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cation of receiving a reward from the Patriotic Fund. The gallant Colonel died at his residence in the New Royal Marine Barracks, Woolwich. Pemberton, Mrs., of Hay, South Wales, 9th Jan., aged 83.

Penn, William, youngest son of the late
Granville Penn, Esq., of Stoke Park,
Bucks, 7th Jan., aged 37.
Pennyman, Elizabeth, dau. of the late
Sir James Pennyman. of Ormsby, co.
York, 31st Dec.

Philips, John Burton, Esq., of the Heath
House, co. Stafford, 25th Dec., aged


Pinder, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Pinder, Esq., at Cheltenham, 7th Jan. Plasket, Maria, youngest dan. of the late Thomas Plasket, Esq., of Cliffordstreet, 17th Jan.

Pollock, Mary, relict of William Pollock,

Esq., of Dublin, 24th Dec., at Emmott Hall, co. Lancaster, aged 83. Poole, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John

Poole, of Enmore Parsonage, 3rd Jan. Portugal, Frederick H. Esq., Surgeon, of Portugal-street, 25th Dec., aged 48. Powell, George, Esq., of Islington, 13th Jan., aged 78.

Powis, Earl of. His Lordship has fallen

a victim to the unfortunate accident he met with while out shooting on the 7th inst, when, by the accidental discharge of his son the Honourable Robert Herbert's fowlingpiece, the contents lodged in his Lordship's thigh, and caused a wound, superinducing mortification, and resulting in the Earl's death on Monday morning last. The deceased, Edward Herbert, second Earl of Powis, was born 22nd of March 1785, the elder son of the late peer, by Henrietta Antonia, his wife, sister and heir of the last Earl of Powis of the family of Herbert. His grandfather was the celebrated Robert Lord Clive, so preeminently distinguished by his gallant achievements as a military commander in India; and his ancestors were the Clives of Styche, a family of considerable antiquity, in the county of Salop. Maternally, Lord Powis derived, in a direct descent, from the chivalrous Lord Herbert of Cherbury. Lord Powis was educated at the University of Cambridge, where he gained considerable distinction, and where he subsequently stood the famous contest with Prince Albert, for the Chancellorship of the University. Previous to his succession to the peerage, he represented the borough of Ludlow in ten successive Parliaments. At the period of his decease he was Lord Lieutenant of

Montgomeryshire, Knight of the Garter, and Recorder of Shrewsbury. His Lordship married, 9th Feb., 1818, Lady Lucy Graham, third dau. of James, third Duke of Montrose; and leaves issue five sons, viz., Edward James, now Earl of Powis, born in 1818; Percy Egerton, Captain in the army, born in 1822; George, born in 1825; Robert Charles, born in 1827; and William Henry, born in 1834; and three daughters, of whom the eldest, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Clive, married, 20th October, 1846, Iugh Montgomery, Esq., of Gray Abbey, county Down. The Dowager Duchess of Northumberland is the only surviving sister of the deceased Earl.

Pratt, Maria Frances, eldest dau. of the Rev. John Pratt, Rector of Seddlescomb, Sussex, 31st Dec.

Proctor, the Dowager Lady, relict of Sir Thomas Beauchamp Froctor, Bart., 25th Dec., aged 89.

Prowse. John Williams, Esq., of Northfleet, 3rd Jan., aged 24.

Pye, Mrs. Henry, 29th Dec., at Louth. Randall, William, Esq., of Milton,

Gravesend, 16th Jan., aged 76. Rawson, Thomas, Esq., of Rose Hill, nr. Liverpool, J. P., 10th Dec. aged 72. Raynsford, John, Esq.. 25th Dec., at

Henlow Grange, co. Bedford, aged 63. Reid, Anna Ivanna, dau. of the late Capt. Reid, of the Royal Artillery, 22d Dec., aged 72.

Rhodes, Mrs. of Cumberland-street, Hyde Park, 8th Dec., aged 79.

Richards, Mary, relict of Wm. Richards, Esq., of Marlborough House, Peckham, 26th Dec.

Ricketts, Elizabeth, relict of RearAdmiral Ricketts, 19th Dec., aged 68. Rippon, Sackville, Esq., at Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby, 9th Jan., aged 44. Rix, Mary, relict of Nathaniel Rix, Esq, of Blundeston, Suffolk, and Chessledone Grange, Essex, 27th Dec.

Robertson, Anne, wife of Henry Robertson, Esq., M.D., 4th Jan., at Boulogne. Robinson, Mowld, Esq., formerly of

Beverly, co. York, 12th Jan., aged 79. Romney, the Dowager Countess, 25th Dec., aged 53.

