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[Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year Eighteen Hundred and Forty-four, by WINTHROP B. SMITH, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Tinited States for the District of Ohio.]


Morgan & Overend, Printers.

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In the preparation of the following work, the compiler has not aimed at originality, but has endeavored to combine and present, as far as could be done in a single volume, the most valuable features of many popular books on the subjects of Elocution and Rhetorical reading. Free use has been made, therefore, of the works of Bell, Graham, Ewing, Pinnock, Scott, Wood, McCulloch, Enfield, Mylius, Sheridan Knowles, and others, and particularly of those of Mr. Walker, whose “ Elocution," and Rhetorical Grammar," constitute the foundation on which all subsequent writers have built. And while the compiler will not compare the present work with the elaborate treatises of several of the authors above named, he trusts he will be found to have culled from their pages every thing that could be made available for a

school manual.

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The compiler has also received much valuable assistance, in the revision and preparation of the manuscript for the press, from an able and experienced teacher, who has devoted much time and study to the subject of Elocution.* He is not without the hope, therefore, that his labors may prove serviceable to those engaged in the business of education.

A renewal of the stereotype plates of this volume having become necessary, the opportunity has been embraced to improve materially its typographical appearance, and to correct such errors as had before escaped detection.

*T. S. PINNEO, A. M., M. D., a graduate of Yale College, late Professor in the Charlotte Hall Institute, Maryland; and more recently, Professor in C2 Marietta College.


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120. Speech on the Trial of a Murderer

125. The Little Brook and the Star...

126. The Same.......

129. Eulogy on Candle Light..
130. Utility of Light........
133. Character of the Puritans....

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