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DIED. At Basingstoke, aged 82, Mr. John|| Granger, brother of the late Rev. James Granger, Vicar of Shiplake, and author of the Biographical History of England.-At Southampton, Miss Vignoli. In her s9th year, Mrs. Newlyn. HEREFORDSHIRE.

An extraordinary circumstance happened at Hereford, on Tuesday, March 26-As Mr. Bavin, of the Oak public-house, at Ross, (who had a horse stolen some weeks ago), and another person, were conveying the supposed offender to Hereford, when the prisoner had reached the third arch of the bridge over the Wye, he attempted to jump into the river. He was caught by the skirts of his coat, which instantly tearing off, he plunged into the stream, and has not since been found.

DIED. At Leominster, Mr. Thomas Simpson, one of the body corporate of that Borough.At Ross, aged 88, Mr. John Prosser.-In her 79th year, Mrs. Hardwicke.


DIED. At Becches, Thomas Woodley, Esq. He was found dead in his bed.-At the Grove, near Watford, Lady Charlotte Barbara Villiers, sister to the Earl of Clarendon.


MARRIED. At Lewisham, Mr. G. Edmunds, of the Exchequer Office of Pleas, Lincoln's-Inn, to Miss C. White, of Soho-square.-At Gillingham, James Smith, Esq. a Chief Clerk in the Check Office, Chatham, to Miss Isabella Stobin,

of Chatham.

DIED.-At Rochester, Mr. Stephen Doorne, banker. At Deal, Mrs. Dixon, wife of RearAdiairal Dixon. She was taken ill whilst serving some friends at a dinner party, and died almost immediately.-Aged s6, Mrs. Mount.-At Chevening, Mrs. Onslow, wife of the Rev. Mr. Onslow.


An occurrence has recently taken place at Lancaster, which excited a strong sensation there young lady, of good connections, was suddenly taken ill in a large party, and a physician being sent for, he declared, in the presence of the company, that the young person was in a way "all ladies wished to be who loved their lords." The lady having unfortunately no lord to love, was so shocked at the exposure, that she quitted the house, and never stirred abroad for Some months. She persisted in denying the Doctor's declaration, but at length privately delivered herself of the child, which she was suspected to have thrown out of the window into a pool of water. By some chance the infant was found in time to preserve its life; but before the mother could be identified, she made her escape, and is now on her voyage to America. She was notwithstanding indicted for the misdemeanor, and a true bill found accordingly.

MARRIED.-At Runcorn, Thomas Sleight, Esq. of Prestalyn Hall, to Mrs. Dampe, relict of Hans Dampe, Esq. formerly his Dauish Majesty's Consul at Liverpool-At Liverpool, Captain Thomas Mudge, of the ship Trio, to Miss Crossland.

DIED. At Oldham, in Lancashire, Mr. Thos. Henshaw, late in the firm of Henshaw, Barkers, and Hadfield, hat manufacturers. He has willed 20,000l. to Mr. John Atkinson, a hat-manufac turer (no relation; 20,000l. to the Trustees of the Blind Hospital at Liverpool; 20,000l. for the founding a Charity School on the plan of Christ's Hospital; many legacies to his relations and friends (from 2001. to 2000l. each) in all about 135,000l. The Trustees of the two Charities are residuary legatees, and will be entitled to many thousand pounds more, as his property is suppos ed to amount to 160 or 180,000l. The above firm gave 500l. to the Blind Hospital at Norwich.-At Liverpool, John Meacock, Esq. an Alderman of Chester. At Lancaster, W. Badsworth, Esq. a Justice of the Peace, and Deputy Lieutenant for Cumberland and Westmorland.


MARRIED. At Hacconby, Mr. FrancisWelby, aged 84, t Miss Mary Fletcher, aged 40.-At Aswarby, I. G. Hibbert, Esq. of Londou, to Diana, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Whichcote, Bart. of Aswarby House.

DIED. At Gainsborough, aged 84, the Rev. Jacob Bretell, Minister to the Congregation of Protestant Dissenters at that place. At Gautby, aged 48, Robert Vyner, Esq. who was twice chosen Member of Parliament for this county, and retired from the representation on account of ill health, when Sir Gilbert Heathcote was elect. ed. In 1786, he married Lady Theodosia, daugh ter of the Earl of Ashburton, by whom he has left nine children.


MARRIED At Hening, the Rev. John Taylor, Rector of Postwick, to Marianne, eldest daughter of Thomas Cubitt, Esq. of Hening-Hall. -The Rev. J. Day, late Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge, to Miss Marianne Marcon, second daughter of John Marcon, Esq. of Swaffham.