Rowland, Mrs. John Henry, of Upper Gower-street, 9th Jan.

Salter, David, Esq., at Watford, Herts, 6th Jan.

Sanby, Mrs. William, of Kensington, 25th Dec., aged 89.

Sandys, Richard, Esq., of Slade Lodge, near Stroud, 6th Jan., aged 75. Seawell, Harriet, youngest dau. of the late Henry Seawell, Esq., 13th Jan., at Pendhill, Bletchingley.

Sedgwick, Mrs. James, of Kensington, 1st Jan.

Sercombe, Mrs. Eliza, last surviving sister of the late Bayer Otto Bayer, Esq, of Bentinck-street, 1st Jan. Seaward, Henry Hake, Esq., of South Audley-street, 19th Jan.

Seymour, Frederica Georgiana, eldest dau. of Col. and Lady Emily Seymour, 12th Jan., aged 7.

Shepherd, W. C. Esq., eldest son of the late Julius Shepherd, Esq., of Faversham, 13 Jan. aged 83.

Sherlock, Col. Francis, K.H., late of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoons, and J. P., for co. Notts, 15th Jan., aged 71. Sidworth, the Hon. Mary Anne Ursula Addington, eldest child of Henry, Viscount Sidworth, 24th Dec, aged 65.

Silk, William Henry, Esq., of Cherriesstreet, 7th Jan,

Smith, William, Esq., of Connaughtsquare, 22d Dec., aged 71.

Smith, William, Esq., of Twickenham Park, 21st Dec., aged 73.

Sinith, Mrs. Edward James, of Brixton, 27th Dec.

Smith, James, Esq., Com. R.N., 5th Jan. Sockett, Henry, Esq., one of the Senior

Benchers of Gray's Inn, 26th Dec.,
aged 82.

Somerville, James Craig, Esq., M.D., of
Pangborne, Berks, 26th Dec.
Souper, Woodford Crowe, eldest son of
Philip D. Souper, Esq., of Bedford,
17th Jan., aged 14.

Spiers, Graham, Esq., Advocate Sheriff of Edinburghshire, 24th Dec. at Granton House

Staunton, Major John, of the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion, 13th Jan., aged 71.

Stirling, Mary, wife of Thomas J. Graham
Stirling, Esq., of Strowan, N.B., 23d

Stuart, Lady Frances, relict of Sir Simeon
Stuart, Bart., and eldest dau. of the
last Earl of Carhampton, 4th Jan.
St. Lo, Laurence Edward, Esq., 14th
Dec., at Little Fontmell House, Dorset,
Aged 88.

Swaine, Rear Admiral Spelman Swaine,

14th Jan. Admiral Swaine was the second son of Spelman Swaine, Esq., of Leverington, Cambridgeshire, the descendant of an ancient and highly respectable family formerly residing in Dorsetshire. He entered the naval service as Midshipman, in April, 1782, at the early age of fourteen, under the charge of Captain Albermarle Bertie, of the Crocodile, then engaged in the Channel service; and afterwards on board of the Champion, on the re

commendation of Lord Howe, the First Lord of the Admiralty. In January, 1791, he accompanied Vancouver on board of the Endeavour, on his voyage of discovery, as first Midshipman. He was actively engaged in the arduous boat service during that expedition on the shores of North America, where his name is recorded, as appears by the charts of that celebrated circumnavigator; and having completed the voyage round the world, returned to England in September, 1795. He then served as Lieutenant on board the Spitfire and Princess Charlotte, successfully; and, afterwards, as Commander of the Raven frigate, which was ordered to the Mediterranean, and was wrecked off the coast of Sicily, in 1804. He was subsequently appointed to the Helicon and Statira, having obtained his Captain's commission in 1810. In consequence of the arrangements at the Admiralty, in 1846, he was promoted to the high rank of RearAdmiral on the retired list of naval officers. On the death of Colonel Watson, in 1835, Admiral Swaine was appointed by the Bishop of Ely, to the ancient and honourable office of Chief Bailiff of the Isle of Ely, which he held at the time of his death. We have sketched an outline of his public appointments, but it was not in these alone that his character was developed. During the last thirty years he has lived in the quietude and happiness of domestic life, and there exemplified in all things the stirling qualities of a gentleman and a Christian. By his friends and acquaintances he was universally respected; and by his family his loss will be deeply lamented. Tane, Lient.-Col. Waldegrave, Royal Marines, aged 88.

