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have broken out in October, 1820. Bolognese shirked the Romagnuoles.

But those

"It is all one to Ranger.' One must not be particular, but take rebellion when it lies in the way. Come home - read the Ten Thousand' again, and will go to bed.


"Mem. — Ordered Fletcher (at four o'clock this afternoon) to copy out seven or eight apophthegms of Bacon, in which I have detected such blunders as a school-boy might detect rather than commit. Such are the sages! What must they be, when such as I can stumble on their mistakes or misstatements? I will go to bed, for I find that I grow cynical.

"January 6. 1821. "Mist-thaw slop rain. No stirring out on horseback. Read Spence's Anecdotes. Pope a fine fellow-always thought him so. Corrected blunders in nine apophthegms of Bacon all historical-and read Mitford's Greece. Wrote an epigram. Turned to a passage in Guinguené- ditto in Lord Holland's Lope de Vega. Wrote a note on Don Juan.

"At eight went out to visit. Heard a little music like music. Talked with Count Pietro G. of the Italian comedian Vestris, who is now at Rome have seen him often act in Venice- a good actor very. Somewhat of a mannerist; but excellent in broad comedy, as well as in the sentimental pathetic. He has made me frequently laugh and cry, neither of which is now a very easy matter at least, for a player to produce in me.

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"Thought of the state of women under the ancient

Greeks - convenient enough. Present state a remnant of the barbarism of the chivalry and feudal ages artificial and unnatural. They ought to mind home—and be well fed and clothed—but not mixed in society. Well educated, too, in religion—but to read neither poetry nor politics—nothing but books of piety and cookery. Music-drawing-dancing -also a little gardening and ploughing now and then. I have seen them mending the roads in Epirus with good success. Why not, as well as hay-making and milking?

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"Came home, and read Mitford again, and played with my mastiff gave him his Made supper. another reading to the epigram, but the turn the same. To-night at the theatre, there being a prince on his throne in the last scene of the comedy, the audience laughed, and asked him for a Constitution. This shows the state of the public mind here, as well as the assassinations. It won't do. There must be an universal republic, and there ought to be.



"The crow is lame of a leg-wonder how it happened-some fool trod upon his toe, I suppose. The falcon pretty brisk the cats large and noisy — the monkeys I have not looked to since the cold weather, as they suffer by being brought up. Horses must be gay-get a ride as soon as weather serves. Deuced muggy still an Italian winter is a sad thing, but all the other seasons are charming.

"What is the reason that I have been, all my lifetime, more or less ennuyé? and that, if any thing, I am rather less so now than I was at twenty, as far as my recollection serves? I do not know how to

answer this, but presume that it is constitutional,as well as the waking in low spirits, which I have invariably done for many years. Temperance and exercise, which I have practised at times, and for a long time together vigorously and violently, made little or no difference. Violent passions did; — when under their immediate influence- it is odd, but — I was in agitated, but not in depressed, spirits.

"A dose of salts has the effect of a temporary inebriation, like light champagne, upon me. But wine and spirits make me sullen and savage to ferocity— silent, however, and retiring, and not quarrelsome, if not spoken to. Swimming also raises my spirits, - but in general they are low, and get daily lower. That is hopeless; for I do not think I am so much ennuyé as I was at nineteen. The proof is, that then I must game, or drink, or be in motion of some kind, or I was miserable. At present, I can mope in quietness; and like being alone better than any company- - except the lady's whom I serve. But I feel a something, which makes me think that, if I ever reach near to old age, like Swift, I shall die at top' first. Only I do not dread idiotism or madness so much as he did. On the contrary, I think some quieter stages of both must be preferable to much of what men think the possession of their senses.

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"January 7. 1821, Sunday. "Still rain - mist snow-drizzle - and all the incalculable combinations of a climate where heat and cold struggle for mastery. Read Spence, and turned over Roscoe, to find a passage I have not

found. Read the fourth vol. of W. Scott's second series of Tales of my Landlord.' Dined. Read the Lugano Gazette. Read-I forget what. At eight went to conversazione. Found there the Countess Geltrude, Betti V. and her husband, and others. Pretty black-eyed woman that only twenty-two ·

same age as Teresa, who is prettier, though.

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"The Count Pietro G. took me aside to say that the Patriots have had notice from Forli (twenty miles off) that to-night the government and its party mean to strike a stroke that the Cardinal here has had orders to make several arrests immediately, and that, in consequence, the Liberals are arming, and have posted patroles in the streets, to sound the alarm and give notice to fight for it.

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"He asked me what should be done?' I answered, Fight for it, rather than be taken in detail;' and offered, if any of them are in immediate apprehension of arrest, to receive them in my house (which is defensible), and to defend them, with my servants and themselves (we have arms and ammunition), as long as we can, -or to try to get them away under cloud of night. On going home, I offered him the pistols which I had about me but he refused, but said he would come off to me in case of accidents.

"It wants half an hour of midnight, and rains; as Gibbet says, 6 a fine night for their enterprise

dark as hell, and blows like the devil.' If the row don't happen now, it must soon. I thought that their system of shooting people would soon produce and now it seems coming. I will do

a re-action

what I can in the way of combat, though a little out of exercise. The cause is a good one.

"Turned over and over half a score of books for the passage in question, and can't find it. Expect to hear the drum and the musquetry momently (for they swear to resist, and are right,) — but I hear nothing, as yet, save the plash of the rain and the gusts of the wind at intervals. Don't like to go to bed, because I hate to be waked, and would rather sit up for the row, if there is to be one.

"Mended the fire-have got the arms-and a book or two, which I shall turn over. I know little of their numbers, but think the Carbonari strong enough to beat the troops, even here. With twenty men this house might be defended for twenty-four hours against any force to be brought against it, now in this place, for the same time; and, in such a time, the country would have notice, and would rise, if ever they will rise, of which there is some doubt. In the mean time, I may as well read as do any thing else, being alone.

"January 8. 1821, Monday. "Rose, and found Count P. G. in my apartments. Sent away the servant. Told me that, according to the best information, the Government had not issued orders for the arrests apprehended; that the attack in Forli had not taken place (as expected) by the Sanfedisti the opponents of the Carbonari or Liberals — and that, as yet, they are still in apprehension only. Asked me for some arms of a better sort, which I gave him. Settled that, in case of a row,

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