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** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the Press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

On the 15th of the present month will be published, the Second Edition, revised and greatly enlarged, of An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. By Thomas Hartwell Horne, M.A. Curate of the United Parishes of Christ Church, Newgate Street, and St. Leonard, Foster Lane. In four large volumes 8vo. Illustrated with fifteen maps and facsimiles of MSS. Price £3. 3s. More than one third of the present edition consists of new matter. For further particulars see Select Literary Information in our Number for September.

New edition of Baxter's Practical Works. Mr. Edwards, of Crane Court, who, about thirteen years ago, issued proposals for the republication of the whole of the Practical Works of this eminent divine, when he reluctantly abandoned his purpose for want of sufficient encouragement, has resolved to commence this undertaking, in the hope that the present period will be found favourable to the prosecution of his object. Many ministers and private christians of various denominations have lately been very solicitous for a new and complete edition of Mr. Baxter's Practical Works in a more convenient form than the folio edition, which is now become extremely scarce and expensive. It is computed that the whole will make about 16 volumes in octavo, each volume to contain upwards of 500 pages; it is to be printed on fine demy paper, with a new type cast for the purpose; and one volume to be published every two months, or oftener, till completed. The work to be edited by the Rev. T. Cloutt, of Walworth.

A new edition of Drew on the Resurrection, is in the press, and will be ready in a few days.

Mr. R. Bloomfield, author of the Farmer's Boy, has in the press, the May-day of the Muses.

Mr. Gill is preparing for publication, a Technical Repository of Practical In


formation, on subjects connected with the new improvements and discoveries in the useful arts.

The Rev. T. L. Strong, will soon publish, Six Discourses, preached before the University of Oxford, with an appendix,

The Rev. Edmund Butcher has in the press, a volume of Prayers for the use of families and private persons; including a prayer adapted to each discourse in his three volumes of Sermons.

The Rev. E. C. Tyson is printing a Treatise on the Summation of Series by Increment.

Mr. Peter Nicholson's System of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, in a large octavo volume, for schools, which has been some years in the press, is expected to appear before Christmas.

Dr. John Reade has in the press, a Treatise on Vision, founded on new and interesting experiments.

Mr. Thomas Webb is preparing a Greck and English Prosodial Lexicon, with synonims and examples, marked and scanned in the manner of the Latin Gradus.

Mr. Evans, printer, of Bristol, will soon publish, a Chronological Outline of the History of Bristol, embellished with architectural drawings by Mr. O'Neill.

A new volume of Sermous selected from the Manuscripts of the late Dr. James Lindsay, is now preparing for the press, by his Son-in-Law, the Rev. Dr. Barclay, and will be published by subscription.

In the course of a few days will be published, The Private and Confidential Correspondence of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, principal Minister to King William, for a considerable period of his reign. By the Rev. Archdeacon Coxe.

The Second Vol. of Sir R. K. Porter's Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. is nearly ready for publication. It will be illustrated with numerous engravings of portraits, costumes, antiquities, &c. &c.

interesting volume of Travels appear shortly, by W. J. Burchell, Esq. whose researches in the interior of Southern Africa, during a five years' residence in that country, comprise a variety of discoveries and observations which have never yet been laid before the public. Numerous engravings from the Author's own drawings, with an en tirely new map, will illustrate the work.

Mr. Charles Mills, Author of the History of the Crusades, will shortly lay before the public, the First Part (comprising Italy) of the Travels of Theodore Ducas, in various countries of Europe, at the revival of Letters and Art.

The Memoirs of the Court of King James I. by Lucy Aikin, in 2 vols, 8vo. is nearly ready.

Preparing for publication, Two Voy, ages to New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land; including a description of the present condition of that interesting colony; with facts and observations relative to the state and management of convicts of both sexes, under sentence of Transportation. Also, reflections on Seduction, and its general consequences, By Thomas Reid, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, and Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

A new edition (being the 7th) of Conyersations on Chemistry, is preparing for the press, with considerable additious,

The Speeches of the late Right Hon. Henry Grattan, edited by his Sọn, will appear shortly in 4 vols. 8vo.

