv'd Authors. (2.) Hiflorical Obfervations of famous Cures, gathered and felected out of the Works of several Modern Physicians. (3.) Pylaxe Medicine


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