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Medical Department.

Staff As. Surg. Trigance, Apoth. to Forces, vice Burman, dead, 15 June 1830 As. Surg. Fraser, h. p. 18 F. As. Suig. vice Poole, 32 F. 18 do. Hosp. As. Macdonell, from h. p. Hosp. As. 25 do. Robertson, from h. p. do. do.


To be Lieut.-Cols. of Infantry by purchase. Major Lane, from 76 F. 8 June 1830 Bt. Lt. Col. Raitt, Dep. Adj. Gen. in Mediterranean, 14 do.

To be Major of Infantry by purchase. Capt. Scarlet, from 6 Dr. Gds.

11 do.

To be Captains of Infantry by purchase.
Lt. Peck, from 55 F.

Carnegie, from 2 Dr.
Maxwell, from 14 Dr.
Neal, from 16 Dr.
Alexander, from 16 Dr.
Hon. J. Arbuthnot, from 6 Dr.

Fownes, from 71 F.

Teesdale, from 9 F.

To be Lieutenants of Infantry by purchase.

2d Lt. Eaton, from Rifle Brig.

Ens. Western, from 64 F.

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To be Captains of Infantry. Lt. Furst, from 50 F. Walsh, from 64 F. Amos, from 35 F.

8 do.



15 do. 18 do.

25 do.

The under-mentioned Lieutenants, actually serving in a Regiment of the Line, whose Commissions are dated in the year1809, have accepted promotion upon half-pay, according to the General Order of the 27th Dec. 1826.

8 do. do. do. 15 do.

8 June 1830 11 do. 15 do.

h. p.


Lt. Col. Macdonald, 44 F. with Lt. Col Hon. H.
C. Lowther, h. p. 12 F.

Wyndham, 36 F. with Lt. Col. Nickle,

h. p.

Anwyl, 95 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Col. Brotherton, h. p. Maj. Barlow, 3 F. with Maj. Rochfort, 11 F. Capt. Harris, 16 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Lowe, h. p.

Mildmay, 10 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Shedden, h. p.

Hon. G. Upton, 60 F. with Capt. Bagot,

Burges, 62 F. with Bt. Maj. Travers, h. p.
Rif. Br.

Forster, 85 F. with Capt. Wightwick, h. p.

49 F.

Davern, 92 F. with Capt. Bass, h. p. 27 F.
Fletcher, 1 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Evans,

h. p.
Cuppage, 16 F. rec. diff. with Capt. R. A.
Andrews, h. p.

A. Lord Harley, 54 F. with Capt. Fairfield,

Grant, 67 F. rec.diff. with Capt. Blunt, h.p. Houghton, 73 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Widdrington, h. p.

Stewart, 92 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Majendie, h. p.

Colthurst, 99 F. rec. diff. with Capt Ycoman, h. p.

FitzRoy, Gr. Gds. with Capt. J. Marq. of Titchfield, h. p. W. I. R.

Tompkins, 35 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Popham, h. p.

Murray, 42 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Macpherson, h. p.

Mailleue, 99 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Dickens, h. p.

Macdonald, 62 F. with Capt. Twigge, h.p.

62 F.

Byng, Rif. Br. rec. diff. with Capt. Wellesley, h. p. Capt. Shepperd, 6 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Os

borne, h. p.
Lieut. W. Johnston, 21 F. with Lieut, Wightman,
49 F.

Lieut. C. Cumberlege, 4 Dr. with Lieut. Poore,
5 F.
h. P.


Small, 60 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Eaton,

Barker, 64 F. with Lieut. Weston, h. p.
Fitz Gerald, 64 F. with Lieut. Fownes,h.p.
Toole, 80 F. with Lieut. Thornley, h. p.

13 F.

Peel, 3 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. Teesdale, h. p.

Beazley, 32 F. with Lieut. Broadley, h. p. Kirkaldy, 24 F. with Lieut. Peacocke, 59F, As. Surg. Grant, 10 F. with As. Surg. Teevan, M.D. Staff.

Resignations and Retirements.


Clements, 3 Dr. Gds.
Hancox, 7 do.

Hon. H. C. Lowther, 44 F.
Fraser, R. Eng.
Dunkin, h. p. 18 F.


Backhouse, 47 F.
Cuppaidge, 53 F.
Travers, 52 F.
Rains, h. p.


Marq. of Titchfield, Gr. Gds.
Brymer, 6 Dr. Gds.

