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OUR Readers are now presented with the FIRST NUMBER of a NEW IMPROVED SERIES OF LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, which, the Proprietor trusts, will satisfy the expectations he has raised, and the promises which he has made —An Additional Sixteen Pages of Letter Press, including the Miscellaneous Varieties and Intelligence of the past Month, are given in this Number, and will be continued in every succeeding Number.

The BOTANY, it is hoped, will be sufficiently recommended by the high and scientific character of the Author, DR. THORNTON.-The Music has the special pledge of MR HOOK, the Composer, for its excellence.—The Literary part, it is trusted, is of a much higher character and stamp, than is usually found in the fleeting publications of the day; and the Ornamental portion of the Work may reasonably be expected to give ample satisfaction.


is given this Month, instead of the SECOND PLATE of Fashions; but, in the future Numbers, Two Plates of Costume will constantly be included.

The New Subscribers will find some Continuations of Original Stories (from the former Numbers of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE) in the present Series; but in order that they may not have any frag ments and broken narratives, all the PRIOR PART of such communications, (which are Continued in the present Series) will be Printed for them, and presented GRATUITOUSLY in the first Half Yearly SUPPLEMENT.

Such of our Subscri' ers as have not completed their Sets, are requested to make early application for all ODD NUMBERS which they may want; for as the First Series will never be Re-printed, if they are late in their application, they will incur the risk of broken Sets.-A few complete Sets of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, from the commencement, (forming Seven Elegant Volumes) may be had of the Piøprietor.

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CAROLINE COUNTESS DOWAGER OF KINGSTON, the subject of this sketch, was the grandaughter and sole heiress of James the last Lord Kingston.

She was married at the early age of four teen, to Robert the late Earl; in consequence of which, the large estates of the family were again united. Her extreme youth and beauty engrossed the public attention for a considerable time, particularly as the ages of the pair did not together amount to thirty years, when her son, the present Earl of Kingston, was born.

The late Earl died in 1799, leaving her a widow with twelve children; at which period her large property reverted into

her own hands. She has ever since devoted her time in dispensing those blessings that wealth enables her to do, amongst her numerous family, large tenantry, and poor of the neighbourhood of Mitchelstown, in the county of Cork, where her Ladyship's princely seat of Mitchelstown Castle is situated, around which are numerous monuments of her munificence and charity; the peasantry are brought up in habits of industry, upon plans peculiar to herself, in the manufacture of spinning, weaving, and making lace; all of which are carried on with great spirit and advantage to society.-She is the good Christian, the affectionate parent, and sincere friend.

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