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process of the bouh, 299; Persian en. on English bumour, ib.; ' Don Juan,'
tertuinment, 30l; lieut.-col. Johusou's 374 ; subject and character of the
account of the fortifications of Tabreez, present poem, ib.; the palais royal,
303 ; poisonous bug, 30+; mysterious 375; Frescali, 376; the gaming-table,
murder oj Mr. Brown, 305; magnifi. 377; portraits of gamblers, 378; cau-
cent mausoleum at Sultania, 306 ; tion to tourists, 379; stanzas to an in-
Elborz range, 307 : Tehraun, ib. ; fant,'ib.
Persian improvisatori, 308 ; anecdote of Russian character, remarks on, 420.
Mirza Sheffu. ib. ; ceremonial of the
Nowroose, 909; royal garden, 311; Sabbath, perpetuity of the, maintained
state of manners, 312 ; portrait of the

in refutation of Paley, 272 ; argu-
king, ib; descriplion of a caravansary, ments drawn from Heb. iv. 9, and
313.1, Ispahan, 314; Persian paint- Matthew ix. 14, untenable, ib. ; criti-
ers, 315; state of the Armenian po- cism on Col. ii. 17, ib.; its original
pulation, ib. ;, the Alesh-gah, ib. ; the institution nol' referred to, Exod. xvi,
gourkkur, or wild ass, 316; ruins of 22—30, 273; its indirect benefits,
Mourg-aub, and tomb of Cyrus, 317; 274; inestimable imporlance as a means
mountain of sepulchres, ib.; Perse- of communicating knowledge to the poor,
polis, 318; arrow-head character ib. ; its primary benefits, 275; its po-
probably a variation of the Hebrew, litical importance, 276; its religious
ib.; testimony to Henry Martyn, 319; importance, 550.
Shiraz, 320 ; faults of the author's Suy, J. B., opinion of, on productive fa-
style, 321.

bour, controverted, 73,
Poussin, memoirs of, 214, et seq. ; re- Schmidii concordantia, 457, et seq.;

macks on the genius of, 223, 227; utility of the work, 457; history of
see Graham.

the divisions of the sacred text, 458;
Powell, Vavasor, notice of, 475.

concordances of St. Caro, Betulejus,
Preaching, remarks on, 172, et seq. ; 456. and the Stephens's, 459; merits of
Pun, definition of tbe, 444.

the present publication, 460.
Purilans, martyrs, 484.

Scott's, John, sketches of manners in the

French provinces, 161, et seq. ; lite-
Redford's true age of reason, 175, 6; rary character and death of the au-

impolicy of legal proseculions of unbe- thor, 161; island of Jersey, 162;

lievers, 176; analysis of the tract, ib. sail up the river Rance, ib. ; wretched-
Reformation, the English, considera- ness of the population of Brittany, 163;
tions on, 488, et seq.

their hostility to the English, 164 ;
Reformers, declarations of the, 492.

castle of Vitré, ib. ; importance of the
Rent, causes of, 80, 1.

tie of domestic servitude, 165; Cha-
Revelation the foundation of theologi. . teau Gontier, ib. ; Angers, ib. ; effect

cal science, 109, on the internal evi. of gothic architecture, 166; Italian ca-
dence of, 180-3.

puchin friar, ib. ; nature of the prin-
Ricardo, opinions of, on value, &c. 73, ciple which originated cathedrals,
75,78; on rent, 79.

167; low slale of religion in Italy, ib. ;
Richards's Welsh Nonconformists' me- the catholic ritual not adapted to take a
morial, 321, el seq.; 463, et seq. ; con- deep hold of the imagination, ibi ; the :

tents of the work, 322 ; author's apo- Austrians in Italy, 168; genius anul
logy for druidism, 334; his hypothesis policy of Bonaparte, ib.; meleor-like
as to the origin of Pelagianism, 469 ; character of his power, 169; his real
objections to it, 470; character of the monument, ib.; the French deficient
work, 475.

in imagination, ib. ; influence of the
Rome, a poem, 552, el seq.; author's de- Scriptures on our national taste, 170.

fiance of critics, 552 ; argument of Scott, rev. T., eminence of as a con-
the puem. 553 ; St. Peter's at Rome, mentator, 86; account of the works
554 ; apostrophe to author's native land, of, 87; biographical notice of, 88;

thoughts of, on the means of reviving Tea
Ross's voyage of discovery, 50; dimi- ligion, 91.

nished value of the work, 56; its pal- Select female biography, 178.
try decorations, 58; see Arctic Voy. Selfishness, awful consequences of, 382.