J. T. Perceval, Gr. Gds.

Hon. M. H. Ongley, 3 F. Gds.
Blair, 3 F.
Courtayne, do.
Galwey, 6 F.
St John, 9. F.
Clinton, 20 F.
Cardeu, 30 F.
Roberts, do.
Drury, 32 F.
Popham, 55 F.
Fairfield, 54 F.
Parker, 64 F.
Smyth, 68 F.
Blackford, 69 F.
M'Callum, 75 F.
Blaney, 80 F.
Burgess, 83 F.
Wightwick, 85 F.
Crawford, 86 F.
Bass, 92 F.
Dickens, 99 F.
Ashe, 1 W. I. R.
Furst, h. p. Unatt.


Simpson, 16 Dr.

Hon. G. H. Ongley, Gr. Gds.
Lord E. Thynne, 7 F.
Rae, 20 F.

Powell, h. p. 26 F.

Trevelyan, 32 F.
Stackpoole, h. p. 49 F.
Birch, 52 F.

Currie, 53 F.
Rose, 55 F.
Bruere, 60 F.
Mitchell, 68 F.
Thomson, h. p. 79 F.
De Visme, 81 F.
Campbell, 82 F.
Grant, h. p. 3 F. Gds:
Waring, h. p. 8 F.
Clarke, h. p. 26 F.
M'Cullock, h. p. 28 F.
Orde, h. p. 29 F.
Barwick, h. p. 45 F.
Garret, h. p. 49 F.
Wood, h. p. 63 F.
Clarke, h. p. 76 F.
Jenour, h. p. 93 F.
Aird, h. p. R. Afr. Co.
Roberts, h. p. 8 Gn. Bn.
Thomas, h. p. Yk. Lt. Inf. Vol.
De Gingins, h. p. Watteville's Regt.
Sullivan, h. p. Unatt.

Cornets and Ensigns.
Hon. F. H. Ongley, R. H. Gds.

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Milne, 9 F.

Lacy, 30 F.
Thompson, 58 F.
Maclean, 68 F.
Chearnley, 88 F.
Shean, 97 F.

Seymour, h. p. R. Wag. Tr.
Smyth, h. p. 14 F.
Milliken, h. p. Staff Co.
Bruce, h. p. 1 Gn. Bn.
J. M. Graham, h. p. Unatt.
W. Graham. do.

[blocks in formation]

Jenks, h. p. 10 Dr.
Lynn, h. p. 11 F.

Corrigan, 39 F.
Bayley, 41 F.

John Humfrey, R. Eng.
Sir C. Imhoff. Kt.
Gabriel Gordon

Peter Heron

John Ramsay, from late Chass.

[blocks in formation]

WAR-OFFICE, 22d July, 1830.

The King has been pleased to restore Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, Kt. to his rank as Major-General in the Army.

General Sir Alured Clarke, G.C.B. 7 F.

His Majesty has been further pleased to command, that Major-General Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, Kt. be promoted to the rank of Lieut.-General in the Army. Commission to be dated 27th May, 1825.

Alex. Adams, from 78 F.
G. Lord Macdonald, from Gren.

The death of Major David Gregory, on the halfpay of the 1st Garrison Battalion, was erroneously reported in the Army List for May last, instead of that of Captain Gregory, on the halfpay of the 5th Garrison Battalion.

To be Field-Marshals in the Army.



G. Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B. 26 Sir J. D. Broughton, Bt.

F. Comm. in Chief in the East Wm. Dyott, 63 F.


Sam. Need, from late 24 Dr.

Edw. Webber

Tho. L'Estrange

Cha. Craven

Jos. Foveaux

Geo. Kinnaird Dana

Jas. Moore, from 40 F.
Sir H. M. M. Vavasour, Bt.
Hen. Raleigh Knight
Sam. Venables Hinde, 98 F.
Tho. Norton Wyndham, from

Berkenhead Glegg
Hon. Jas. Ramsay
Lewis Mosheim

Assistant Surgeons.

Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel Hulse, G.C.H. 62 F. Gov. of Chelsea Hosp.

To be Generals in the Army.

Tho. Baker

Henry Williams
H.Marq. of Conyngham, K. St. P.
and G.C.H. Gov. of Windsor
Hon. Sir Alex. Hope, G.C.B. 47 Hon. John Brodrick

F. Lt. Gov. of Chelsea Hosp.

Sir John Fraser, Kt. Lt. Gov, of Jas. Durham




Sir R. Fergusson, K.C.B. 79 F.
Sir Rob. Macfarlane, K.C.B. and
G.C.H. 89 F.
J. Gustavus Crosbie
Edw. Stack

Sir Henry Warde, K.C.B. 68 F.

Hon. David Leslie, from 48 F.
John Manners Kerr, from late 5 Rob. Visc. Lorton
Vt. Bn.

Thomas Scott, from 91 F.

To be Lieutenant-Generals in the Army.

Hen. John Cumming, 11 Dr.
Sir Cha. Philips, Kt. from 44 F.
Henry Bruce, from 31 F.
Tho. Birch Reynardson

I. Earl of Carysford, from Gr.

Sir P. Maitland, K.C.B. 1 W.