Tebbs, John, Esq., formerly of Gilmorton,
co. Leicester, 9th Jan., aged 61.
Thompson, F. F., Esq., late of the
E. I. C. S., and of the 1st Somerset
Regiment of Militia, 3d Jan.
Thornton, Anne Christian, relict of
Thomas Thornton, Esq., late of
Springfield-grove, Horsham, 5th Jan.
Tinling, Mary Anne, relict of Major-
Gen. Tinling, Grenadier Guards.
Tompkins, Sarah Savill, eldest dau. of
Benjamin Tompkins, Esq., of Goshing-
hill, 12th Jan., aged 17.

Trench, Anna Marria, relict of Charles Trench, Esq., and eldest dau. of the late Luke White, Esq., 19th Dec. Trounce, Eliza, eldest dau. of the late S. Trounce, Esq., R.N., of Blackheath, 12th Jan.

Truman, Mrs. Christopher, of West

bourn-street, Hyde Park Gardens, 9th Jan.

Trye, Mary, relict of Charles Brandon Trye, Esq., of Leckhampton Court, 14th Jan.

Turner, Mrs. Thomas, of Wingham,
Kent, 11th Jan., aged 58.
Twining, Mrs. George, of Kew, 16th Jan.
Tyson, Lucy Elizabeth, relict of William

Tyson, Esq., 13th Jan., at Bradley
Hall, co. Derby.

Usher, Rear Admiral Sir Thos,, K.C.B., K.C.H., Commander-in-Chief on the Irish Station, 6th Jan., aged 69. The name of Ussher, one of the most gallant of our naval officers, will have record in history, not for its fame alone, but for its connection with that of Napoleon on a memorable occasion. Thomas Ussher was the scion of a highly respectable Irish family, which went to the sister country with King John, when their chief changed his name of Neville for that of the office which he filled under the monarch. Ussher counted among his ancestors the celebrated Archbishop Ussher. His father was the Rev, Henry Ussher; and he himself was born in 1779. He entered the British Navy early in life, and was a midshipman on board the Invincible, in Howe's action, in 1794. He was Acting Lieutenant of the Minotaur, and served on shore with a division of seamen, at the reduction of St. Lucia. He was subsequently Acting Lieut. of the Pelican, in the action with the French frigate Medea, in 1796; at the sinking of the French 16-gun privateer Frompeur, in 1797; and at the capture of Trinidad. He commanded the boats of the Pelican in twenty-fivǝ actions, and was twice badly wounded. When Commander of the Redwing, in 1806 and 1807, he drove on shore a Spanish flotilla at Tariffa; and another at Callasel, Valencia; and he afterwards destroyed three privateers, and attacked a flotilla off Cape Trafalgar, sinking four, and capturing eight vessels. He was captain of the Lewden, in the expedition to Walcheren; and of the Hyacinth, in 1811. While in command of the boats of the latter ship, in conjunction with those of the Goshawk and Resolute, he entered the harbour of Malaga, spiked the guns on the Mole-head battery, and boarded and brought out two privateers. In 1812 Ussher was captain of the Undaunted; and, after some brilliant actions on board of her-among them, the capture of the town of Cassis-he and his vessel were employed to convey Napoleon to Elba. This difficult task

he performed most gracefully, in a manner highly creditable to the chivalrous and triumphant nation whom he served. The Emperor felt so pleased with his conduct, that he presented him with his snuff-box, of great value. An anecdote recorded of this momentous journey illustrates the classic taste and courteous readiness of Ussher. The Emperor, one day during the passage, expressed himself a little apprehensive of the apparent roughness of the weather. "Fear nothing, Sire," replied Ussher, "I have more confidence than Cæsar's pilot." Captain Ussher was created a C.B. in 1818, and a K.C.H. in 1831. In the latter year he was also appointed Commissioner of Bermuda and Halifax dockyards; he was subsequently made a Commodore, and was second in command of the fleet in the West Indies. He received the nomination of RearAdmiral of the White, and as such hoisted his flag on board of the Crocodile, only a few days before his death. Sir Thomas Ussher married a daughter of Thomas Foster, Esq., of the Grove, Buckinghamshire, by whom he leaves three sons and two daughters. The eldest son is a Post Captain in the Navy, the second a Captain of Marines, and the third, we believe, is in the Commissary Department serving at Canada. Sir Thomas Ussher, who was Chief of the Irish Station, died at the Admiralty House, Cove Cork, on the 6th instant, in his 69th year. Sir Thomas had a pension of £250 per annum for wounds received in the service, and another £150 for merit, he was, indeed, in every respect, an ornament to the British Navy. He was remarkable on all occasions, even among the bravest of his companions in arms, for his determination and daring against the enemy; and yet how brightly does his treatment of his Imperial captive contrast with the conduct of others who forgot our national chivalry when the Emperor was at St. Helena.