Mr. A. T, Thomson, F. L.S. &c. &c. has in the press, Lectures on the Elements of Botany, Part I.-Containing the Anatomy and Physiology of those organs on which the growth and preservation of the plant depend with explanations of the Terminology connected with these parts. 8vo. illustrated by marginal cuts, and copper-plates.

The Rev. Samuel Burder, A.M. is preparing a new edition of his Oriental Customs, or an Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures, by an explanatory ap plication of the Customs and Manners of the Eastern Nations, and especially the Jews, therein alluded to. This edition will be considerably enlarged.

Vol. III. of the Dublin Hospital Re. ports and Communications in Medicine and Surgery, will be published in De• cember.

The Sixth Part of Dr. Whittaker's General History of the County of York, is just ready.

The Proprietor of the Portraits of

the British Poets, respectfully informs the Subscribers to that work, that, in consequence of the lamented death of Mr. Thurston, the publication of Part XI. is unavoidably postponed, from the first of November to the first of January, To prevent, however, any delay in the completion of the work, two Parts will be published together on that day..

Dr. Watkins, Author of the General Biographical Dictionary, will shortly publish, an interesting work, consisting of Memoirs of self-educated persons, who, by their own exertions, have risen to eminence in literature and science.

Miss Benger is busily employed on Memoirs of the Life of Mary, Queen of Scots, which will be published in the course of the winter.

A work entitled, The present State of Europe, will shortly appear.

A new edition of Systematic Educa tion, or Elementary Instruction in the various departments of Literature and Science, with practical rules for studying each branch of useful knowledge. By the Rev. W. Shepherd, the Rev. J. Joyce, and the Rev. Lant Carpenter, LL. D. is in the press, with considerable additions.

The Rev. W. Thorn, of Penrith, has in the press, a new and enlarged edition of his Lectures on the Christian Sabbath.

Preparing for publication, The Preacher, in 6 vols. 12mo., or Sketches of Original Sermons, from the MSS. of two eminent divines of the last century, With a familiar Essay on Pulpit Composition. Principally intended for Young Ministers and Lay Preachers. Vol. I. 5s.

In the press, a new metrical Version of the Psalms of David, with an appendix of select Psalms and Hymns adapted to the service of the United Church of England and Ireland for every Sunday in the year, festival days, saints' days, &c. By the Rev. Basil Wood, A.M. of Trinity College, Oxford, and Rector of Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks.

In the press, Sketches of (50) Ser mons. Vol. II. 12mo.

In the press, and in a few days will be published, the following discourses by S. Sleigh, of Salisbury. Jayful Anticipations: a Sermon occasioned by the death of Mrs. Sloper, Infant Hosannas a Sermon, containing many particulars in the life and death of a child belonging to the Scots Lane Sunday School.

Mr. Morison, Minister of Trevor Cha

pel, Brompton Row, has in the press, a volume of Lectures, in 12mo. on the Reciprocal Obligations of Life; in which the domestic, the ecclesiastical, the patriotic, and the mercantile relations are respectively treated. The volume will appear in the month of February, 1822.

The Rev. Joshua Marsden, Author of the Amusements of a Mission," has in the press and nearly ready for publication," Forest Musings," or Delineations of Christian Experience, in verse. To which are prefixed, Sketches of the Early Life of the Author. In one small Vol. 12mo. With a portrait.

Shortly will be published, The "Carnival of Death," a Satirical Poem. By Mr. Bailey, Author of "What is Life" and other Poems.

Mr. Duaghson, of Prescot Strect, is preparing for publication, a Translation of Baron Larrey's new work, entitled, "A Collection of Surgical Observations.” With Notes, &c. by the Translator.