1 Hon. Tho. Edw. Capel, from Gren.


Sir W. Sheridan, Bt. from Coldst.
Godfrey Basil Mundy, from 2 F.


Sir H. Turner, G.C.H. and K.C.
19 F.

Christ. Chowne, 76 F.
Hon. W. M. Maitland
John, Lord Crewe

Hon. Sir G. L. Cole, G.C.B. 27 F.
Gov. of Gravesend and Tilbury

Quin John Freeman, from 16 F.
Geo. Earl of Granard
Fra. Moore

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Sir Colquhoun Grant, K.C.B. and Hon. Sir R. W. O'Callaghan, K.
K.C.H. 15 Dr.

C. B. 97 F.

Sir Jas. Lyon, K.C.B. and G.C.H
24 F.

Sir John Keane, K.C.B. 91 F.
Lord G. T. Beresford, ō Dr.
Rob. Campbell

Jas. Orde, from late 99 F.
Cha. Bulkeley Egerton
Sir T. S. Beckwith, K.C.B. Rif.

Rob. Balfour, from 2 Dr.
Rob. Earl of Carnwath, from 60 F.
Jas. Cumming, from 47 F.
Henry Eustace, from late Eng. in

Sir Colin Halkett, K.C.B. and
G.C.H. 71 F.

Sir H. E. Bunbury, Kt. K.C.B.
from late Newf. Fenc.

Sir W. Hen. Clinton, G.C.B. 55

I.Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B. 93 F.
Sir R. H. Vivian, Bt. K.C.B. and
Sir Fred. Adam, K.C.B. 73 F.

K.C.H. 12 Lancers

Benj. Lord Bloomfield, G.C.B. and
G.C.H. R. Art.
Geo. Cookson, from R. Art.

p. Unatt.

To be Major-Generals in the Army.

Colone s.
Rob. Ellice, h. p. 101 F. Mark. Napier, h. p. 69 F. Count Fra. Rivarola, R. Malta
Sir J. Buchan, h. p. Unatt. J. Wardlaw, h. p. Unatt.

Fenc. Regt. Edw. Pritchard, R. Art.

Jonathan Yates, h. p. R. York Hon. Sir R. L. Dundas, K.C.B. h. Norman M‘Leod, h. p. New Rang.

p. Perm. Assist. Q. M. Gen. Bruns. Fenc. Jas. Kearney, 2 Dr. Gds.

Lord Rob. Manners, 3 Dr. Maurice Cha. O'Connell, 73 F. Edw. Jas. O ́Brien, h. p. Unatt. Hon. Hugh Arbuthnot, h. p. 52 F. Jas. Pat. Murray, h. p. 5 Gn. Bn. Tho. Foster, h. p. 3 Gn. Bn. Sir Robert Arbuthnot, K.C.B. h, Jas. Viney, R. Art.

Hon. J. Ramsay, h. p. Unatt. Geo. Elliot Vinicombe, R. Mar. Jas. Alex. Farquharson, 25 F. G. G. Carleton L'Estrange, do. Sir Hugh Gough, Kt. h. p. Unatt. Rob. Owen, h. p. Unatt. T. Pearson, 23 F. Jas. Macdonell, Coldst. Gds. A. G. R. Norcott, Rifle Brig. Dug. Little Gilmour, h. p. Unatt. Lorenzo Moore, 35 F. Cha. Bruce, 64 F.

Sir G. H. B. Way, Kt. h. p. 3 R. And. Pilkington, h. p. 2 Ceyl. R. J. F. Fitz Gerald, 20 F.

Vet. Bn. John Gardiner, h. p. 1 F: J. Shortall, late R. I. Art. Sir Jas. Douglas, K.C.B. h. p. Geo. Middlemore, Insp. Field. Rich. Legge, do.

Port. Serv. Officer of Militia

Rob. Crawfurd, late R. I. Art. and John Waters, h. p. Unatt. Sir Wm. Williams, K.C.B. h. p. h. p. 73 F.

Wm. Macbean, h. p. 11 F.
Port. Serv.

Arth. Benj. Clifton, h. p. Unatt. Sir W. P. Carrol, Kt. 18 F.
Jas. Lomax, h. p. 60 F.
Wm. Stewart, 3 F.

Rt. Hon. Sir Hen. Hardinge, K. J. W. Sleigb, 11 Dr.

U. Cornwallis Eustace, h. p. Unatt. C.B. h. p. 1 Greek Light Inf. Alex. Nesbitt, h. p. Q. M. G. Dep. C. Murray, Lord Greenock, h. p.

Sec. at War. W. G. Davy, h. p. 7 Gn. Bn. R. Staff Corps.