Vales, the Rev. Edward, of Feltham
Vicarage, 2d Jan., aged 70.
Vaughan, John, Esq., late of the Bengal
Civil Service, 21st Dec., aged 65.
Vere, Mrs., relict of P. Vere, Esq., of
Grosvenor-place, 7th Jan.

Verner, Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. Col.
Verner, and only sister of the Dowager
Duchess of Donegal, 15th Jan.
Vincent, Henry David, Esq., of Kenning-
ton, 8th Jan., aged 63.

Waddilove, Henry Jesse, Esq., of Doctor's
Commons, aged 43.

Wainwright, Arnold Francis, only son of Arnold Wainwright, Esq., of Grafton Manor, co. Oxford, 9th Dec., at New York.

Wakeham, Jane, relict of the Rev. Henry Wakeham, and dau. of the late Josiah Wattidge, Esq., of Bocking, Essex, 6th Jan.

Walker, Charles, Esq., of Ashford-court, Ludlow, J. P., and D. L., 23rd Dec., aged 75.

Wall, Harriett, eld. dau. of the late Rev. Gilman Wall, 1st Jan., aged 72. Warner, Edward, Esq., 17th Dec., at Walthamstow, aged 77.

Watkins, Susanna Eleanora, relict of the Rev. Thomas Watkins, of Pennoyre, and only dau. of the late Richard Vaughan, Esq., of Golden-grove, 25th Dec., aged 81. This amiable lady was the widow of the late Rev. Thomas Watkins, of Pennoyre, co. Brecknock, A.M., F. R. S., only dau. of the late Richard Vaughan, and sister of the late John Vaughan, of Golden grove, Carmarthenshire, Esqrs., Lord Lieutenant and M. P. for that co. for many years. By her demise, the claims of the ancient barony of Elmyn, are vested in Col. Lloyd Vaughan Watkins, M. P., the Lord Lieut. and Custos Rotulorum, for the co. of Brecknock. The remains of this excellent lady were, on Thursday, deposited in the family mausoleum at Llandevailog, Brecknockshire. Watson, Thomas, Esq., of Staplehurst, Kent, 7th Jan., aged 87. Webster, Sarah, wife of John Webster,

Esq., of Whitchurch, Oxon, and late of Kensington, 17th Dec.

Wetenhall, Edmund, eldest son of the late James Wetenhall, Esq., 13th Jan., aged 34.

Wharton, Miss Ann, 13th Jan., at Gainford, Durham, aged 81

Whatley, Elizabeth Kemble, eldest dau. of the late Rev. George K. Whatley, 6th Jan.

Wheeler, Mrs. Elizabeth, of Montagueplace, 16th Jan.

Wickham Christiana St. Barbe, wife of the Rev. Edward Wickham, of Hammersmith, 19th Dec.

Wigney, George, eldest son of the late George Wigney, Esq., of Brighton, 17th Jan., aged 33.

Wilde, Henry Frederick, son of Edward A. Wilde, Esq., of Duke-street, 13th Dec., at Madeira.

Wilkinson, Mrs. Martha, of St. John's
Wood, 30th Dec., aged 77.

Willes, Francis, Esq., at Hanger Hill,
Horne, 26th Dec., aged 70.
Williams, Willis, Esq., half-pay of H. M.

13th Lt. Infantry, 18th Dec., aged 25. Williamson, Lady, relict of the late and

mother of the present Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart., 19th Jan.

Willis, Henrietta Susanna, eld. dau. of the late Hen. Norton Willis, Esq., of Kensington, 25th Dec.

Wolf, The Hon Charles Godfrey, Baron and Knight Banneret of the Holy Roman Empire, 19th Dec., aged 98. Wood Clarissa, second dau. of the Rev. Sir John Page Wood, Bart., 22nd Dec.

Wood, John Loveday, youngest dau. of

the late Lieut.-Col. Edw. Munday Wood, 13th Jan., aged 9.

Woolls, Mary Martha, relict of the late

Rev. John Aubrey Woolls, of Fareham, 7th Jan.

Worth, W. H., Esq., of Stamford Hill, 28th Dec., aged 75.

Young, Anna Maria, relict of Capt. T.
B. Young, R. N., 14th Jan.
Young Mrs. I., 8th Jan., at York-ter-
race, Regent's Park, aged 60.

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