Sermons, remarks ou the delivery of,
Rouge et Noir, and other poems, 373, et 172.

* • ; ou the Whistlecrall style, 373; Serpents, incantatiou by, 333,517.


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Sketch of a plan for settling in Upper parle, 417 ; the nero noblesse, 2b.; pre

Canada, 370—2 ; inducenients to set- licy of Bonaparte in the murder of
tlers, 370; important preliminary the duke d'Enghiep, 418 o further se-
considerations, 371; claims of the In- verities against author, ib. antigal-
dians, ib.

licanism of M. Schlegel, 419; au-
Sketches of lodia, 522, et seq. ; merits thor's escape into Russia, 420; her

of the work, 522 ; descriptive sketches feelings at the sight of the sea, iba z au-
of various groupes, ib. el seg. ; inlelli- thor's remarks on the Russian charac-
gent docility of the elephant, 525; ter, ib. ; merits and demerits of the
ruins of Bijanagur, ib. ; moral condition translation, 421.
of the Hindoos, 527 ; effect of native Stage, the, remarks on, 567; Chinese, 570.
schools, ib. ; Abdool Messee, 529 ; Staunton's Chinese embassy; 35, et
state of the Mahommedan population, seg. ; merits and attainments of the
ib. ; British convert to Hindooism, translator; 35; peculiarity of the
530 ; future prospects of British In- Chinese language, 36; dictionary of
dia, ib. ; ruins of Gour, ib. ; quihor's 200 volumes, ib.; the Chinese a nation
feelings on spending Christmas Day al of readers, 37; pricity of works relat-
Nya Serai, 531.

ing to foreign nations, 38; nature of
Sketches of sermons, 445, el seq. ; pre the present work, ib.; cimplicity of the

judice against lay-preachers, 445; author, 39; imperial instructions to the
Jay-teaching sanctioned by episcopal ambassador, 40; brutal punisbments
authority, 446; inadequacy of the in China, ib.; imperial edick, 41;
apparatus of a church establishment, Chinese drama, 42;

see Vol. XII.
ib. ; high-church dissenters, ib.; apo- N. S. inder.
logy for illiterale teachers, 447; vul- Stillingfieet, Bp., on the amusements of
gar teachers not preferred by the clergymen, 565, et seq. ; see Three
Tower classes, 4+8 ; duty of lay co- Dialogues.
operation, 449; examples of distin-
guished usefulness in laymen, ih.; de- Taxidermy, 158, et seq.; history of the
sign and opinions of the authors, 450 ; art of preserving animal specimens,
sermon on Isa. xxxv. 8, ib. ; sermon on 159 ; method of mounting the elephan!
Rev. xxii. 5, 453 ; sermon on 2 Cur. in the French musenin, 160.
xii, 9, 455; legitimate use of the vo- Taylor's, Jefferys, Esop in rhyme, 195,
fumé, 456; general remarks, 457.

et seq. ; neglect of the old fabulist,
Sophocles, remarks on the genius of, 175; the ass in the lion's skin,lib.;

the fox and the crow,' 176 ; le cha-
Southey's expedition of Orsua, 250, et meleon,' 177.

seq. ; frightful nature of the story, Test act, history of the, 499.
250 ; ils supposed moral, 251 ; origin Three Dialognes on the apjusements of
of the expedition, ibo; infatuated clergymen, 565, et seq. ; authorship
policy of Orsua, ib.; formation of the and merit of the work, 565; erception
conspiracy, 252 ; death of Orsua, in favour of angling omong comusements
ib. ; proceedings of the conspirators, involving the destruction of dise; ib.;
253 ; sanguinary atrocities of Aguirre, tenderness towurd animals not always
ib.; the tyrant nu beretic, 254 ; his connected with virtue, 566; alreedote
death, ib. ; reflections on his charac- of S. J. Pratt, ib. role; cards, ib.;
ter, 255; author's facetions parallel the stage, 567; music, ib.; shuttlecock,
of Aguine ond Croinwel, 256.