Sir Geo. Elder, Kt. Lt. Gov. of St C. W. Maxwell, h. p. 21 F. Effinghame Lindsay, h. p. 22 F. John's, Newf. Cha. Ashworth, h. p. Port. Serv. Sir Alex. Leith, K.C.B. h. p. 18 F. Willoughby Cotton, 14 F. Rob. Beevor, R. Art. John Ross, h. p. Unatt.

John Clitherow, 3 F. Gds. Arch. Campbell, h. p. 90 F. Sir John Brown, Kt. 13 Dr. John Hanbury, Gr. Gds.

To be Colonels in the Army.

Lieut.-Colonels. Peter Kettlewell, late R. I. Art. J. Fox Burgoyne, R. Eng. John Ready, h. p. 1 Gar. Bn. Forster Coulson, do. T. K. Burke, f R. Newf. Vet.Comp. Charles A. Vigoreux,

45 F. Rich. Uniacke, do. Tho. Dalmer, h. p. 43 F. Sir Jas. A. Hope, K.C.B. 3 F. G. Geo. Irving,

do. Sir Hen. Watson, Kt. h. p. Port. Sir Rob. John Harvey, Kt. h. p. Wm. Smith, h. p. 50 F.


Port. Serv. John Watling, h. p. Port. Serv. Edw. Walker, h. p. 60 F. Sir H. D. Ross, K.C.B. R. Art. Molyneux Marston, h. p. 37 F. Tho. Evans, 70 F.

Sir E. K. Williams, K.C.B. 41 F. Sir Fra. H. Doyle, Bt. h. p. 54 F. John Johnston, h. p. Unatt. Henry Sullivan, 6 F. Dep. Lt. of Tower Arch. Maclaine, do.

Burgess Camac, h. p. Unatt. Henry Yonge, h. p.

53 F. Wm. Gordon MacGregor, I. F.O.R. M.Donall, h. p. Gleng. Fenc. Wm. Gray, h. p. 1 F.

of a Rec. Dist.

Henry John, h. p. Unatt.
Edw. Darley, 58 F.
Jas. Hay, h. p. 17 Dr.

Richard Armstrong, 26 F.
J. Rich. Ward, Perm. Assist. Qua. Wm. Wood, h. p. 41 F.

Andrew Brown, 79 F. Mast. Gen.

Wm. Warre, As. Qu. M. Gen. Robert Waller, As. Q. M. Gen. Hen. Williams, h.p. 2 late Gn. Bn. Cha. Ashe a'Court, h. p. 1 Gr. Lt. Sir Frederick Stovin, K.C.B. h. p. Wm. Vincent Hompesch, h. p. Inf.

Unatt. Unatt.

Geo. Cha. D’Aguilar, h. p. Unatt. Sir Grey Campbell, Bt. do. Christ. Hamilton, 97 F.

Cha. Wm. Pasley, R. Eng. Richard Goddard Hare, do. John Daniell, 49 F.

Jacob Glen Cuyler, h. p. Cape R. Sir C. Felix Smith, Kt. R. Eng. Wm. Williams Blake, h. p. 20 Dr. Geo. O'Malley, 88 F.

Alexander Thomson, h. p. 98 F. Sir E. Miles, Kt. 89 F.

Nicholas Ramsay, h. p. 5 Gn. Bn. Cha. Grene Ellicombe, R. Eng. Geo. Teesdale, 1 Dr. Gds. Peter D'Arcy, h. p. 7 do. Henry Goldfinch,

do. W. H. K. Erskine, h. p. Brads. John Gillies, h. p. 40 F.

James Webber Smith, R. Art. Levy

Edw. Row. J. Cotton, h. p. 10 F. John William Mallet, 86 F.
Geo. Jas. Reeves, h. p. 27 F. Lt. Charles Turner, h. p. Unatt. Miller Clifford, 58 F.
Gov. of Placentia

Wm. Francis Bentinck Loftus, F. G. Heriot, h. p. Canad. Volt., Matthew Mahon, h. p. R. York h. p. 38 F.

Samuel Rice, 51 F. Rang.

Francis Skelly Tidy, I. F. o. of Wm. F. Pat. Napier, h. p. 13 F. Hon. Henry Murray, h. p. late 18 Rec. Dist.

John Duffy, h. p. Unatt.
George Burrell, 90 F.

Martin Lindsay, 78 F.
J. Mathias Everard, h. p. 77 F. J. Farrer, h. p. 2 Greek Lt. Inf. Henry Daubeney, h. p. 85 F.
John Grey, h. p. 5 F.