Nearly ready, Lady Jane Grey and her times. By Mr. George Howard. Illustrating the manners and customs of former days, with numerous anecdotes of the distinguished persons and events of that period, and embracing the earliest records of the Reformation, drawn from sources for the most part hitherto unexplored.

In the press, Johnson's Dictionary in Miniature; improved and enlarged by George Fulton, Author of a Pronouncing Dictionary, Spelling-Book, &c. to which are subjoined, Vocabularies of Classical and Scriptural Proper Names; a concise account of the Heathen Deities; a collection of quotations and phrases from the Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish languages; a Chronological Table of

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Remarkable Events from the creation of the world till the present time; and a brief List of Men of Genius and Learning, in one volume 18mo.

In the press, Letters of Junins; with Preliminary Dissertations, and copiousNotes. By Atticus Secundus. In one neat pocket volume, with seven portraits and vignette title.

Dr. Wilson Philip has just ready for publication, in 1 vol. 8vo. A Second Edition of his Treatise on Indigestion, with some additional observations.

Mr. J. C. Pritchard, F. L.S. &c. has . ready for publication, a Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System, Vol. L comprising convulsive and maniacal affections. The design of this work is to illustrate by numerous cases of epilepsy, mania, chorea, and the different forms of paralysis, the connection between affections of this class aud a variety of disorders of the natural functions.

Dr. Forbes has just ready, in one vol. 8vo. a translation of A Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest, in which they are described according to their anatomical characters and their diagnosia established on a new principle, bymeans of acoustick instruments, with plates: from the French of R. T. H... Laeunec, to which Dr. Forbes has added a preface and notes.

Mr. R. D. Hamilton has ready for publication, in one vol. 8vo. The Principles of Medicine on the plan of the Baconian Philosophy, Vol. I. on febrile and inflammatory diseases.

In the press, Sea Sermons, in one vol. 12mo. for the use of sailors and masters of ships, by the Rev. G. Burder, Author of Village Sermons.


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which the chief cities, towns, rivers, lakes, and mountains are laid down, but their names omitted, with a view to exercise the pupil. 4d. each.

Souter's New Series of Copy Lines.' Five sorts. 2d. each; or, with slope lines, 3d. each.

A Dictionary of French Verbs, shewing their different governments: with a table of the irregular verbs, and some remarks on the tenses of the conjugation, and the article. By J. C. Tarver. 8vo. 7s. 6d.TM

Clavis Homerica; or, Lexicon of the words which occur in the Iliad. Translated from the original, with corrections and additions. By John Walker, A.B. 12mo. 8s. bound.

Excerpta ex Livio, cum J. B. L. Crevierii Notis integris aliorumque selectissimis. In usum scholarum. 12mo. 6s. bound.

The Greek Terminations, including the Dialects and Poetic Licences, alphabetically arranged and grammatically explained, on the plan of the Latin Terminations. By John Carey, LL.D. 12mo. 4s. bound.

A Picture of Ancient Times, and a Sketch of Modern History, in a most exact chronological order, forming a pair of maps for the study of universal history. By Miss Thomson, from Paris, Teacher of the French Language, Drawing, and Painting in water colours. the pair; on rollers, 16s.


The Eton Latin Grammar; in which are marked the quantities and accents: with explanatory notes. By the Rev. T. Smith, of St. John's College, Cambridge, &c. 2s. bound.

The Young Ladies' and Gentlemen's Arithmetic, containing the first four simple and compound rules, with their application; illustrated by upwards of 400 original questions. By W. H. White, Head-master of the commercial School, Bedford, 1s. 3d. half-bound.


A Course of Lectures on Drawing, Painting, and Engraving, considered as branches of elegant education. By W. M. Craig. Delivered in the Royal Institution on successive seasons, and read subsequently at the Russel Institution. With plates and wood-cuts. 8vo. 18s.