568; Pascal, a shoem-ksr, ib.
vision of judgment, references Townshend's, C. H., poems, 43, et seq.;
to, 222, 256, 428.

difference of bulk between modern
Staël's, Mde', de, ten years' exile, 412, poets and their predecessors, 43; song,

et seq. ; literary value of the work, . amiil the west;' 44 ; song of the sea-
412; Bonaparte interesting only nymphs,' ib. ; separation,' 45; 10
from his power, 413; merit of au- the selling sur,' 46; hints to the au-
thor's opposition to Bona parte, ib. ; thor, 47; on romantic feeling, 48;
intolerable nature of her exile, ib.; song, ' I know thee now,' 49;
meanness of her tyrant, 414; his jea- stancy,' ib.; an anthology of minor
lousy of author's reputution, ib.; source poets desirable, 50.
and basis of author's enthusiasm for Trinity, arguments in support of the doc-
liberty, 415; tuworthy atiempt to trine of the, 261.
depreciate her, 416; portrait of Bonu- Turnbull's view of church government,


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et seq.

on, 373.

398, et seq. ; importance of the sub- 362; facts the true source of doctri-
ject, 398 ; inaccurate statements of nal difficulties, 363; misinterpreta-
the author, 399 ; on the term elder, tion of Rom. ix. 3., ib.
400; deacon and elder convertible terms, Ward's sermon on the design of the
ib.; the fathers inadmissible testimony, death of Christ, 382, 3; awful conse-
401; argument from 1 Tim. v. 17, ib. ; quences of a life of selfishness, 382.
remarks on author's reasoning, ib. ; Wallace, apocryphal legend of, 429 ;
epistle to Heron, 403 ; author's as- feat of at the barns of Ayr, 432.
persion on the strict independents, Wealth, definitions of, 71.
403; elders have some kind of authority, Welsh language, remarks on the, 326,
404; obscurity of the author's phra-
seology, ib.; attempt al defining the Welsh nonconformists, memoirs of, 475;
authority of elders, 405; on the mutual see Richards.
relation of churches, 405'; hypothetical Whistlecraft school of poetry, remarks
journey of St. Paul to Galatia, 407;
remarks on the apostolic council at Wiclif, account of, 8, et seq.
Jerusalem, Acts xv., ib.; exceptionable Williams's • daily bread,' 367-9; me-
statement relative to the inspired nature rits of the compilation, 367; methta-
of their decree, 408 ; objects of the asso.. tion on Deut, vii. 2. by A. Fuller, 368.
cialion of churches, 409; futility of the Wilson's sermons on the death of Scott,
project, ib.; misquotation of Dr. 86, et seq.; eminence of Mr. Scott
Wardlaw, 410; evils inseparable as a commentator, 86; value of his
from interfering with the concerns of commentary, ib.; notice of Mr. Scott's
churches, 411; legitimate means of other works, 87; biographical notice,
promoting union, ib.

88; on the reproach of Calvinism,

ib.; author's teslimony to Calsin's merits
Union, congregational, remarks on, 409, us a commentator, 89; unguarded ex-

pressions relative to the doctrines of
Unitarians, why not Christians, 264 ; grace, 90; on the apostolic use of the

unjust and impolitic treatment of, doctrines of election, &c. ib.; hints

for promoting a revival of religion by

Mr. Scott, 91.
War, details of, 421, et seq.

Witherby's bints to commentators, 462;
Ward's farewell letters, 356, et seq. ; exceptionable character of works on

astonishing labours of the Baptist the prophecies, ib.; author's princi-
joissionai ies, 356; effects of the distri- ple, ib. ; recommendation of arch.
bulion of the N. Test. 357; progress of deacon Woodhouse's work, ib.
the mission and schools, ib.; simultane- Wrangbam's lyrics of Horace, 502, et
ous success of other missions, 358; seq.; amusements of clergymen, 502;
unsuitableness of the feelings expressed at no adequate translation of Horace,
religious annitersaries, 359; contents ib. ; character of his genius, 503;
of the work, ib. ; buneful effect of nar- merits of the present translation, ib. ;
row and exclusive views of the Divine so- ode 1, 2, 50+; ode 1. 4, 505 ; ode I. 7,
vereignty, 360 ; symptoms of spiri- 506; ode I. 12, 507; exceptionable
tual plethory, ib.; "antinomian ob- renderings, ib. ; ode . 24, 508 ;
jections to missions, 361; • the doc- Wrangham compared with Francis.
trine of the Divine decrees not ib. et seq.; ode II. 20, 510; ode 111.3,
chargeable with such a tendency,' 511; ode III, 11, 512 ; ode IV. 2, 513.

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