Robert Ross, 4 Dr. Gds. Douglas Mercer, 3 F. Gds. , Geo. Wyndham, h. p. 20 Dr. T. Brabazon Aylmer, h. p. 9 F. Fra. Miles Milman, Coldst. G. Alex. Cameron, h. p. 1 Greek Lt. Jas. M.Dermott, late of R. Mil. John Reeve, h. p. Unatt. Inf. Dep. Gov. of St Maws Coll.

Jacob Tonson, h. p. 37 F. Sir Jas. Wilson, K.C.B. h. p. 18 Hen. J. Riddell, As. Qu. M. Gen.Wm. Alex. Gordon, h. p. 95 F. F.

Rich. Goodall Elrington, 47 F. Steph. A. Goodman, h. p. 48 F. Sir J. May, K.C.B. and K.C.H. R. H. C. E. Vernon Graham, h. p. Thomas Kenah, h. p. 58 F. Art.


To be Aides-de-Camp to the King,

With the rank of Colonel in the Army.

Sir Robert Gardiner, K.C.B. & Thomas Wm. Brotherton, 95 F. Andrew Creagh, 81 F.
K.C.H. R. Art.

Sir A. J. Dalrymple, Bt. h. p. Jas. Robertson Arnold, R. Eng. John Freemantle, Coldst. Gds. 2 Gar. Bn.

William Wemyss, h.


93 F. Lord Geo. Wm. Russell, 90 F. Sir James Henry Reynett, Kt. Geo. Fitz-Clarence, h. p. Unatt. Edward Wynyard, Gren. Gds. K.C.H. h. p. 52 F.

Dep. Adj. Gen. to the Forces James Fergusson, 52 F.

William Smelt, 37 F.

To be Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army.

John Moore, 54 F.

Robert Campbell, h. p. 28 F. John Bradish, h. p. 2 Ceyl. R. James Jones, h. p. 15 Dr.

Hector Cameron, h. p. 9 F. Richard Jones, h. p. 81 F. Charles Milner, h. p. 3 F. Joseph Creighton, h. p. 59 F. John Campbell, h. p. York Lt. Williain Fawcett, h. p. 14 F. Wm. Somersall Forbes, 89 F. Inf. Vol. Joseph Philott, h. p. 35 F. Wm. Vincent, Perm. As. Q. M. Don. M‘Niel, h. p. Cape Regt. W. M. G. Colebrooke, R. Art. Gen.

G. S. Thwaites, h. p. 57 F. Thomas Tisdall, late R. I. Art. Bayntum Stone, h. p.

58 F. W. Sall, R. Newf. Vet. Comp. Maxwell Close, h. p. 1 Gar. Bn. Tho. Sam. Nicolls, h. p. 24 F. Sam. Bircham, Ceyl. Rifle Reg. Matthew Ryan, h. p. Unatt. Denis O'Kelly, 11 F.

Samuel Colberg, h. p. 60 F. Wm. Henry Taynton, h. p. 31 F. Charles H. Smith, h. p. 15 F. Robert Hilliard, h. p. 4 F. Fountain Elwin, h. p. 44 F. G. Aug. Eliot, h. p. Unatt. Lord R. Kerr, h. p. 5 Gar. Bn. Wm. Mansfield Morrison, h. p. James Jenkin, do.

J. S. Lindsay, h. p. 3 Ir. Brig. 23 Dr. J. Lewis Basden, 89 F.

George Bunce, h. p. Unatt. Wm. Hart Lapslie, h. p. 29 F. D. Campbell, h. p. 79 F. Nath. Harn. English, R. Mar. Thomas Hole, h. p. 25 Dr. James Poole Oates, h. p. 88 F. Richard Bunce,

do. James Peat, h. p. 25 F.

Edw. T. FitzGerald, h. p. 12 F. Nicholas Brutton, 11 Dr. Mark Anthony Bozon, 93 F. Charles Pratt, h. p. 96 F. William Morris, h. p. Unatt. Hugh John Cameron, h. p. York Geo. Spottiswoode, h. p. 71 F. Rich. Rochfort, h. p. Dep. Staff Chass.

James Harvey, h. p. 92 F. John M Mahon, 2 F. Henry White, 96 F.

Loftus Gray, h. p. Rifle Brig. Dan. O'Donoghue, h. p. 1 Gar. Edward Carlyon, h. p. 66 F. Charles Campbell, h. p. 94 F. Bn. George Germ. Cochrane, h. p. Hamlet Obins, h. p. 53 F. Thomas Adair, R. Mar. 3 Prov. Bn. of Mil. George Tovey, 5 Ė.

Jos. Jerrard, h. p. 6 Gar. Bn. Patrick Campbell, h. p. 52 F. Gilbert Elliot, h. p. 29 F. Rob. Terry, h. p. 51 F. Town Thomas Weare, h. p. Unatt. Jas. Horton, h. p. Meuron's R. Adj. at Malta Thomas Burke, h. p. 4 F. James Laing, h. p. 61 F.

