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Origin of Credit as a Paying Power

Receipts for Bullion used instead of Bullion

Bullion Receipts operate after the Bullion has been lent
Bullion Receipt leads to the Bank-note

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Bank Deposits could not all be paid

Bank Credit to some extent as permanent as Gold

Original and Factitious Money

Bank Credit at any moment definite in amount

The first Saving in a Currency was Money Capital

A Saving in a Currency differs from a Saving made in Commodities

Money Capital passes into Money Income

Money the Basis of industrial Calculations

The Aggregate of Income the "Return Power" to Capital
Proportion between Capital and Income

A general Glut habitual in England

Tendency to speculative Excitements progressive
Speculative Enterprises convert Capital into Income
Destruction of Capital leads to Saving

Banking Facilities after a Crisis

Money Capital lost reappears in new Hands

A definite Relation between Capital and Income
Aggregate of Income, how increased

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Money Income from Foreign Trade .
Origin of Income

Capital applied to Production or Distribution
Distributive limited by productive Capital
Incomes arising from creation of fixed Capital
New Money Capital saved out of Incomes

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