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use rechargable batteries, they last hollie said, that, said, hollie, with, the, its the, leave it, alone, said, hollie, sorry, said, sandy, put it under, said, hollie, this is wision, lets post, said, hollie, paul is not carin about you, said, hollie, showed, its your reverend hollie said, its, paul mooney, alright, shakes, pastor paul mooney, thats brian lane, looking at, visions, Lord he taught me said reverend brian lane, but, both, its witchs, said, hollie, thats Jesus entering into bob like body his perfect size, thats girl from, calvary tabernacle, reading visions, trembles, its micki sue, said, hollie, micki mooney has never been Holy Ghost baptized, said, Jesus, its o.k., said, micki mooney, your outta here, micki mooney said, dont show her visions, said, Jesus, it wont do no good, thats your reverend said, Jesus, tim pedigo, appearing, his hair in one vision, is, brown, in another, its, gray, he, dyes his hair, said, Jesus, thats, chuck barcus shaking yes, both witchs, said, God, put it under, said, hollie, thats, linel m. anderson, not saved, but, hollie shows, the inside of calvary tabernacle, we worship other Gods, said, young woman, they do what they please, said, Jesus, but, theres, young girl, o yeaow, its Jesus, she said, witchs, thats, paul mooney appearing, but reverend mooney already knows, said, Jesus, thats paul d. mooney shaking, yes, bob loves, calvary tabernacle, thats, showed hollie, calvary christian school, being taught by hair dyers, o, yes, were apostolic, said, woman, showed, cut off, thats, indiana bible college, being, taught by, its showed, hollie, witchs, thats young, said, Jesus, andrea king, shes, not, said, micki mooney, accountable yet, but, those fools, said, Jesus, thats tim pedigo and paul mooney appearing, chuck barcus, swallows, they dont filter, they, take, saith the LOrd, they are, telling me to leave them alone, said, Jesus, im the devil said micki sue mooney, paul mooney shakes, yes, tim pedigo, its adena, said, rev. tim pedigo, both, thats adena pedigo, showing cut off, bob, prays, leave them alone, tim pedigo read visions, thats bob and Jesus together, theres no use, said, bob, they, dont, do, a, bad job, save them, thats tim pedigo strengthening, they can get thru cause I wont let them thru, said, Jesus, thats, josh anderson, said, hollie, showing cut off, yes, shakes, his, matt gordon, both witchs, devils, said, hollie, why, said, bob, thats tim pedigo folding up visions, he, said, Jesus, I knew said tim pedigo, showed, cut off, write the vision, said, hollie, submarine are right there, no s, said, hollie, now look, she, said, thats, captain, hollie, surfacing, iraq exploded, gaza burned, thats israeli prime minister with nuclear button, I ate chicken, said, president bush, ate, hollie pushes to podium, bush eats, its our oil well contract, war, bush leaves eating, hollie takes to fire, o, said,  

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