J. T. Whelan, h. p. Newf. Fenc. James Bogle, 94 F.

Edw. Anth, Angelo, h. p. Newf. Arthur Morris, h. p. 14 F. Alex. Todd, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.


To be. Majors in the Army.

M. M. Tew, 31 F.
R. J. Denham, 13 F.

P. Faddy, R. Art.
R. Parry, R. Mar. Art.
A. F. Crawford, R. Art.

J. Kitson, 44 F.
R. White, R. Mar.
H. W. Gordon, do.

H. Hawkins, 3 F. Gds.
J. Maugham, do.
J. S. Pilcher, R. Mar.

W. Walker, R. Mar.
R. Owen, do.
J. R. Hore, do.

J. B. Harris, R. Eng.
J. Darby, R. Art.

T. L. Lawrence, R. Mar. Art. E. E. Hill, 96 F.
S. Rudyerd, do.
C.S. O'Meara, 46 F.

F. Fuller, 59 F.
J. J. Hollis, 25 F.
J. Swinburn, 32 F.

F. Waters, R. Mar.
A. Mackenzie, R. Newf. Vet. R. Moore, 45 F.

W. H. Slade, R. Eng.

J. Garvock, Assist. Adj. Gen. D. E. Johnston, 5 F.
W. Bentham, R. Art.
E. S. Mercer, R. Mar.

W. Wylde, R. Art.
J. Proctor, 30 F.
R. S. Wilkinson, do.

C. E. Gordon, do.
R. Hunt, 57 F.

R. S. Aitchison, Cape Mo. Rifle S. Noel, 92 F.
E. Charleton, 61 F.
J. W. Nunn, 80 F.

G. Ingham, Ceylon Rifle Reg.
C. Bennett, 64 F.
C. Schaw, 33 F.

W. Taylor, R. Mar.
J. Moore, R. Mar.
J. Tongue, 30 F.

J. Harper, R. Eng.
B. Half hide, 44 F.
J. Johnston, 44 F.

J. M Cullum, R. Mar.
R. Mullen, 7 F.
W. S. Bertrand, 14 F.

W. E. Maling, R. Art.
J. Bent, 5 F.
T. Mitchell, R. Mar.

G. Macpherson, 99 F.
F. Heatley, 47 F.
J. Oldfield, R. Eng.

T. S. Begbie, 82 F.
J. H. Phelps, 51 F.
M. Dixon, do.

T. Lemon, R. Mar.
J. Rivers, 91 F.
R. King, R. Art.

J. J. Anderson, 10 F.
C. C. Dansey, R. Art.
W. D. Jones, do.

P. W. Walker, R. Art.
H. Pratt, 18 F.
R. Jebb, 40 F.

A. Maclachlan, do.
J. Henderson, 71 F.
P. D. Calder, R. Eng.

T. Scott,

A. K. Colley, R. Mar.
J. FitzGerald, 8 F.

C. Blachley, do.
H. Welman, 57 F.
J. H. Barnett, 40 F.

A. F. Barbauld, 54 F.
W. North, 68 F.

P. Lowen, Cape Mounted Rifle R. N. Crosse, 36 F.
W. Smith, 5 F.
F. Arabin, R. Art.

T. Pardoe, R. Wagg. Tr.
E. Renwick, 83 F.
C. Dixon, R. Eng.

S. Kennedy, 68 F.
E. Bissett, R. Art.
R. Hammill, 18 F.

G. E. Jones, 89-F.
D. J. MacQueen, 74 P.
P. Duncan, 66 F.

J. Longley, R. Art.
F. G. G. Lee, R. Mar.
M. Macgregor, 78 F.

P. Baylee, 63 F.
G, A. Delhoste, 35 F.
R. B. Hunt, R. Art.

H, R. Moor, R. Art.
P.S. Norman, 56 F.
C. Cruttenden, do.

B. Jackson, R. Wagg. Tr.
S. Workman, 35 F.
J. Williams, R. Mar.

H. G. Jackson, R. Art.
Brevet. Major Campbell, 9 Dr. Lt. Col. in the 13 Dr. H. H. Kitchener, Cor. by purch. vice
16 July, 1830

Eyre, ret.

29 June 1830 1 Life G. Cor. and Sub-Lt. Caulfield, Lt. by 14

Maj. Gen. Sir E. Kerrison, Bt. Col. purch. vice Du Pre, ret. 18 June

vice Sir J. 0. Vandeleur, 16 Dr. Hon. H. Cholmondeley, Cor. and Sub

18 do Lt.