Malay Annals: translated from the Malay language. By the late Dr. John Leyden. With an Introduction, by Sir T. Stamford Raffles, F.R.S, &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d.


Annals, Historical and Medical, during the first four years of the Universal Dispensary for Children, St. Andrew-hill, Doctor's Commons. To which is added, a concise Essay, in elucidation of the Rules and Methods adopted at the in stitution, on the bodily management of Children. Edited, pursuant to an order of the Committee, by John Bunnell Da vis, M.D. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, senior Physician and Founder of the Universal Dispensary for Children, &c. &c. 8vo. 12s.

The Parent's Medical and Surgical Assistant: intended for the use of the heads of families, parochial clergymen, and others, affording familiar and popular ( directions for the management of the sudden illnesses and various accidents that require a prompt and judicious treatment, and will not admit of the delay necessary for procuring regular advice. By Thomas Ayre Bromhead, M. B. Christ College, Cambridge. 12mo. 4s.*


A compendious Treatise on the Theory and Solution of Cubic and Biquadratic Equations, and of Equations of the higher order. By the Rev. B. Bridge, B.D. F.R.S. Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. 8vo. 6s.


Illustrations of Biblical Literature; exhibiting a view of the history and fate of the sacred writings, from the earliest. period to the present century; including biographical notices of translators band a other eminent Biblical scholars. By the Rev. James Townley, author of Bibe lical Anecdotes. 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 28

Lectures on the Book of Ecclesiastes.By Ralph Wardlaw, D.D. of Glasgow. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.

Mental Discipline; or Hints on the cultivation of intellectual habits: addressed particularly to students in the ology and young Preachers. By Henry Forster Burder, M.A. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Biblical Fragments. By M. A. Schim melpenninck, Author of a Tour to Alet, &c. &c. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

A Discourse on the Signs of the Times, preached at the Buckinghamshire association of Baptist Churches. By B. Godwin, of Great Missenden.

Suicide Providentially arrested and practically improved. A Sermon preach ed by the express desire of Mr. G. J.

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Travels in Palestine through the countries of Bashan and Gilead, east of the river Jordan: including a visit to the cities of Geraza and Gamala, in thể Decapolis. By J. S. Buckingham', Esq. Member of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta, and of the Literary Societies of Madras and Bombay. With maps, plates, and vignettes: 4to. 31. 138. 6d.

A Voyage of Discovery into the South Sea and Beering's Strait, for the purpose of finding out a north-east passage, undertaken in the years 1815-16-17-18, at the expense of his Highness the Chancellor of the Empire, Count Romanzoff, in the ship Rurie, under the command of the Lieutenant in the Russian Imperial Navy, Otto Von Kotzebue. Illustrated by numerous plates and maps. 3 vols. 8vo. 21, 58,

A Voyage to Africa, including a par

ticular narrative of an embassy to one of the Interior Kingdoms, in the year 1820. By William Hutton, late Acting Consul for Ashantee, and an officer in the African Company's Service. With maps and plates. 8vo. 18s.

The Tour of Africa: containing a concise account of all the countries in that quarter of the globe, hitherto visited by Europeans; with the manners and customs of the inhabitants, selected from the best authors, and arranged by Catherine Hutton. Vol. III. 8vo. 12s.

An Historical Guide to Ancient and Modern Dubliu. By the Rev. G. N. Wright. Illustrated by 17 engravings of the principal views and buildings, after drawings made expressly for the work, by George Petrie, Esq, and with a new and accurate plan of the city. royal 18mo. 10s. 6d.

Sketches of Upper Canada, domestic, local, and characteristic; to which are added, practical details for the infor mation of emigrants of every class, and some recollections of the United States of America. By John Howison, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.


General and Particular Descriptions of the Vertebrated Animals, arranged conformably to the modern improve ments in Zoology. By Edward Griffith. Part I. Monkeys and Lemurs. Imp. 8vo. (35 coloured plates) 11. 5s, bds.

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