DIED At Holkham, Mr. Savage, jun. aged 21. This unfortunate young man was bitten in the fore-finger by a mad dog, about fifteen weeks ngo, and had the part cut out by a surgeon two hours after. The finger had apparently healed, and he felt no farther inconvenience till the Saturday previous to his death, when he was suddenly taken ill, accompanied with all the dreadful symptoms of hydrophobia.-At Catton, Ann, the wife of Lieutenant Warner Spalling, of the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion.-At Lynn, the Rev. John Temple, Rector of Ashwicken with Leziate of Bagthorpe-At Norwich, aged 64, Daniel Ganning, Esq.-Mr. Joseph Scott, who served the office of Sheriff in 1807-Mrs. Baas, wife of Mr. Baas, merchant, and only daughter of John Beales, Esq. of Chediston-Hall. NORTHUMBERLAND.

April 7. This afternoon, a most distressing and melancholy accident happened at sea, near Hartley, by which no less than twenty-three seamen and fishermen have lost their lives. In the morningseveral fishing boats had gone to sea, when a storm arose from the eastward, and the perilous situation of the crews being seen by the spectators on shore, they hastened to Blyth for the lifeboat, which was with wonderful expedition soon brought to the scene of danger. A crew of brave seamen instantly volunteered and manned the

life-boat, who speedily rescued the fishermen, by getting them safe on board, and their numerous relatives who were assembled on the shore already congratulated each other on the speedy deliverance of their friends. Alas! however, when almost within hail of land, the life-boat was driven by a heavy sea upon a ridge of rocks, called Hartley Bates, and such was the tremendous surge, that she almost instantly went to pieces, and the whole crew (twenty-five in number) except two, perished in sight of hundreds of spectators. The two saved were a foreigner, and a seaman named Thomas Lre, belonging to Hartley. A young man of the name of Brown sustained himself upon a piece of rock for some time, but was at length washed off by the surge. Among the suf ferers were a father and four sons, of the name of Armstrong, two brothers of the name of Short, belonging to Blyth, and other two brothers of the same name, belonging to Cullercoates; but many of them have left large families to lament their loss. The scene of distress upon the beach, which this distressing occurrence occasioned, exceeds all description for its extreme horror. Most of the bodies have been washed on shore

MARRIED.-At Sinnington, Lieut. W. Pierson of the 6th North York Local Militia, to Miss Grayson, eldest daughter of Mr. Grayson, of Pickering.

DIED.-At Hexham, aged 84, Mr.T. Lambert. -In his 89th year Mr. Dodd.-At Newcastle, aged 92, Mrs. Lindsay.-In his 88th year Mr. J. || Dotchen. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

MARRILD-At Nottingham, Lieut. Warren Bower of the 36th regiment of foot, to Miss Tavlor.

DIED.-At Bleasby Hall, the residence of his grandfather, Lieut. G. Colclough, of the 20th foot. At Nottingham, in her sed year, Mrs. Cumm. -Mr. Joseph Law, an alderman of the corporation, aged 72.


MARRIED-At Shrewsbury, Thomas Sutton, Esq. surgeon, to Emma, youngest daughter of Edward Bage, Esq. of Belmont.-At Ellesmere, the Rev. H. S. Broome, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of E. Kynaston, Esq.-At High Ereall, Lieut. W. Lawley, of the Wreken Local Militia, to Miss Dixon, of the Marsh, near Wellington.

DIED-At Shrewsbury, on Monday, April 2,|| Thomas Ball, aged 85; it is remarkable that the preceding Saturday he gave orders and was measured for his coffin, desiring that it might be ready at the beginning of the week-At Plus Yollen, Philip, son of C. Morrall, Esq.-At Elterdine, Mr. J. Green-At Lopington, aged 91, Mr. F.



MARRIED.-At Minehead, R. Crosse, Esq. of Stowey, to Miss Greensal-At Clifton, George Brock, Esq. Captain in the 37th Regiment, to Miss Schreiber, youngest daughter of W. Schreiber, Esq. of Brook House, Essex-At Bath, J. O. Oldham, Esq. of Montague Place, London, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late J. Jones, Esq. of Frankley, Wilts.


DIED At Bath, Venanzio Rauzzini, Esq. one of the most celebrated musicians, as a composer and performer, of the present age. He was a native of Rome, and at a very early period was distinguished for his social excellence, exquisite taste, and scientific skill.—The Rev. S. Bennett, nephew to the Bishop of Cloyn.-Edmund Filmer, Esq. son of the Rev. Sir Edmund Filmer, of East Sutton Place, Kent.-Mrs. Lloyd, relict of John Lloyd, Esq. of Berth, Denbighshire,


MARRIEDAI Wraxhall, the Rev. Mr. Pratt, to Caroline, third daughter of J. Adams, Esq.-At Wolverhampton, the Rev. T. Throsby Whittaker, of Whalley, Lancashire, to Miss Hordern, daugh ter of James Hordern, Esq.-P. Wood, Esq. of Cotes, in this county, to Miss Butterton, daughter of W. Butterton, Esq. of Sowdley Salop. At Stoke-upon-Trent, W. Voss, Esq. of Orchard, Dorsetshire, to Miss C. Warburton, daughter of J. Warburton, Esq. Corbridge.

