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Books printed for J. Pemberton, at the Golden Buck, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street.

Larendon and Whitlock compar'd. To which is occafionally added, a Comparison between the Hiftory of the Rebellion, and other Hiftories of the Civil War. Proving very plainly, that the Editors of the Lord Clarendon's Hiftory, have hardly left one Fact, or one Character on the Parliament Side, fairly reprefented; that the Characters are all Satire, or Panegyrick, and the Facts adapted to the one, or the other, as fuited beft with their Defign. By the Author of the Critical Hiftory of England, &c.

The compleat Houfe wife; Or, accomplish'd Gentlewo man's Companion: Being a Collection of upwards of five Hundred of the moft approved Receipts in Cookery, Paftry, Confectionary, Preferving, Pickles, Cakes, Creams, Jellies, MadeWines, Cordials. With Copper Plates curioufly engraven for the regular Difpofition or Placing the various Difshes and Courfes. And alfo Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year. To which is added, a Collection of near two hundred Family Receipts of Medicines; viz. Drinks, Syrups, Salves, Ointments, and various other Things of fovereign and appro ved Efficacy in moft Distempers, Pains, Aches, Wounds, Sores, &c. never before made publick; fit either for private Families, or fuch publick-fpirited Gentlewomen as would be beneficent to their poor Neighbours. By E. S.

Books printed for J. Gray, at the Cross-Keys in the

A Supplement to Plutarch :

Or, the Lives of feveral

antient and illuftrious Men, omitted by that Au

thor; viz.

L. Junius Brutus,

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Tullus Hoftilius,

Tarquin the Elder,
Faithfully extracted from the Greek and Latin Hiftorians. By
Thomas Rowe. 8vo. Price 4 s.

The Credibility of the Gofpel-Hiftory; Or, the Facts occafionally mention'd in the New Teftament, confirm'd by Paffages of antient Authors, who were contemporary with our Saviour, or his Apoftles, or lived near their Time. With an Appendix concerning the Time of Herod's Death. In two Vol. 8vo. By Nathaniel Lardner.

Mifcellanea Sacra: Or a new Method of confidering fo much of the Hiftory of the Apoftles as is contain'd in Scripture: In an Abftract of their Hiftory; an Abftra&t of that Abstract, and four Critical Effays; with a Preface as an Introduction to the whole. In two Vol. 8vo.


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