Cor. and Adj. Leary, Lt. 29 do. 4 Dr. Gds. Cor. Quantock, Lt. by purch. vice Sto- 16

Lt. Gen. Sir J. 0. Vandeleur, K.C.B. ry, prom.

from 14 Dr. Col. vice Fd. Mar. Earl L. Place, Cor.

of Harcourt, dead

18 June 7 Vet. Surg. Schroeder, from 13 Dr. Vet.

Lt. Douglas, Capt. by purch. vice MenSurg. vice Anderson, dead do.

teath, ret.

6 July 6 Dr. Cor. and Adj. Sillery, Lt. 20 do.

Cor. Cornish, Lt.

do. 8 Lt. Shedden, Capt. by purch. vice Hill,

D. L. Campbell, Cor.

do. prom.

6 do. Gren. Gds. Ens. and Lt. Ricketts, Lt. and Capt. by Cor. Ball, Lt.


purch. vice St Clair, ret. 29 June Ens. Hon. G. A. Craven, from 67 F.

2d Lt. Spottiswoode, from Rifle Brig. Cor.

Ens. and Lt.

do. 13 J. Legrew, Vet Surg. vice Schroeder,

J. H. Hudson, (Page of Honour to his 7 Dr. Gds.

9 do.
late Majesty,) Ens. and Lt.

6 July

6 July



Gren. Gds. Hosp. As. Caton, As. Surg. vice Pik- 74 F. Bt. Lt. Co! M'Dougal, from h. p. Maj. ford, res. 6 July 1830

vice Marshall, Insp. Fd. Off. of Mil. Ens. and Lt. Fitz Roy, Adj. vice Ver.

in Nova Scotia

16 July 1830 non, res. Adj. only

16 do. 81

Ens. Clifford, Lt. by purch. vice 3 F. Gds. Burton, Lt. and Capt. by

Blaydes, ret.

29 June purch. vice Keppel, ret. 6 do.


W. H. Wellesley, Ens.
Ens. Fitz Roy, from 43 F. Ens. and Lt. 82 Bt. Maj. Firman, Maj. vice Grant,


20 July

do. Lt. and Capt. Colville, Capt. and L!.

Lt. Latham, Capt.
Col. by purch. vice Ebrington, ret. do. 84 Capt. Clarke, from h. p. Capt. vice Da-
Ens. and Lt. Moncrieffe, Lt. and Capt.

vies, prom.

do. do.

- Hon. N. H. C. Massey, Maj. by Hon. C. H. Dillon, Ens. and Lt.

purch. vice Rowan, ret. 16 do.

do. Lt. and Capt. Digby, Capt. and Lt. Col.

Lt. Hassard, Capt. by purch. vice Hall, ret. 20 dɔ.

2d Lt. Thomson, 1st Lt.

do. Ens. and Lt. Taubman, Lt. and Capt.

Lord H. Beauclerk, from 25 F. do. 2d Lt.

do. R. F. B. Rushbrooke, Ens. and Lt. do. 90 J. H. Cotton, Ens. by purch. vice Capt. Farquharson, Maj. by purch, vice

James, proin.

29 June Bell, prom.

29 June 91 Capt. Mahon, from h. p. Capt. vice Lt. La Touche, Capt.

Hearn, ret.

20 July Ensign Coltman, from h. p. Lt. do. 95 Ens. Rogers, Lt. vice Clayton, dead do. 13 Ens. Edwards, Lt. by purch. vice

Gent. Cadet, C. P. Hamilton, from R.
Blackwell, prom.

Mil. Coll. Ens.

do. R. G. Hughes, Ens.

do. 98 H. D. Cowper, Ens. by purch. vice 19 Lt. Burns, Capt. vice Gurwood, prom.

Blackiston, ret.

do. 20 July

Rifle Brig. G. K. Carr, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Spot21 W. H. Duff, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Hon.

tiswoode, Gren. Gds.

29 do. J. Sinclair, prom.

6 do.

Garrisons. 23 W. L. Willoughby, 2d Lt. by purch. vice Lord H. Beauclerk, 87 F. 16 do.

Gen. R. Lord Hill, G.C.B. & G.C.H. Gov. of 24 Lt. Harris, Capt. vice Hon. C. T.

Plymouth, vice Field Marshal Earl Harcourt,
Monckton, dead

11 May

18 June 1830 Ens. Brown, Lt.


Gen. W. Earl Cathcart, K.T. Gov. of Hull, vice
Gent. Cadet H. Farrant, from R. Mill

do. Coll. Ens.

9 July

Capt. Griffiths, h. p. 91 F. Fort Maj. Newf. vice 33 Cor. Stanford from h. p. 12 Dr. Ens.

6 July vice Tully, res.

Campbell, ret.

Hosp. Assist. Magrath, M.D. Assist.