DIED.-At Wedensbury, aged 91, Mrs. Eliz. Educy-At Dumtone, in her 96th year, Mrs. Godwin.-At Litchfield, Mrs. Barnes.-At Upper Sapey, aged 105, Mrs. Perkes. SUFFOLK.

MARRIED.-At Halseworth, Edw. Thomson, Esq. Norwich, to Miss Williamson, daughter of John Williamson, Esq.-At Aldborough, W. J. Ellis, Esq. of London, to Miss Waddington, daughter of J. Waddington, Esq.

DIED.-The Rev. W. Cooke, vicar of Preston in this county, and Melton Parva, Norfolk. -Ar Westerfield, Miss Hitch, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. Hitch. At Axworth Thorpe, in her 824 year, Mrs. Day.-The Rev. A. L. Richardson, rector of Kennet, near Newmarket, and of Fels ham and Newbourn, uear Ipswich.-At Ipswich, Mr. R. Bucke, an eminent surgeon.-At Bury, aged 81, Mrs. Reilley, relict of John Reilley, Esq.-In her 87th year, Mrs. Lehup, a maiden lady.


DIED. At Chichester, Mr. Hoskins, who had been thirty-three years master of the House of Industry in that city. Among his property were found two hundred guineas, one hundred and eighty seven shilling pieces, a considerable number of five and three penny pieces, and an unique collection of other coins-At Millaud House, near Chichester, Johu Wilkes, Esq. editor and proprietor of the Encyclopædia Londinensis.At Cotsfield House, aged 83, J. Fuller, Esq. an active magistrate for this county above fifty years. The bulk of his fortune descends to his nephew aud heir, J. Fuller, Esq. of Rosehill, M.P. for the county.


MARCH 26, an inquest was held at Coventry, ou the body of Eliz. Belt Robbins, a girl sixteen years of age, when, after an investigation of many hours, a verdict was returned of-wilful murder by starving, against T. Swift and his wife, to whom the deceased was an apprentice.

MARRIED. Mr. Griffin, handcuff-maker, of Birmingham, to Mrs. Bourne, of the White Lion, Erdington. Some sneerers at matrimony will say, that the handcuff-making bridegroom is now manacled himself. At Birmingham, Mr. John Moudy Ponter, to Miss Moody, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Moody.

DIED. At Mosely, Mr. H. Parker, attorney at Birmingham.-At Aldridge, the Rev. John Wild, rector of that place.At Warwick, George Arthur, youngest son of the Rev. Mr. Iunis, aged 12.


MARRIED. At New Hutton, near Kendal, Mr. J. Slater, surgeon, to Miss Grey.

DIED.-At Kendal, aged 84, Mrs. Newly.At King'smeaburu, Tamar, the wife of Mat. Dent, They were the oldest couple in that neighbourhood, and had been married sixty-three years.


The extensive cotton mills of Messrs. Jenkins and Cudford, Langley, were entirely destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning, Aprils. Several

head of cattle were destroyed, and such was the rapidity of the flames that very little was saved. The Bre was occasioned by the negligence of a muan setting fire to some flax in the mill.

MARRIED-Mt. Salisbury, John Young, Esq. Captain in the 76th regiment, to Jane, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Frome, of East Woodhay, Hants.

DIED.-At Tisbury, Robert Oberne; he was 101 years of age, and his posterity amounted to 157 persons, viz. 3 sons and 5 daughters, 67 grandchildren, 81 great-grand-children, and 1 greatgreat-grand child.At Fardington, T. Salisbury, Esq. solicitor, and steward to Lord Rivers and W. Morton Pitt, Esq.-At Trowbridge, the Bev. D. Jones, pastor of the General Baptist church in that place. At Salisbury, aged 88, Mrs. Saral Pike.



An inquest was held on Monday, March 19, at Worcester, on the body of the son of Mr. Harris, attorney, of that city. It appears that this youth was on his return to school, after having visited his parents. While on the road he wept, and said to the female who accompanied him that he would not go to school. She intreated him to return home; this he also refused to do, and when they arrived at a place called the Ketch, he said, "Good bye," and rushing down the steep, plunged into the Severn, and was drowned. The Jury found in their verdiet, that the deceased being under the age of discretion (twelve years old), and not knowing good from evil, did in the passion of either grief or discontent, cast himself into the Severn, and was there drowned.

DIED.-At Evesham, in her 80th year, Mrs. Hickman-Near Tenbury, Mrs. Joan Perkins, who had attained, within one month, the age of 105 years.

The following repartee was lately made by a young lady at a boarding school near Halifax. One ofher school mates, who was priding herself over the rest of the scholars on account of the superior dignity of her extraction, and alluding to the Duke of Rd as being a near relation of hers, with haughty demeanour exclaimed,Thank Heaven, I have vet an odd drop of noble blood in me!" To which the other replied, "Then pray, Miss, never get blooded, lest the odd drop should chance to get out." MARRIED At Rotherham, J. Strut, Esq. of Belper, Derbyshire, to Suson, only daughter of J.


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Walker, Esq. of Clifford-At Halifax, J. Stansfield, Esq. of Montreal, to Miss Barnes-At Caw. thorn, nea. Barusley, T. Brammah, Esq. of Londen, to Miss West, daughter of Thomas West, Esq-At Brotherton, J. Perfect, Esq. banker, of Pontefract, to Miss Crowder, daughter of John Crowder, Esq.

DIED At Hull, aged 5, Major Colclough, of the 82d foot, and brother of Lieutenant Col clough, whose death in Nottinghamshire is mentioned in a preceding page.At Hathenage, aged 90, John Cooper, known by the name of Blind Jack. Notwithstanding the loss of his sight when a child, he excelled in running, wrestling, bare-hanging, trout-catching, &c.-At Rippon, aged 84, William Raynard, Esq.At Monk-End, in his 54th year, Edward Robinson, Esq.-At Walton, Margaret, third daughter of J. Richardson, Esq.-At Kirkby-M„or-Side, the Rev. William Comber, who had been 55 years Vicar of that place, aged 84.-In her 96th year, Mrs. Ann Kitchen-At Acomb, Harriet Isabella, second daughter of the Rev. Charles Percival.-At York, Mr. Liston, jun. of Scarborough, Solicitor. He was suddenly taken ill at the Theatre, and on being removed to an adjoining house,expired before medical assistance could be procured.


A singular wager was laid in Leeds a few days since; a person of the name of Jackson, hind to Mr. Joseph Medley, made a bet of five guineas that his two sons, twins, were both of the same weight to a single ounce; but on their being placed in the scales it was found that one of themshire, Robert Perrott, Esq. Captain of the At Lanvechan, Montgomery. weighed an ounce and a half more than his bro-Artillery belonging to Colonel Kynaston Powell's ther. This trial was not thought sufficiently ac- Corps of Local Militia, to Miss Evans, eldest curate, particularly as the heavier boy had on a daughter of Thomas Evans, Esq. of Glanbrogan, pair of shoes newly soled, it was therefore deter- in the said parish.-At Carmarthen, Lieutenant mined to try the experiment in a state of nudity; Hunt, of the 06th regiment, to Miss Vaughan, when it was found that so exactly were they pois- eldest daughter of Captain Vaughan, of the Royal ed, that it was impossible to say whether of the Navy The Rev. F.T. Pappendick, to Miss B. scales in which they were placed preponderated. A. Williams, youngest daughter of the late The age of these well-matched lads is five years. Thomas Williams, of Vellinnewydd, Brecknockshire.


A singular conflict lately took place at Llampe. ter, in Cardiganshire:-Two women, one eighty. eight years of age, and the other eighty-six, who for nearly sixty years had been the most intimate friends, quarrelled respecting a hank of yarn, and after a war of words, proceeded to blows: the anger of each, however, being greater than their strength, a drawn battle was agreed on, in order that they might, on the following day, fight it out with sticks, and the bellman of the town was employed to announce the affray; after beating each other most unmercifully, the Magistrates interfered, and put an end to the contest. MARRIED.

DIED.-At Llanerch Park, Flintshire, H. Leo, Esq. Major of the Flintshire Militia. By his death the beautiful sent in the Vale of Clwyd, and valuable demesnes, become the property of the Rev. W. Davies, restoring to the ancient line an estate it had possessed for many centuries.-At Haverfordwest, aged 109, Dorothy Richards, who enjoyed uninterrupted health till within a few days of her death.-At Bagnor, Hugh Owen, D.D. Precentor of the Cathedral, Rector of Aberfraw Anglesea, and of Llaulifny, Carmarthenshire.

London: Printed by and for J. BELL, Southampton-street, Strand.

FOR MAY, 1810.

A New Series.

Mrs. Fitzherbert

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3. An ORIGINAL SONG, set to Music for the Harp and Piano-forte; composed exclusively for this Work, by Mr. Hook.

4. Two elegant and new PATTERNS for NEEDLE-WORK.



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