Ordnance Department.
Surg. vice Walker, dead 29 June.
Ens. Williamson, Lt. by purch. vice R. Art. ist Lt. Morgan, 2d Capt. vice King,
Miller, ret.

16 July
h. p.

30 June 1830 F. Todd, Ens.

20 Lt. Warde, 1st Lt.

do. 34 As. Surg. Hendrick, M.D. from h. p.

2d Capt. Chesney, Capt. vice Bt. Maj. 63 F. As. Surg.

2) do.
Greene, superseded

3 July 36 Capt. Smith, from 49 F. Capt. vice Bell,

1st Lt. Warde, 2d Capt.

do ret.

6 do.
2d Lt. Tytler, 1st Lt.

do. Lt Wake, Capt. by purch. vice Mit

Vet. Surg. Percival, from 6 Dr. Vet. chell, ret.

16 do.

Surg. vice Coward, h. p. 9 do. Ens. Nugent, Lt.


2d Lt. Tireman, 1st Lt. vice Pearce, J. Fleury, Ens.


4 do. 37 W. Q. Ward, Ens. by purch. vice R. Eng. 2d Capt. Waters, Capt. vice A. Thom. O’Beirne, ret. 6 do.

21 do. 38 Lt. Vernon, Paym. vice Grant, dead

1st Lt. Streatfield, 2d Capt.

do. 9 do. 2d Lt. Bailey, Ist Lt.

do. 41 H. Greville, Ens. vice Kirkbride, canc.

Capt. Hustler, Lt. Col. vice Vigoreux. do, dead

9 do. 13 Maj. Booth, Lt. Col. vice Haverfield,

2d Capt. Prince, Capt.

22 do. dead

29 June
1st Lt. Portlock, 2d Capt.

do. Capt. Johnston, Maj.

2d Lt. Denison, 1st Lt.

do. Lt. Harris, Capt.

do. H. W. Bunbury, Ens. vice Fitz Roy,

Staff 5 F. Gds.

do. Ens. Sanders, Lt. vice Thomas, Adj.

Maj. Gen. John Macdonald, Colonel of the 67th

Regt. of Foot, to be Adj.Gen. to the Forces, vice

16 July Gent. Cadet, J. T. W. Jones, from R.

Lt. Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, G.C.H.

27 July, 1830 Mil. Coll. Ens.

do. Col. Geo. Fitzclarence, (Aide-de-Camp to the Lt. Thomas, Adj. vice Harris, prom. King,) to be Dep. Adj. Gen. vice Maj. Gen.


do. 44 Ens. Bayly, Lt. vice Wilson, dead

17 Apr.

Lt. Col. Lord C. Fitz Roy, Dep. Adj. Gen. in Mediterranean, vice Raitt, res.

29 June Wm. Evans, Ens.

29 June

Maj. Marshall, from 79 F. Insp. Field o. of Mil. 19 Capt. Conry, from h. p. Capt. vice

in Nova Scotia, with rank of Lt. Col. in the Smith, 36 F.

16 July
Army, vice M.Dougall, 79 F.

16 July 61 Ens. Gloster, Lt. vice Burslem, dead

Bt. Lt. Col. Beresford, from Staff in N. America, 18 Feb.

Perm. Assist. Qua. M. Gen. vice Broke, Dep. Gent. Cadet R. Aldridge, from R. Mill.

Qua. M. Gen. in Nova Scotia

20 do. Col. Ens.

9 July

Maj. Broke, Perm. Assist. Qua. M. Gen. Dep. Qua. 62 Ens. Best, Lt. by purch. vice Conry,

M. Gen. in Nova Scotia, with rank of Lt. Col. prom.

29 June
in the Army, vice Beresford

do. D. S. Cooper, Ens.

do. 64 Ens. Douglas, Lt. by purch. vice Da

Hospital Staff vidson, ret.

20 July W. J. James, Ens.

do. Staff Assist. Surg. Reid, from h. p. Assist. Surg. 67 E. H. Mortimer, Ens. by purch. vice vice Magrath, 33 F.

29 June, 1830 Hon. G. A. Craven, 8 Dr. 6 do. Hosp. Assist. Gordon, from h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice Serj. Maj. W. Fisher from 77 F. Adj. Hunter, 2 F.

25 do. and Ens. vice Deverell, res. Adj. only

M'Gregor, from h. p. Hosp. Assist. 16 do. vice West, 40 F.

do. 68 Maj. Reed, Lt. Col. by purch. vice

Primerose, from h. p. Hosp. Assist. Hawkins, ret.

20 do. vice Caton, Gren. Gds. 74 R. Maxwell, Ens, by purch. vice De

Murray, M.D. from h.p. Hosp.Assist. Koven, ret. 16 do

13 do

son, dead

8 July

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